Maravilla Beach Club, Tabuelan

Marvelous Maravilla Beach Club

Sunset photo by Maravilla Beach Resort in Tabuelan Town, Cebu, Philippines

Maravilla Beach Club

Maravilla Beach Club is a cute and interesting resort situated in the Northern side of Cebu Province, Philippines, within the town called Tabuelan.

The beach resort is with a nicely managed tropical garden, including coconut trees, mahogany, orchids, and other green and flowering tropical plants. It is run by a German and Filipino couple combining their talents of their respective cultures.

Aside from the nice beach, this resort’s small bay is great for snorkeling, swimming, and other enjoyable activity or inactivity that you can do in this place.

Fun & Relaxing Activities

Of course, aside from having fun on the beach and sun you can also enjoy other activities in this beach club.

Snorkeling, dipping and diving

You can enjoy by swimming or just simply dipping and feeling the fresh sea water in this part of the island. Then you can also observe various sea marine life underwater by snorkeling. This is the least but quite interesting thing to do.

However, if you are looking for a bit more active and challenging activity, that is if you are not that professional yet, you can scuba dive in some popular dive sites around this area. For that, you have to arrange through the management of this club. It would be fun!

Motorcycling, bicycling, touring

Yup, you can do this at Maravilla Beach Club. You need to rent these vehicles if you intend to see around in more details. Just drive safely and make sure you’re sober enough to ride or drive! You can rent the following:

  • Car (van)
  • Motorbikes (small and big ones)
  • Bicycles
  • Boats (for 8 passengers)
  • Small boat

Now, aside from outdoor activities, you can also have fun and spent your time inside the facility playing billiard game, electronic dart, table tennis, boccia, or badminton.

Go fishing or island visiting
Wow, this is one of my favs! That’s right, you can rent a boat and go fishing and have your catch cooked by the club’s chef, if you like.

And, if you wish to see more nice islets and islands with fantastic and dream-like atmosphere, you can arrange (usually in a group) through the management about your preference (if there’s no package).

Now, let’s check out Maravilla’s resources…

Facilities & Services at Maravilla Beach Club

So, here are fundamental things you will need and enjoy when at this resort. The below descriptions are just but short summaries of facilities and services available.

If you decide to learn more about Maravilla, please use the contact details at the lower part of this page.

Rooms Available & Short Descriptions

Maravilla has fantastic 8 rooms with great views of the small bay of Tabuelan. The facilities and amenities are built to suit to guests with various needs for their comfortable stay.

All rooms have air-conditions, satellite TVs, bathrooms with hot and cold showers, wide double beds, two single beds, chairs and tables, open and wide terraces with amazing views of a garden and the open sea.

Yes, this is the top among the important necessities for a perfect vacation, right?
Maravilla’s restaurant is located right close to the beach. It is loaded with wine and other bar supplies for the guests satisfaction.

It is a full service restaurant serving international, southern and local or native Philippine dishes. Of course, you can get served with the freshest seafood being caught by local fishers.

Pick up Service
If you wish to come to the place without any hassle, you can arrange this service. For more details, please inquire from the management directly.

From Cebu City (Php2,500)
Long stay ($US1,060): full board

Per day rental services and charges:
Motorbike (small/big size); Bicycles; Boat (for 8 guests/hour is Php500); Small Boat (Php250/hour); Massage (Php500/hour)

Please note that the rates above could change anytime since the writing of this page. You may get the latest rates by contacting them or accessing their official website below this page.

Comfortable Accommodation / Rooms

Maravilla Club has modern style rooms. The rooms have (new) air-conditioning facilities, satellite TV, bathrooms with both hot and cold showers.

Spacious double bed or two single beds are available. A maximum of only 3 guests are allowed per room. (Please take note that guests are not allowed to bring their own food and beverages inside the facility.)

The facility has a big cabin and a large terrace facing the garden and ocean. Room Rate: Php2,000 (about $US47). Please, check out the latest rate through their website below.

Now, if you really want to check out this place, you may inquire from the following information…

Finding Maravilla Beach Club

If you need to find out the address and contact details, we have prepared here below the details.

Feel free to contact the management for your inquiry, reservation or anything you want to learn about the resort.

Address:   Maravilla Beach Club, Can-ambay Maravilla Tabuelan, Cebu 6044, Philippines

Cellphone:  +63(0)9478907974; +63(0)9206722749;  +63(0)9399089568

Contacts:  Ernst and Leonora Stengg

If you don't arrange a pickup service with the resort, you may take a bus or hire a min-van (V-hire van) that goes to Tabuelan direction.

Go to the North Bus Terminal and take a bus (such as Ceres Bus, etc.).

Buses can leave as early as 4am, and so you have a choice depending on your schedule.

Maravilla Beach Club CollageMaravilla Beach Club's collage photo

If you are wondering how to come to Cebu Province to get to Maravilla Club, you might need some guides. The guide page describes transports, including shipping lines and international flights for Cebu. Here's your guide: Getting to Cebu.

Thanks so much for visiting this page. Hope this helps your search for a great place for your vacation.

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