Cool Molobolo Spring, Tuburan


Molobolo resort is one of the popular places to be refreshed and relaxed in Tuburan Municipality, Cebu Province, Philippines.

Tuburan means ‘source of water’ or spring in Cebuano or Bisayan language. The springs of this place are the greatest endowment to the inhabitants of this area.

Molobolo Spring is located in Tuburan Municipality, Cebu, Philippines. Its cool spring water refreshes your mind and body. Image Source: Ruby Ann Albaro

The cold spring water is directly being pooled into pools built under the green canopies of ancient trees--making the water much cooler.

This refreshing pool water attracts visitors from all over the province and guests from somewhere else.

It takes more than 2 hours by bus from Cebu City, but lucky for those who are closer to this spring resort.

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The spring water is being channeled into two big pools to utilize its freshness by visitors from the locale and distant or foreign guests.

There are pipes underneath these two swimming pools that go to the sea (in close proximity) to keep the water flowing out and the water inside always fresh and clean.

The bigger pool is about 7 feet deep and is intended for adults and good swimmers. The other and smaller pool is for kids who are mostly the frequent and the biggest in number among users. That’s probably because families come to enjoy the place with their children than most adults do.

The canopy of the trees that blankets the pools keep away the sunlight, thus, making the spring water much cooler and rejuvenating to be enjoyed with.


The Molobolo Spring management only charges very cheap entrance fees to users (5pesos for adults and 2pesos for kids).
The parking fee for 4-wheelers is Php100 and 25 for 2-wheelers (motorbikes).

There are only two types of cottages available for rent. These are open cottages that can be used only for a day (not for overnight since it has no walls but only roof, seats and tables).

The bigger cottages can be rented for Php300 while the smaller type is Php150. Guests and visitors are allowed to bring their own food supplies and are even permitted to prepare or cook inside the facility, but only in some designated areas.

Of course, you can buy something to eat or drink from the stores around but might not be so satisfying if you wish to enjoy the cool spring with nice food and drinks.

Karaoke, Souvenirs, etc.
Yes, there are other entertaining and interesting things you can find in the surrounding and within this spring resort.

For example, you can rent a karaoke machine available if you wish to practice singing or dare to do so!

In addition, if you want to bring home some gifts for your friends or just for the sake of keeping memorable things, you can buy local products being sold at some shops around (jewelry boxes, decors, accessories made of seashells, etc).

It would be nice and kind of you to support the local livelihood of these inhabitants by purchasing their homemade products. Of course, please do make a bargain if you think they overpriced. That’s your call!


The place is not hard to find but maybe time demanding to be reached if you came from Cebu City or somewhere far away. Tuburan is more than two hours from Cebu City via transcentral highway.

Bus From Cebu City
You can take a bus from South Bus Terminal (or North Bus Terminal) from Cebu City to Tuburan. It could take more than 3 hours by bus. You can choose an aircon or non-aircon one.

Vans (V-Hire)
These are the smaller type of vehicles but faster since they don’t stop often compared to buses. Vans could take only about 2 hours to reach the spring via transcentral Highway with views of the sea, mountains, fields…

The buses and vans stop at Tuburan center where you can find the boulevard and where the motorbikes and tricyles are waiting.


The spring resort is being managed by the local government, hence you need to contact the local authorized personnel if you wish to inquire or reserve any facility.

You may contact the mayor’s office with the following info:
Mayor’s Office Phones: (032) 463-9318; (032) 463-8085


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It is the nice and cool Molobolo Spring of Tuburan Municipality in Cebu Province. The fresh spring water flows freely into the pools and goes out. Image Source:

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