Lukay Lukay Beach Resort


Lukay Lukay Resort is in one of the barangays of Asturias, Cebu Province. It is not so popular yet since you need to intentionally find the place and spend time to get there.

It means that this place is somehow like a paradise unspoilt by people.

It will take about two hours to get there from Cebu City, the province’s capital, but worth experiencing because of the scenic view of the province as you travel along the highway.

The town of Asturias is a third class municipality of this northwestern coast of Cebu Province. Based on the 2010 census (Wikipedia), the municipality has over 40 thousand residents, which will be about over 50 thousand or more today, I guess.

Geographically, Asturias is situated north of Tuburan Municipality, south of Balamban Municipality, east of Danao City, and west of Tanon Strait.

I certainly believe that Asturias is a name given by Spaniards who missed their hometown in Spain named Asturias.

It was also believed that the original name of Asturias was ‘naghalin, from the term ‘lalin, which means ‘settlers coming from distant places’ in Cebuano language.

It has been believed also that the first settlers of Asturias originated from other neighboring islands including Negros and Bohol Islands.

Before Asturias was established as a municipality of its own, a portion of it has been part of Tuburan while the other part was of Balamban Municipalities.

Due to the increasing number of population, the settlers of Naghalin (now Asturias) petitioned the colonial government asking for a local government of their own separating from the other two municipalities aforementioned.

Sometime later in the 19th century, the Spanish crown granted the Pueblo to establish its own local government—a new Pueblo of Asturias.  

At present the municipality of Asturias is being administratively subdivided in 27 barangays, 20 of which are situated inland while the 7 are can be found in the coastal areas.

The following are the barangays in which one of them has Lukay Lukay Resort…

Agbanga, Agtugop, Bago, New Bago, Bairan, Banban, Baye, Bog-o, Kaluangan,    Lanao, Langub, Looc Norte, Looc Sur, Lunas, Magcalape, Manguiao, New Bago,    Owak, Poblacion, Saksak, San Isidro, San Roque, Santa Lucia, Santa Rita, Tag-amakan, Tagbubonga, Tubigagmanok, Tubod, and Ubogon.

We don’t pretend to know well Lukay Lukay Beach but have only described the municipality itself.

So, if you have been to this place, or a native of this barangay, we would be grateful if you describe some details about this resort or tell us your experience through this website to promote this nice but ‘unknown paradise’.


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Lukay Lukay Beach Resort

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