Park Place Beach Resort

park place beach resort

Park Place Beach Resort. A swimming pool close to the beach with three slides in Pinamungahan, Cebu, Philippines.

Park Place Beach Resort is a holiday destination located by the beach in the town of Pinamungajan (or Pinamungahan), Cebu Province, Philippines.

The resort is established right close to the main road of Tajao, Pinamungajan. It is situated southwest (middle part of the map) of Cebu City.

The establishment is securely built for much safer and private environment with concrete walls surrounding the facility. Of course, inside the resort you can readily reach the beach and stroll along as far as you want.

fun activities

Just like any other beach resorts on the island, Park Place Beach Resort can provide you anything related to water activities, although you might have to make your request or arrange beforehand for them to prepare your preferred activity.

Anyways, here are some of the basic activities you can enjoy with…

  • Swimming
  • Sunbathing
  • Strolling
  • Boat trips
  • Banana boat rides, etc.

For more information of the availability of sports and entertainment facilities, you may contact the management directly for the details.


Aside from the accommodation / rooms, you can use the other facilities that are particularly prepared to help make your vacation or holiday more enjoyable.

Here are some of the facilities…

They have one basketball ring which can be enjoyed with mostly by male (females too!) guests, especially those who are concern about their health and keeping their exercise habit. (By the way, almost in every corner in the Philippines you can find a basketball ring/court).

Parking Area
Park Place has a spacious parking area inside the compound, a very comforting thing to know that your car (or motorbike) is safe. Surely, it is for free.

Swimming Pool
Park Place has a newly-built swimming pool by the beach (bit covered). Children can jump in but needs attention from adults and should wear safety float while enjoying the pool. It also has three slides, one located close to the beach and the two on the opposite side of the pool.

Long Cottage
On the beach, there is a long thatched roof cottage with built-in concrete sits. Tables and chairs can be provided upon request.

In front of this cottage, you are allowed to cook your food. In particular, a barbecue facility is provided to guests who want to eat their food fresh and hot while enjoying the sea view.

Groups or teams can surely have their beach picnic along this area.

park-place-beach-resortMushroom Cottages

Mushroom-shaped Cottages -
These cottages (about three of them) are located just beside the long cottage mentioned above. Probably, these are built for kids who fancy fairy tales and such. You can also enjoy your food/snacks and use the barbecue facility. 

more facilities & services

If you are planning to have your wedding, anniversary, birthday, meeting, team-building or any business and social function, Park Place Beach resort can provide you the space you need.

Function Hall
You can have your event at this hall which can accommodate up to 250 people. It is available for use from 9am to 4pm. You can use the swimming pool for free when you rent this facility (PhP10,000).

Function Hall 2 (PhP5000)
Well, as you can see, this facility is half the price with the first one. The difference is not the quality but the number of guests that can be accommodated: it is ideal for 100 people only. It is also available from 9-4 in the afternoon. The size of your event will determine which hall, right!

Now, let’s check out its…


Park Place has nice rooms that overlook that sea. Here are some rates available, but make sure you got the most recent ones due to changes without prior notice…

Room Type 1: PhP1200 for 2 guests
Room Type 2: PhP15oo for 4 guests
Room Type 3: PhP2000 for 4 guests: hot/cold water in the bathroom, mini refrigerator, TV located on the second floor; terrace directed towards the sea

For further details, please contact the management through the info provided below.

Address: Tajao, Cebu City, 6034 Cebu, Philippines
Phone: (032)4688155, or txt 09184088257

Park Place Beach resort Building in Pinamungahan, Cebu

more beaches & resorts

In addition to this beach resort, you can certainly find more interesting and entertaining resorts and attractions in Pinamungajan. Some of them are the following...

  • Camangon Cave
  • Liki Falls
  • Louie Beach Resort
  • Hidden Valley Wave Pool
  • Park Place Beach Resort
  • Pinamungajan Plaza
  • Sacsac Falls and Cave
  • Seaside Heaven Beach Resort 
  • Sinungkulan Falls
  • Tajao Chapel
  • Tajao Paraiso Lodge
  • Tauhai Garden Beach Resort 
  • Tutay Church

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Thanks and have a wonderful holiday.

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