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malubog lake

malubog-lake-toledoMalubog Lake (photo:

malubog Lake

Malubog Lake (originally a dam) is a popular and serene site located in Toledo City, Cebu Province, the Philippines. Aside from its attractive and calm mountains surrounding the lake, it has its fascinating legends that make the lake all the more famous throughout the province.

The Lake is beautiful as it is. It is pristine, serene, and you can hear it talking to you if you try to listen. It glistens and sparkles under the bright sun, and it shines when the evening comes or when the dawn gives way to a new day!

While getting close to the Lake from your vehicle, you will experience its immense beauty drawing you closer to her. In some parts of the lakeside, you will notice fish pens (Tilapia fish) being farmed by locals. Certainly, the rolling mountains and hills with the verdant color of trees add to the magnificence and wonder of the whole area.

outdoor activities

Well, certainly you can do anything you want to do in the space by the lake. However, people say that you also need to behave and be respectful to nature and everything that live around it by not being so loud.

I believe you can have your team or family do camping, games, or just sit by the lakeside to chat, relax and enjoy its healing beauty.

However, before you do anything which you think not usual or ordinary, you might have to ask the locals so as you will not offend or disrespect anybody or anything. That is because there are stories and ridiculous rumors of beings living in the waters of the lake.

Anyway, if you do not believe in lake monsters, huge animals lurking in the water or the out-of-this-world creatures, then you do not have to be really scared when in the area.

Crossing the Lake
There is a boat that can bring you to the opposite side of the lake. The experience is amazing, and it almost does not cost you anything at all (less than PHP10). The Lake is not huge but crossing over its pacific and cool freshwater is a great experience for first-timers (either in this place or crossing over a body of the lake).

Rent a Floating Cottage
Yes, a local proprietor runs a floating cottage and a restaurant. You can reserve the place for your team or family. For a rate of around PHP3K for a group of 10 to 20 people.

malubog-damFantastic view of Malubog Lake (photo by:

how to get to malubog lake

Let’s presume that you are coming from Cebu City. It means that the best way to get to Malubog is to take public transport.

Take a bus from Cebu South Bus Terminal that goes to Toledo City (for a fare of around PHP50). Then you need to get off in Barangay Magdugo (specifically near Julie’s Bakeshop). From there, you need to ride a Habal-Habal that should bring you to Casoy Barangay Hall (around PHP60).

Alternatively, you can take a Jeepney trip to Casoy Barangay Hall from Toledo City (for around PHP20).

Going back to Cebu City, you can also take a V-Hire (van for hire) for PHP100. Of course, it means that you can take this ride as well from Cebu City to Toledo City.

some tips on fares

The following information on public transport fees are based on recent rates. Here they are...

  • Bus (Cebu South Bus Terminal to Toledo City) = PHP70 plus
  • Van/V-Hire (Cebu Citilink to Toledo City) = PHP100 plus
  • Jeepney (Toledo City’s Poblacion to Gen. Climaco Malubog Lake) = PHP50 plus
  • Boat Ride (crossing the lake) = PHP5 plus

The word ‘plus’ after the fare rates simply indicates that are temporary and subject to changes. Please, we do not take any responsibility if you lose some expenses since this only provides you guides and not fixed information. Hope you will understand.

Thanks a lot for reading until this part of the page. Wishing you will have a great and memorable travel to this part of the province.

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