Victoria Hard Rock Resort
& Fishing Village...

Victoria Hard Rock Resort in San Remigio, Cebu Province, Philippines

"Above Waters" Victoria Hard Rock's Cottages (image source: kirt101.blogspot)


Victoria Hard Rock Resort is a facility that is almost surrounded by a body of sea water.

It is nicely situated between San Remigio and Tabuelan towns.
San Remigio is located northwest of Cebu City and it takes around 3 hours by bus and maybe less by private vehicles.

It has the longest shorelines in the province.

Particularly, San Remigio’s beach resorts are becoming popular destination not only for relaxation and recreation activities but also as venues for social events, such as company seminars, group-building, games, and special events including weddings,
Anniversaries, birthdays, retreats, among other social functions.

Victoria Hard Rock is one of those resorts that have well-groomed and beautifully developed landscape with attractive and pleasing atmosphere.


Surely, you’ll enjoy your holiday or break with the activities (or inactivity) you can do in this beach resort.

Victoria Resort has facilities that provide you opportunities to relax and release your stress by doing various sport activities. You can play basketball (mostly a favorite among boys) and other ballgames.

There are two ways you can swim in this resort: the sea and swimming pool. Just choose one or both if you so prefer to fully enjoy…

This is a great opportunity and place for those who love to fish and enjoy the feeling of catching the fish using hook, line and sinker. And what is more is that you can cook your own catch. It is an experience not usually being offered by most resorts.
Boat Tours, etc.

You can always make your requests for your activities or adventures you prefer to experience while at this resort. Go ahead and arrange your fun and interesting seawater activity.


Victoria Hard Rock has all the basic facilities that other resorts also offer. However, they go beyond those fundamentals by offering more to satisfy more the needs of its guests and holidaymakers.

For sure, if you want your own quiet and relaxing time, you got it. However, if you want to release your stress and unwind your physical and mental luggage, you can indulge in some cardiovascular activities, such as:
Playing Basketball
Playing Lawn Tennis
Table Tennis
And a mild indoor game like billiards.

After sweating out your stresses away, you can then enjoy swimming in the pool and later on just sit on the Jacuzzi. By the way, there are two types of pools:

Adult’s swimming pool
Children’s swimming pool

Certainly, there are more to what have just been enumerated above. You can find out more when you visit the place yourself…

All rooms have cogon roofs, fully air-conditioned, with closets, toilet and bath, a coffee table for two.  The resort boasts of its irresistible unique designed rooms above the water.  


“Above Waters” Cottages
These are cottages built above the sea water level at the forefront of rock walls. They are connected by concrete narrow bridge with side railings. It creates a nice pathway leading to your room above the turquoise water.

The roofs of the rooms at Victoria Resort are made of cogon grass. Each room has air-conditioning facility, closet, washroom/bathroom, coffee table, etc.

The rooms have verandas where you can view the surroundings, taste the sea breeze and inhale the refreshing and healing oxygen.

To find out more about the place, you may use the information below.


Address: Victoria Hard Rock Resort, San Remigio, Cebu Province, Philippines
Mobile phone no.: (63) 0927-9758636
Phone: (63-32) 412-2887

Victoria Hard Rock Resort & Fishing Village.


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Victoria Hard Rock Resort

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