Papa Kits Marina Fishing Lagoon

Papa Kits Marina Fishing Lagoon

Article/Photos by: Air Borne


Papa Kits Marina Fishing Lagoon

If Bukidnon is renowned for its Dahilayan Adventure Park, this article is proud to feature one of Cebu’s best adventure parks -- the Papa Kits Marina and Fishing Lagoon.

A park, to me, is an open place where the family can sit and gather together and have some fun playing and running around the open space.  Some parks have slides, monkey bars, seesaw, swing, fountains, and more.  These usual parks still do exist nowadays, but today, we are introduced to a new sort of park--commonly known as the adventure parks.

Adventure parks are now the in-thing in this millennial generation more particularly in the province of Cebu. These parks tend to attract more youth than the adults puwera na lang to those who are physically conscious of staying fit and who enjoy doing adventurous activities. Also, owning a vast track of land in this millennium is an excellent opportunity to develop this real property into an adventure park which brings in a lot more money to your bank deposits or even in your cavans if you believe it is safer to keep them at home just like the old days. LOL

Where is it?

Papa Kits Marina and Fishing Lagoon, for short, is located in the Municipality of Liloan along Silot Bay.  This site is approximately 21 km away from the city of Cebu. So, how can a lagoon turn into an adventure park?  Read along.  According to sources, Papa Kits has initially catered only to fishing activity until the Menca Development Corporation has developed the area into an adventure park. Once you see this sign along the road from the Cansaga Bridge, you have to tell the driver to pull over and get down from the vehicle to begin your tour at this newly developed adventure park ...

Land Area
Papa Kits is a 92-hectare ocean front land which includes 19 hectares of landmass devoted for fun activities as well as adventures, and another 62 hectares rests along the Silot Bay.

Entrance Fee
For young and old – P100 (P50 consumable for one selected amenity and P50 consumable for food)

Fun Papa Kits Offers

The place is one of the best venues where families, a group of friends or co-workers hold various outdoor activities and even familial special events like a wedding reception, wedding anniversary, birthday and company’s team building or corporate planning sessions. This is also an excellent place for lovers or couples’ romantic escapades and exercises adrenaline booster activities.  They also offer rooms to stay in for a night or two and give you the best goodnight sleep or a restful night hearing only the stillness of the night and the chirping of the birds in the early morning rise.

Let us discover now one by one what these outdoor activities I am talking about.  By the way, Papa Kits has divided the activities into two—one, the Recreational ones and two, the Aqua-Sports.  For the leisure activities, you have the different adventures to try and experience its thrill: Horseback Riding, Zipline, Wall Climbing, Hanging Bridge, Jungle Obstacle, Fishing, and Swimming. For the Aqua-Sports, you have the Pitti, Canoe, Paddle Boat, Wakeboarding.

As you enter the compound, you will see this notice right away near the entrance where you will pay the fee.  This is to remind every guest of the resort’s prohibitions and the starting point of the adventure.

I paid only an entrance fee of P50.00, which excludes the use of any amenities because I was there for sightseeing only.  To make sure that guests can find the way they want to go, a vicinity map is posted near the entrance.



Here’s the larger view of the vicinity map.


Surely, you will find your way to your destination right where they are in this vicinity map as your guide. You may take a photo of this once you get inside the vicinity.

To take a peek of what Papa Kits offers, the management places visual materials near the entrance to entice visitors and guests to see and experience these activities at affordable rates.  Like these ones...

Legends - Your Guide to Papa Kits Adventure Site

So, are you now ready to take the range of adventures that awaits you inside the Papa Kits’ premises?


To your right from the main gate, you will find the stable of horses which means, that is where you do the horseback riding.  It’s up to you whether to take it as your first activity or the last adventure to take since this is just near the entrance. For a fee of P75.00, you get a chance to roam around the area riding a real horse good for 15 minutes.


After I took my shots of the horse’s stable, I decided to use my “Cadillac” [an informal Cebuano term for walking which usually used as a joke which means kadi-lakad] just to savor my eyes with the view of the place. They provide a shuttle to take their guests from one point to another.

