Tranquil Nalusuan Island Resort

Nalusuan Island Resort & Marine Sanctuary

Published: 19 July 2014; Updated: 25 October 2015
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Nalusuan Island Resort & Marine sanctuary

Nice Nalusuan Island Resort, Cebu

Nalusuan Resort is a nice and tranquil beach resort facility in Cebu Strait, Visayas Islands, the Philippines.

The resort has cottages built on top of stilts in addition to other tropical facilities, including fun water sports offers, restaurant, resort bar and more.

Nalusuan Island is one of the islands that compose the Olango Island group where this man-made relaxation establishment is finely built.

The island itself is only about one hectare in total size and situated between two other popular islands (Mactan Island of Cebu) and Bohol Island (a province in the Visayas).

The wide horizon, white sand bar, fish sanctuary and resort facilities are some of the things you can certainly enjoy with in this resort.

Visitors at Nalusuan Island

Environmental Awareness Promotion Activities

Beautiful underwater life in Nalusuan Island Resort & Marine Sanctuary

Aside from business reasons, Nalusuan Island Resort aims to promote environmental awareness and sustainable way of livelihood.

Nalusuan resort provides its visitors information and facilities to see the beautiful marine life under the sea. By being aware of the sea resources that can support adequately the daily lives of locals, one will think of preserving them rather than trying to reap all at once using destructive (and illegal) methods.

It is a known story that an American swimmer, environmentalist and activist swam the waters unassisted from Mactan Island to Nalusuan to raise environmental awareness.

Paul Vanhoven, on May 18 2009, tried to raise awareness regarding the destruction of the marine eco-system that dynamite fishing has left to the sea corals. Trying to catch fish easily by using dynamite to kill and disorient fishes destroys corals—the home and breeding areas of most marine animals.

So far, through the efforts of Paul, local environmentalists and Nalusuan Resort to promote sustainable livelihood and development in the area has been successful.

Now, for you to enjoy this marine sanctuary resort, Nalusuan resort offers various activities.

Nalusuan Island Resort and view of Cebu Province's sea

Nalusuan Resort's Recreational Aqua Sports

These recreational and adventure activities can be arranged with the resort as you arrive and choose your desired activity. I’m afraid these recreational activities are not included as you book to this establishment.

However, if you are certain on availing any service and settle your account in advance, you might probably do this when contacting their office.

Here they are…

  • Banana Boat Ride 
  • Ocean Kayak 
  • Paddle Boat   
  • Snorkeling Set     
  • Jet Ski Rental     
  • Scuba Diving     PHP 1,500.00(w/ license) PHP 2,000.00(w/o license)
  • Food Package

If you want to know the details of the rates, please inquire directly from their management or click the link of their website below. Now, if you decide to visit this place you would probably need to get your accommodation for overnight or so to fully enjoy, relax and recollect yourself (and your family, friends, etc.) on this special part of the world.

Cool Nalusuan Island Resort Accommodation

As mentioned above, the resorts cottages are nicely built on stilts of this island. From the balconies or windows of your accommodation you will have amazing views of the sea and the surrounding islands and as far as your eyes can see.

Certainly, you have the freshest sea breeze and clean air. In the sea you wouldn’t meet insects or mosquitoes that often annoy you on land or in the tropical forest. Anyway, here are the simple and basic rooms available…

Stilt Cottages

  • Air-conditioned Rooms 
  • Extra Person Air-con
  • Family Room 
  • Suite Room     
  • Conference Room  (PHP 2,500.00)

The rate range is from Php3,050.00 to 5,490.00. To verify and make sure you have the updated rate, please refer to the resort’s website link below.

View from Nalusuan Island Resort's cottage on siltA great accommodation view

The rate provides here is just to give you some ideas. Also, please note that the rate changes without prior notice and know that during top season rates could be double or triple.

Other Services & Some Fees

Day Trip (w/o room) Entrance Fee     PHP 200.00
Round Trip Boat Transfers (6:00 AM to 3:00 PM)
2-10 pax     PHP 2,000.00
11-25 pax     PHP 4,000.00
26-50 pax     PHP 8,000.00

Please, note that rates listed above could be different due changes that the management of the resort does without prior notice or season differences. The rates are just for your references and don't forget to confirm them.

More facilities

  • Dive Shop (Pa-Kool Dive Shop & Aqua Sport)
  • Outdoor Tables
  • Sunbathing Loungers
  • Hammocks 
  • Skim boards
  • Garden with trees and plants
  • Table tennis, etc.

Again, please check the rates with the resort since it could change any time without any advance notice. So, if you are thinking of visiting this marine sanctuary, check out the address and other contact details you will need.

The restaurant of Nalusuan Island Resort and Marine SanctuaryNalusuan Island Resort's restaurant & bar (photo: nalusuan resort fb)

Finding Nalusuan Island Resort & Marine Sanctuary

Now, if you got interested to know more about this place, you may use the details below for your inquiries or any decisions you want to make...

Resort Name: Nalusuan Resort and Marine Sanctuary
Address:          Olango Reef Cordova Mactan, Cebu, Philippines 6017
Resort Phone: (032) 516-6432
Mobile Phone: 09239503684
Main Office:     (032)  505-4595

Thanks for visiting and reading through this page. Hope you’ll have wonderful travels and reinvigorating holidays.

And, please help promote environmental awareness and act on it by keeping your surroundings clean and free from wastes :).

See you again!

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