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malabuyoc municipality

Malabuyoc Municipality is located about 126 kilometers Southwest of Cebu City, the capital of Cebu Province, the Philippines.

Based on the 2015 census, the municipality has almost twenty thousand residents, and over ten thousand of them are registered voters.

Malabuyoc is in the north of Alegria Municipality, in the South of Ginatilan Municipality, in the East of Boljoon Municipality, and bounded by Tañon Strait in the West.

The story has it that the name Malabuyoc came from the experience of the locals in the olden golden days who said that the branches of fruit trees in the area were heavy with fruits that they “bend down” – which means ‘buyoc’ in Cebuano language. The prefix ‘mala’ might mean to ‘really bend down’ to the point of touching the Earth.

barangays of malabuyoc

Malabuyoc is comprised of 14 barangays, political units under the jurisdiction of its municipality.

Armeña (Cansilongan), Barangay I (Poblacion), Barangay II (Poblacion), Labrador (Bulod), Lombo, Looc, Mahanlud, Mindanao (Pajo), Montañeza (Inamlang), Salmeron (Bulok), Santo Niño, Sorsogon (Balikmaya), Tolosa (Calatagan).

According to the census in 2015, Malabuyoc has a total population of almost twenty thousand residents. The electoral roll in 2016 has registered over twelve thousand eligible voters, which is about over 60% of the total population.

Most of the barangays’ main economy is based on agriculture, especially the fruit trees and other farm products.

topography & land classification

Malabuyoc Municipality is proud to have a gently sloping terrain to something rough topography. It has the highest point of elevation that reaches 600 meters above sea level.

The municipality has a total land area of over eight thousand hectares. It has over five thousand arable land area, has residential and commercial areas but none for industrial (yet).

Certainly, there are a few hectares classified as forest and reservation area for wildlife.

It has, of course, a tropical climate. That means there is a hot/dry season and rainy season (Cebu DTI).

road network and infrastructures

Malabuyoc Municipality has an accessible road network that are constructed so that both locals and traveling visitors can readily navigate and explore the area.
It has a national road, provincial road, municipal road and the longest – barangay road.
There are no port nor airports in the municipality. However, you can always take a boat anywhere in the beach area or where there is sea water.
You can find plenty of elementary schools, a couple of high schools, but there is no college.
Of course, you can always find public markets, especially in the towns everywhere in the Philippines. Multi-purpose buildings and recreation places or courts are publicly accessible in the town or central areas in the barangays (source: DTI Cebu).

small-scale business & other incomes

Malabuyoc produces raw materials and farm products some of which they sell to other places. Examples of the products are coconuts, bamboo, corn, rice, and fruits.

Other sources of income include food processing, cattle-raising, baking bread, carpentry, swine-raising, masonry and other sources that require skills.

Transportation, Communication, and water and Electricity

You can find buses that stop by the municipality and go to the neighboring towns. Of course, you can take the omnipresent Jeepneys, tricycles, and trisikads within the Poblacion and barangays. The Habal-Habal is the representative vehicle when moving quickly from one place to another.

Malabuyoc has a post office, telephone station, and telegraphic station. However, almost everyone uses cellphones for communication.

The municipality has an electricity source and water resources.

financial & business establishments

There are local community cooperatives in Malabuyoc, but no bank is established yet.

However, you can transact financially through a pawnshop (called ‘Palawan Pawnshop’) in Malabuyoc Poblacion Branch. Pawnshops usually offer not only pawnshop services (selling or buying jewelries and other personal effects products) but also micro insurance, remittance, bills payment and foreign exchange.

By the way, it is better to carry around enough cash so that you will not spend time looking for such places to get cash. Besides, for example, if you want a money-exchange transaction, you will get a much lesser exchange.

Sari-Sari Stores are the most common local small-scale businesses you can readily find anywhere in the area.

There are also small restaurants especially in the Poblacion, some in the barangays and most resorts offer food services as well.

In the town, you can also purchase fresh fish and meat at retailer shops, particularly at the public market. Bakeshops, dress shops, repair services shops, gas station, lumber, pharmacy, and beauty shops or hairdressers are available as well.

Now, if you are traveling or simply visiting Malabuyoc Municipality, you might want to check out its attractions and travel destinations.

tourism and travel destinations in Malabuyoc

Malabuyoc is one of the interesting and exciting places to visit in the province as it has various choices of places and activities you can do. Here are some of there.

  • Aranza Springs
  • Bamboo Beach House
  • Ilihan Hills
  • Kabutongan Falls
  • Kagula Cliff
  • Kabutongan Falls
  • Kawayan Marine Resort
  • Montañeza Beach
  • Mainit Springs
  • Montaneza Falls
  • Old Roman Catholic Church
  • Talangnan Marine Sanctuary

Now, if the links to any of those places aforementioned are available, please find out more details by clicking them. If not, then come back later as we continue building this free travel guide website.

Have a great day then!

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