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Cebu Travel Resources

malapascua-island-cebu-beachesMalapascua Island

Available Cebu travel resources abound on this tropical island of the Visayas region. Travelers will find it easier to move around the island using such travel facilities that will be outlined as below.

Cebu has been accommodating visitors both foreign and locals since time immemorial. It means that Cebu is used to accepting visitors and has honed its capability to make their visit more interesting and memorable.

Cebu Hotels
Cebu hotels offer their best services to all their guest travelers. Their affordable rooms and amenities provide satisfaction to all sorts of visitors from various social, economic, and cultural backgrounds. You can find 5-Star hotels down to the cheaper and budget accommodation hotels anywhere on the island.


Lodgings as basic Cebu travel resources are real budget and alternate to luxurious hotel accommodations. This is best for travelers who want to experience ‘real’ life experience of most locals.

It is also great if you frequently move around the province since they are readily available anywhere you may tread on the island. Lodgings usually offer bed, bath, and breakfast. It all depends also on the establishment’s available offers.


Other forms of Cebu travel resources are the cottages. They are mostly located nearby the beaches and on the smaller satellite islands of the province. If you prefer, you can have an air-conditioned cottage if tropical weather is too warm for you. However, beach cottage are much cooler and have natural cool breeze.


Apartments and houses for rent are also quite common in Cebu. You can easily find them in Cebu City, Mactan/Lapu-Lapu City and other urban areas in the province. There are also taxis, motorboats, motorbikes, mountain bikes, among others available for hire or rent.

Water & Sun


Yes, there are tons of nice beaches in Cebu and various best Cebu travel resources for all tourists of various travel tastes. Being a tropical island, Cebu boasts its 167 islands with wonderful long stretches of white beaches lined with coconut trees leaning toward the blue waters.

Famous Islands

Among the many famous and beautiful islands of Cebu, Bantayan, Malapascua, Mactan and Camotes stand out. Some of the reasons why many travelers go there is that they are just…

  • Natural and pristine
  • Beautiful and inviting
  • Peaceful and refreshing to both body and soul

If you are interested, you can also find more islands that are less commercialized, which means that they are less crowded or polluted in any sense of the word.

beach-montemar-bantayan-islandBeach Montemar

Swimming Pools

Swimming pools abound in the province as one of Cebu's travel resources. Luxurious ones are found in uptown hotel resorts (Shangri-Las) and some budget resorts located in various places close to the beaches. These swimming pools have different water levels depending on the users.

Most pools at hotel resorts with water fun activities offer children safe environment for their enjoyment. Most swimming pools at smaller resorts usually accommodate only adult swimmers.

Other form of Cebu travel resources can be enjoyed only in the City...

Cebu Metropolitan


Most popular museums of Cebu are attached to universities and other educational institutions mostly located in the city. These museums offer you various exhibits including historical materials about the island – written documents, paraphernalia of historical figures, anthropological and archeological artifacts, etc.


Historic Sites

Historical places or landmarks where great turning point events made the island attractive to tourists are easy to visit. One of the famous ones is the Magellan’s Cross located right at the heart of the city of Cebu.

Another famous one is located at Mactan Island (at the international airport) where the fierce “Battle of Mactan” between Lapu-Lapu (local ruler) and Ferdinand Magellan was fought in 1521.


Since this is a Philippine island, Filipino or Cebuano cooking is popular. You can try native or local delicacies and plenty of seafood. Most Filipino restaurants serve all sorts of food which are easy to eat even to new visitors.

Aside from native dishes there are lots of international cuisines available in various restaurants located in individual establishments or attached to huge shopping centers or malls. International restaurants include Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Indian, Vietnamese, Thai, European, Middle Eastern, Mexican, Spanish, Latin American, and others.

cebu-restaurants-vikingVikings Buffet Restaurant


Aside from the usual popular travel places, Cebu travel resources can include educational institutions for visitors to enjoy with. Found in such institutions are museums that offer interesting array of collections.

Cebu is one of the main centers of education in the country. It is strategically located as it sets at the middle of both Mindanao and Luzon islands. The oldest university among them is the University of San Carlos which was built during the Spanish era. Other universities are: University of San Jose Recolletos, Cebu’s University of the Philippines, and many other colleges mostly established at the city center.

Shopping Malls

If you want to take a break from moving around the island and needs to buy something, watch a movie, want some noise, or any, you can visit the big shopping malls that can provide you almost anything you need. The famous ones are the Ayala Shopping Center, Shoe Mart or SM Mall, White Gold, Robinsons, etc. the first two are the popular establishments where most locals and foregin visitors spent longer time – to shop, eat, relax and be refreshed by the air-conditioned environment.

AYALA CENTER CEBU - Cebu Business Park, Cebu City SM CITY CEBU - North Reclamation Area, Cebu City ROBINSONS MALL - Fuente Osmeña, Cebu City; ROBINSONS CYBERGATE MALL - Don Gil Garcia Street, Capitol Site, Cebu City, Robinsons Galleria Cebu City
ELIZABETH MALL - Leon Kilat St., Cebu City; GAISANO COUNTRY MALL - Banilad, Cebu City; J CENTER MALL 165 AS - Fortuna Street, Bakilid, Mandaue City; COLON STREET at Colon Street, Cebu City.



Most travelers and tourists come to Cebu to enjoy and spend their time on the island at the beach areas. This provincial island offers to visitors and adventurers interesting, relaxing and even challenging various venues and situations. For example, big groups enjoy to spend their time island-hopping and partying as guided tourists.

Others who prefer to come as couples or individuals enjoy and spend their vacation snorkeling, scuba diving, parasailing, shark watching, whale shark watching, sea turtle swimming, hiking, mountain biking, surfing, or anything at all.



Cebu is where Christianity was first introduced by European missionaries. Being the seat of religious beginnings, Cebu is proud to show to visitors its centuries old church structures most of them still standing and functioning. Some of the famous churches located in Cebu City are the Metropolitan Cathedral, Basilica del Santo Nino, among others.

Since most Cebuanos are Christians (generally Catholics), many religious communities established religious education institutions or formation houses for those who want to become religious priests, nuns, brothers…

These religious communities also provide facilities and establishments wherein groups or individuals can have time to pray or join religious activities, such as retreats, meetings, or any other religious functions.

cebu cathedral

One of the most famous religious festivities on the island is the Sinulog, which is being held every year on the third Sunday of January. This religious activity is popularly known for its lavish and colorful attire worn by religious dancers.

Another best time to visit Cebu or the Philippines is during Christmas season, which actually starts as early as October. Christmas lights and decors, such as the colorful and artistic Northern Star, attracts both local and foreign visitors.

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