Montaneza Falls in Cebu

Gorgeous Montaneza Falls

Montaneza Falls Canyoning in Cebu, Philippines

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Montaneza Falls in Malabuyoc

Montaneza is located somewhere in the municipality of Malabuyoc, Cebu, Philippines. This municipality is known for its natural environment and beautiful landscape. The local government is promoting its beauty including the popular hot springs in the area.

Montaneza waterfalls is the most popular one among the many (around five of them) that come from one river source—Montaneza River. Adventurers come to enjoy its beauty and some even climb up towards its source for a challenge.

Among many, there are four most prominent falls, including Montaneza. Among the four, Montaneza is the most popular due to its height and majestic appeal.

It is about 30 meters (or 98 feet) high. You can roughly compare its height to a 10-storey building.

Interesting Rainforest and Nature

The whole area is a lush tropical environment with myriads of plants and trees. The forest is the one that keeps the fresh water that is being supplied for this waterfalls.

Just imagine the water breaking through the heart of the forest like human veins in the human body keeping a person alive. And so is the river in the forest that supports these waterfalls and all living things around them.

If you are an adventurer, you could easily imagine and starts to get excited even with these not so descriptive lines.

I’m sure that if you are that kind of individual you would be very interested to check out some descriptions of activities you can do in this area…

Waterfalls Climbing
You can be very challenged if you want to see the numbers of waterfalls you can discover in this area, including Montaneza Waterfalls. Probably, you will discover more to add to the ones already discovered by amateur adventurers in the area.

It is challenging enough to follow the falls since you need to be really fit to climb slippery rocks and find ways to reach the apex of the falls. Some use bamboo ladders to climb over but that is not interesting (of course, that’s their choice)!

Rock or Cliff Climbing
Where Montaneza is located, you can find high walls of rocks and cliffs which can be your resource for active adventure. Filipinos are not so keen yet on cliff climbing or any of those similar adventures unlike those adventurers in other countries (e.g. US, etc.). We thought it’s an extravagance or just a waste of energy…

Anyways, since the cliffs and rocks are not being exploited yet by expert climbers it would be very challenging and demanding for the real newbies.

Canyoning or Canyoneering
I guess this term(s) is the most commonly used one especially in the native English speaking countries, such as the US.

Canyoning is an active traveling in canyons employing various sorts of skills for outdoor activities, including walking, climbing, scrambling, leaping and jumping, rappelling, etc.
Surely, people with low adrenaline and weak knees are advised not to do this.

Specifically, canyoning (or canyoneering) includes skills in descending and ascending using ropes to help you transport from one side to another.

Since this activity is quite challenging and dangerous, an adventurer should wear helmet and other body-protection gears.

Finally, a canyoner must be fit in technical climbing or down-climbing, route-finding, hiking, swimming, river running, rappelling, among other necessary skills.

Expert Tour Guides
Yes, you need expert sports guide to do this thing. There are many tourism or travel agencies in Cebu that exactly offers that tour packages.

Usually, they offer you the Montaneza adventure and visit in the surrounding area. You’ll have the experience in climbing up and down various falls in the area. One of the highlights is climbing down Montaneza’s 30-meter height. It would be very exciting!

When you reach the foot of the Falls, you can then refresh yourself by letting your tired and sweating body to be washed with the Falls’ strong water massage.

Montaneza Falls in Malabuyoc, Cebu, Philippines. It is one of the popular falls being used for extreme adventures such as rappelling, etc.Montaneza Fall in Malabuyoc (photo courtesy:

Finding Montaneza Falls

It is easy to find Montaneza Falls. It is nicely located in the Municipality of Malabuyoc of Cebu Province. It is about 126 kilometers from Cebu City.

Cebu South Bus Terminal

Getting to Malabuyoc where you will meet face-to-face the Falls is not that hard. You can go to the South Bus Terminal in Cebu City. Just click the page South Bus Terminal to get some directions to find the place.

It is where you can take your bus, V-hire (van) or even a taxi. It takes around 3 to 4 hours to reach the area depending on the traffic and time of day you hit the road.

More Attractions in Malabuyoc

Below are some of the attractions in Malabuyoc area.

Mainit Hot Spring
Looc Waterfall

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