Maloray Strawberry Farm

Maloray Strawberry Farm

sergio's-strawberry-farmImage source: Sergio's Strawberry Farm

Maloray strawberry farm in Dalaguete

Maloray Strawberry Farm at Sergio’s Farm is making waves in the Province of Cebu. The farm is located in the Municipality of Dalaguete, a popular area for farming and dubbed as “vegetable basket” of Cebu.

From Cebu City, it takes around 3 hours to reach Barangay Mantalongon, and then to Maloray where the strawberry is precisely to be found.

Sergio’s strawberry farm, among other agricultural products, is the only one know to be producing strawberries in the province or anywhere else in Visayan Region. The famous producer of fruits is Baguio, of course!

However, as the farm is known for, strawberries including other veggies, are surely healthy because they do not use chemicals and other artificial means to grow them.

Personally picking strawberries at Sergio’s Farm was once practice to be more interesting, however, due to some scrupulous guests that did unbecoming than good, the management now only allows its farm staff to pick for you! However still, you would find your visit exciting.

fun activities at maloray strawberry farm

When you are at Maloray Strawberry Farm, you will not only enjoy exploring the fresh red strawberry fruits and eat them, but you can as well explore and have fun with various activities, such as the following…

Pick N’ Pay vegetables and herbs
Yes, aside from the most popular strawberries, you are allowed to stroll and explore the vegetable farm, and you can pick you favorite fresh and no-chemical veggies and herbs. Learn to control your excitement because you have to pay what you have picked – it is up to you!

Shopping vegetables and herbs
Now, if you do not like going and exploring the farm, you can just shop at their already-harvested veggies and herbs. Of course, this is much time-saving and right for those who just drop by to get the fresh and healthy farm products.

Farm Picnic
If you do not come to do the above, you may also come to spend quality time with your friends or family doing a picnic in the midst of the farm. Sergio’s Farm offers spaces in the middle of their farm for a picnic – tables and chairs are available. Enjoy your relaxing time outdoor and at the heart of the farm surrounded by green vegetation and supported by clean and refreshing air.

Free Farm Tour
This is the only free activity, but not sure if you need to pay an entrance fee as well. Yes, it is a great activity and could be a great lesson and encouragement on how to live a much healthier way of life.

Sergio’s Farm Private Campsite

The farm has opened a campsite for the summer season. It is called Camp Bistre. During its last announcement and opening, the Camp only offers limited slots – good for 10 tents only.

You need to book in advance to avail your camping space. The rate is PhP200 per camper (changes without advance notice).
For that rate, you will avail

  • shared kitchen and toilet
  • water for washing (clothes & bath)
  • the personal official guide who will take you to the campsite and the different trekking sites around the camp area. The guide will also help you prepare your food, yeyyy!

For your information, you have to bring with you your own tent, food, drinking water and other supplies.

You are also reminded that as a private site, you are not allowed to bring any third party to guide you around.

Of course, you should keep the environmental rules to conserve and protect the environment including the wildlife and everything the live around the area.

Now, if you are excited and deciding to do camping, you may contact the farm head (Mr Teddy Alcancia) for your reservation of space for your tent and other services.

more veggies at sergio's farm

Aside from the reddish, fresh and organic strawberries, you can also purchase various choices of vegetables at a reasonable price.

You can purchase and safely eat the following vegetables: carrots, various lettuces, radish, cauliflowers, asparagus, wild arugula, and more.

Now, if you are a real chef, you will certainly be amazed by the herbs that they also cultivate and sell. They grow dill, spearmint, basils, thyme, rosemary (just sing Simon & Garfunkel’s song to remember the names easily), cilantro, bay leaf and more.

Cacao and coffee trees are also being cultivated, and if you visit beyond their berry tunnels you will discover more!

No, they are organic and much healthier than those ‘pretty-looking’ chemically and pesticide soaked veggies. Besides, no chemical fertilizers and other artificial growers are being applied to grow them.

sergio's-strawberry-productsPhoto Credit: Sergio's Strawberry Farm

sweet strawberry availability

The strawberries are only available on weekends, and so keep in mind that if you want to travel that far (especially from Cebu), you can only enjoy them on weekends. That is because they offer only limited amount of strawberry fruits.

Aside from the fresh fruits and vegetables, you can as well purchase their products and keep them for some time – pickles and jams.

Sergio’s Farm sells pickled radish for a price of PhP50 a jar. Pickled radish goes very well with grilled or fried meats. If you do not like the fresh radish – as it tastes strong – you might like the pickled one as they taste milder and probably better!

Strawberry Jam
Yes, they sell homemade strawberry jam. You can enjoy their chemical free and organic strawberry every day as a jam! It goes pretty well with toasts or bread. Moreover, it tastes much better if you add with it butter and coffee of course!

As of this writing, a jar of jam costs PhP150.
Strawberries is 100pesos per 1/8 kilo
Php200 per ¼ kilo.

getting to maloray strawberry farm

Going to Maloray Strawberry Farm and Sergio’s Farm as a whole, you may head for the University of San Jose Recolletos (USJR) area where you can find Caltex Gas Station. It is where you can take a bus that travels to Mantalongon.
It takes around three hours to reach Barangay Mantalongon from Cebu City.

Of course, it could be faster if you have your own ride.
From the market in Mantalongon, you can hire a motorbike (called habal-habal) to bring you to Sergio’s Farm on a concrete road.

Alternatively, take a Ceres Bus at Cebu South Bus Terminal. Get off at Dalaguete Municipality, where Barangay Mantalongon belongs to, and then hire a motorbike for Sergio’s Farm (fare: PhP50).

Bus fare from Cebu to Mantalongon is over PhP100.
Farm Entrance Fee: PhP50

Contact Details:
Maloray, Dalaguete, Cebu
Phone: 0906-6100-632; 273-7834

Sources:; www.facebook/SergiosFarmMaloray

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