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Masters Resort is a leisure facility established in the neighborhood of Tanawan, Oslob Municipality, Southern Cebu, Philippines.

Tanawan Barangay is a nice area near the sea with white beaches. It is where the famous ‘Butanding’ (whale sharks) can be seen and are being protected and fed by local fishermen.

Nice accommodation of Masters Resort Cebu leisure and vacation facility in Oslob, Cebu, Philippines. Image:

The southern part of the province is one of the areas where you can enjoy various sorts of seawater activities, do adventurous trips, have fun and cherish the tranquil ambiance and surroundings. 

At Masters Resort Cebu, you can bring your family or friends to spend quality time and togetherness with perfect facilities, services, and environment.

Let’s check out Masters’ available and possible activities…


Certainly, you can spend great time at this resort with the following activities…

In this tropical country, swimming is one of the past times that most people, especially children, do enjoy greatly. As a growing kid, I confessed that I spent lots of my time during holidays swimming in the river with my friends or siblings.

So… at this resort you can avail their swimming pool just right in front of the building. Not only adults but also children can swim in since there’s a children’s pool built close to the deeper for adult’s use pool.

And, wait! You can certainly enjoy swimming in the nice white private beach of Tanawan. There are no sharks in this area except the whale sharks which are actually fish not sharks. Whale sharks are very gentle and harmless giants who feed on planktons, krills, and other minute creatures.

Whale Shark Watching guests preparing for the fun. Image Source: masters resort cebu facebook

Scuba Diving
Yes, you can also enjoy scuba diving to discover the various and colorful underwater fishes, corals, and other strange-looking and interesting creatures beneath.

If you are not an expert diver yet, or just scared to become one, you can just grab a snorkel mask and plunge in to observe the lively colorful life underwater.

Beach Games
You can play volleyball and other sorts of games with your team, family or friends on the beach. You don’t need to worry of getting hurt because the sand is ‘soft’. The sand is so nice that you wish to just lie on your back and sleep on, or do something fun!

Other Water Activities
If you want to do something else interesting, you might have to arrange or approach the front desk and state your preference. You can possibly arrange for island tours and other trips to see some nice beaches, islets, and interesting sites or natural wonders in the area.

Better ask for more interesting things you can do there, or just be sorry for not knowing in advance and missing the one thing you want to do or experience the most. Just sayin!

You would surely have what you need for your activity, vacation, break or any business you want to do at this resort. The facilities and amenities are great enough to satisfy or meet your needs…

Yup, they have a restaurant that serves delicious Filipino and some dishes influenced by Chinese, Japanese, and other cultural origins. And, they provide a complimentary breakfast, too!

Poolside Bar
Lounge / Bar

Aside from the major facilities you need, they also have other amenities and services in case you need them, such as:

Microwave machine
Hair Dryer
Complimentary Toiletries
Bathtub/Shower Combination

Other services available:
Multilingual Staff, laundry service, iron and board, cell phone/mobile rental, free parking area, etc.


Double Room
This room is intended for 2 guests but one more person can squeeze in for additional charge (Php500/head). The rate is from Php1,000.00, which could change over time and season differences or without any advance notice.

Guest Rooms
There are 10 guest rooms available at Masters Resort. These rooms have air-conditioning facilities, verandas, bathrooms with shower/tub combination, complimentary toiletries, hair dryers, among other basic amenities.

Upon request, you can use an iron and ironing board, refrigerator, and anything available.

Address: Tanawan, Oslob, 6065 Cebu, Philippines
Phone: 09491318973


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Masters Resort Cebu Cottage in Oslob. Image source: Masters Resort Facebook

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