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Friendly Pal-Watson Apartments

Pal-Watson Apartments on Mactan Island

Pal-Watson Apartments is an apartment that offers great accommodation for people who want to live comfortably and move around freely in Mactan area.

It is an apartment that allows you to live and enjoy just like your own house. It has a full kitchen facility for your easy and quick cooking preparations.

This apartment is close to Mactan-Cebu International Airport, the only airport on the province that provide both domestic and international flights services.

Mactan’s airport is the second busiest airports in the country, after Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila.

Great advantages of being on Mactan Island is that you can go to nice places and sites with great convenience - such as beaches, shopping centers, historical sites, offices, museums, natural and eco-tourism areas.

Pal-Watson Apartments Front Doors

Facilities and Services Available

As an apartment, Pal-Watson is a self-catering accommodation that provides various relevant as well as useful facilities for your convenient stay and enjoying activity around Mactan Island.

Let’s check out more of these facilities and services…

  • Free WiFi access within the facility…
  • Rooms have cable TVs, air conditioning machines, balconies…
  • Kitchens have microwaves and refrigerators, kitchen utensils, stoves…
  • Private bathrooms with hot and cold showers available…
  • Each apartment room comes with living and dining sections, a wardrobe, sofa…
  • Has free parking spaces…

Certainly, there are more to it than what have included in this page. Please, go ahead and inquire for any facility that you want to use while staying comfortably at this facility. Use the available contact details right below in this page.

Interesting Sites & Places Nearby

There lots of interesting sites, venues, public and private facilities where you can visit and enjoy with.

Such places include: beach resorts, upscale hotels with water parks and swimming pools, restaurants, shopping centers, local shops that sell locally produced products, historical sites, entertainments and parks, among many places.

Transportation hubs are also very much accessible and are located nearby Pal-Watson Apartments. For example, Macta-Cebu International Airport is only more than 2 kilometers, Gaisano Mall of Mactan is about 4 kilometers and the Cebu-Mactan Ferry terminal is only about a 10-minute ride from the apartment.

Beaches & Resorts
If you don’t know yet, Mactan Island is a popular vacation and travel destination in the province. It offers nice beaches and resorts of various scales, facilities and services.

On the island you can enjoy either the public beach or private beach. The public beaches are usually budget places where you will pay only for entrance fees or cottage rents for a day. The popular ones are located in Maribago area.

The private beaches are owned or under resort hotels and similar establishments.

The advantage of getting into their beaches is that they are well-kept and facilities are readily available.

Maribago  Bluewater Beach ResortA view of Maribago Bluewater Beach Resort & Spa

Hotels and private resorts do not only offer beach areas for your water activities but they also offer water parks for children and adults and swimming pools for various areas. Depending on the resort, you need to pay for an entrance fee to be allowed to avail the swimming pools and all or some facilities that come with them.

For more information for such places, you may go to another page that provide more details: Mactan Island Beaches and Resorts.

Historical Sites
If you want to learn a little of Cebu or Mactan Island’s history, you can quickly visit a site where a very historic event occurred. Mactan Shrine is where the famous “Battle of Mactan” happened in the 16th century. It is where the fierce fight between Chieftain Lapu Lapu with his warriors and Ferdinand Magellan with his soldiers.

In this shrine, you will find historical descriptions and materials relating the story of the event. For example, you can find the statue of Lapu Lapu wielding his sword symbolizing the bravery of the islanders. To honor Magellan’s contribution to the province by bringing in the Christian faith, an Arch of Magellan is erected.

Within the shrine, you will enjoy strolling around the garden planted with green plants and flowering plants.

If you decide to visit Cebu City, which is about 30 or so from Mactan Island by car/taxi, you will enjoy the 16th century old churches and other old structures extant up until today. For example, you can visit the famous Fort San Pedro, Magellan’s Cross, Basilica Del Santo Nino and other places.

For more information regarding tourist sites, please search this website or just inquire and ask for guidance from your hotel’s staff or Front Desk officer.

Some Guidelines and Policies

This section will serve as a friendly guideline so that your arrangement and stay will be comfortably perfect and memorable.

Cancellation and advance charges vary depending on the policy for each apartment type. So, please refer to the conditions given for the type that you are going to book for.

Adults are allowed to bring in their children with some conditions. For example, up to two children under 12 years of age are allowed to use the beds available free of charge. Requesting for an extra free bed will not be provided.

One additional older child or an adult will be charged for an extra bed per night (Php430 in this writing – 2015). Only one extra bed can be offered per room.

Make sure that extra beds or baby’s cot/crib should be requested and confirmed at the Front Desk’s staff or management.

Animals or pets are, unfortunately, not allowed to be entered in the apartment. You can probably find places, such as veterinary shops and malls that accept care-taking services for animals.

At this stage, Pal-Watson Apartments only accepts cash payments on site.

Certainly, changes of policies may take place anytime. So, better check out and inquire for any update in terms of payments and rates.

Finding Pal-Watson Apartments

This nice apartment is owned and operated by a British national, and this can be located in the following address.

Address: Saint Anthony's Village, Opon, Airport-Sangi Road, Lapu-Lapu City, Mactan Island, Cebu, The Philippines

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Pal-Watson Apartments bedroomBedroom at Pal-Watson Apartments, Mactan Island

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