But then, my stubborn feet insisted on taking a walk to remember...every scene I encounter along the road like my meeting with the two dogs, sniffing around my legs. OMG! I was like feeling so helpless because I am sure if I had been bitten, no one would ever hear me screeeaaam! WHEW!  After sniffing, they left. I wondered what they smelled. Such a walk to remember indeed!

I could not help it but was so pleased with the vast area of the property that the walking hurt my feet easily. However, I continued to go on to my next venture.

FISHING AREA – LEGEND 3 [Give man a fish, then he has something to eat for a day. But teach him how to fish, he has something to eat for a lifetime)

For a fee of P100, you may now use a fishing rod and experience fish-catching like this foreigner here.  “Come on, come on, this way. Get a basket, hun.”  Definitely, this man is sure to have a fish for life!


There are a number of fishing cottages - around 12 to 15.  I could see people in groups either with friends or with their family staying in any of those cottages learning perhaps their first fishing expedition.

Across this view, stands the restaurant afloat the pond.


What I appreciate most in this place are those signages that Papa Kits sets in every corner of the pathway.  It only shows that the property is so extensive and vast that one needs to be guided by signs to get to the right place and take note, the signs are unique huh. Pinaghirapan talaga. [Effort indeed!] Take a look at this one. They are visibly planted on the ground.

A Different Style of Signs


From that sign, I took my right turn and took a closer shot of the resto.  Hmmm, many people are eating their heart out in this restaurant. Maybe, just maybe, the unfortunate fish-catches might be on the platter.

papa-kits-marina-fishing-lagoon-restaurantPapa Kits Marina & Fishing Lagoon's Restaurant

Goodbye, Resto 4.  I have to take on my next venture because the sun is getting down fast.

Beside this resto is another sign, leading me to the direction where the Zipline, Hanging Bridge and Wall Climbing areas are.


I continued my ocular survey of the surroundings. I got to walk on this road. With the coco palm trees on the sides standing like soldiers, I felt like I was walking towards my throne in a palace, passing under the coco palm leaves as swords, stepping on a red carpet underneath a stony path.  The mangroves are like pawns protecting the palace.


Until I reached the end of that road ...the Aqua-Sport service.

I was excited to watch anybody actually doing wakeboarding, and I got what I wished for.  I am certain he paid for P500 good for an hour for this fun aqua-sport since that day I came was a weekend, a Saturday. He could have saved a hundred had he wakeboarded on a weekday for P400 only.

papa-kits-wakeboardingWakeboarding at Papa Kits Marina & Lagoon Fishing

Aqua Sports enthusiasts may also rent Papa Kits’ Pitti for P500; Canoe, P200; Paddle Boat, P200; and Kayak, P150.  All these rentals are good for 30 minutes only.


On this side of the bay, rooms are tiered in a row on this white building. The building looks cozy and quiet from the outside. The surrounding is clean and well-maintained. This is fronting the Wakeboarding Site.

An overnight stay in a deluxe room is worth P2,800 while for a day’s use, it is P2,000. The superior room is pegged at P2,500 and its day use is P1,800.


If you are in a large group, say, for instance, having a company outing or a family reunion, the use of a Clubhouse is more appropriate for the occasion.  It is a two-storey structure and can accommodate as many as 30 to 40 persons.
After making my rounds in the Aqua-sport area, I hurried up to the spot where the adrenaline-booster fun activities are and had gladly arrived there.  It is a good thing that the facilities of Zipline, Hanging Bridge/Jungle Obstacle and Wall Climbing are housed together in an uphill site of the vicinity to spare the explorer’s time from going to one point to another and to save his/her energy for other exciting activities.

Adventure Challenge Facilities

As soon as you get inside Legend 17, the spiral ladder makes you guess whether it is the starting line or exit point of the Hanging Bridge.


I did not guess it right because the starting point is here...


The previous spiral ladder is the end of your Hanging Bridge experience, and for that you pay P50.00 for the one-way ticket.   However, you may also decide to proceed to the next level by doing the Jungle Obstacle.  Should you choose to go on, you have to pay first P150 for one-way pass for this obstacle and may continue to struggle your way up from this rope to the other side of the bridge for the second time ...


Crossing this side of the swaying bridge ...


Moreover, if your stamina is as strong as a rock, you will successfully reach the finish line of the Jungle Obstacle.
I deciphered then that this is a two-in-one activity, Hanging Bridge and Jungle Obstacle for P200.  Of course, you may also opt to choose one activity without the other.


Spiderman, is that you?  People are watching you climb to the top! Come on, go! Make it to the top to get your P100-peso worth!! If you get 3 successful attempts to reach the top, you will get a free one-way pass for Zipping!  The most watched exciting adventure in this area.


After you have exhausted all your energies for the great climb, if you still have the stamina to perform another thrilling and exciting venture, proceed to the Harness Area and get ready to put on your safety equipment on your body for the Ziiiiipp!

HARNESS AREA is where you fix your zipping gears. 


You may also take a rest for awhile before doing the Zip to gather up your strength in this covered area. Alternatively, get a drink and have something to munch worth P50 as consumable food included in your entrance fee.


I have never tried doing this amusement out of my fear of heights and also, due to warnings that it is not okay for people with high blood pressure. However, recent studies say that ziplining reduces stress and lowers blood pressure.  It can even burn 200 calories.  This amusement gives you tons of fresh air while going down the line, overlooking the seawater and everything below. This is also the best time to shout and let all pent-up emotions out once you speed up down the line.

Our agency had its team-building here at Papa Kits last March 2016. Unfortunately, I was not there to grace the occasion due to scholastic commitment during that time.  The first thing I wanted to know about was the zipline adventure. The first time zipliners said that it wasn’t scary at all because the distance is short and the height is manageable. With that assurance, I was eager to try.  For so long a time, I would love to conquer my acrophobia.

The cable measures 400 meters with a drop of 120 feet.  If you go back and forth, that is 800 meters for P200 hanging type, and P400 Superman type.  To repeat the thrill, for hanging type, pay P100 or 50% off for the second try; for the Superman type, P200 also 50% off.

Anika is preparing herself for the full speed glide down the line...

papa-kits-marina-fishing-lagoonphoto courtesy of Rowena Orillaneda

And there you gooooo....a breath-taking slide down the END OF THE COURSE...

papa-kits-marina-and-fishing-lagoon-ziplinePhoto courtesy of Rowena Orillaneda

There ends my adventure at Papa Kits Marina and Fishing Lagoon. There is much to see yet but time constrained me to shorten my tour.  Though I have not tried any of those activities, it was a pleasure to have seen the place and taken a few shots.

Your exciting adventure in the area will certainly create memories regardless of who you are with, either with your family, office-mates, friends, lover or all by yourself. What matters most is you allow yourself to get away from the stress of the world, and just become at peace with your mind, body, and with nature.

Papak Kits Contact Details

In case you decide to inquire or contact Papakits Marina, you may use the following information.

Papa Kit’s Marina & Fishing Lagoon
Address: Poblacion Liloan, Cebu, Philippines
Front Office: (00)(63)(32) 424-1086
Mobile #: +63 9420125578

MERISSA BREGENTE, Sales and Marketing Officer
Telefax #: (032) 505-4595
Mobile #: +63925 5696907

AIZA REYES, Sales & Marketing Staff
Telefax: (032) 505-4595
Mobile #: +63922 4022828


And, when you have finally decided to go and have fun, you may make use of the below guide information for your trip...

Getting to Papa Kits Marina & Fishing Lagoon

Here's how you can get to Liloan and Papa Kits...

  •  Jeepney.  Go to SM City and take the Liloan bound jeepney. Tell the driver to drop you at San Fernando Parish Church of the Municipality of Liloan.  Facing the parish church, take the road to your right then proceed to Liloan Complex Center. Right across the compound is the entrance gate of Papa Kits. Fare: P15 to P17.
  • V-Hire. You might need to go to SM City V-hire Terminal. After crossing Silot Bay Bridge, tell the driver to drop you off at the gate of Papa Kits. Take notice also of the Papa Kits signage to your left, as posted on page 1. Fare: P50.
  • Taxi. Got to SM City and then deal with taxi drivers. Fare: P200-250. Grabtaxi promo is not available on long distance routes.
  • Private Car. Bring your own map or navigation, or just ask people along the way.

Well, that's most of Papa Kits adventure park of Cebu. Hope you can visit this interesting leisure and outdoor activity space.

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