Tauhai Garden Beach Resort

tauhai garden beach resort

Tauhai Garden Resort is a great place for a quiet and relaxing vacation.

In fact, the word ‘tauhai’ is a coined term from the Cebuano expression “tawhay”, which means “peaceful”, “tranquil” or any other word related to it and aptly described the resort.

Another advantage of visiting this place is accessibility. Tauhai Garden beach resort is located right along (but not too close to) the national highway of Pinamungajan Town in Toledo City, Cebu.

The resort is so ‘tauhai’ especially when you look out from the window or veranda of your hotel, you’ll witness the great sunset across the neighboring province’s popular volcano (Kanlaon in Negros Occidental).

fun & exciting activities

If you want a quiet and peaceful time, it’s your choice. However, if you want to a little bit of active and fun time you may check out some of the resort’s available offers…

  • Swimming/snorkeling
  • Beach/sunbathing
  • Breezy Cabanas
  • Playing billiards
  • Resort’s Tropical Garden
  • Tours in the surrounding area (e.g. Bojo River, organic farm)

You may ask them or find out more possible interesting events you can do if you decide to visit the place.


Tauhai Garden Resort & spa offers fantastic surroundings and environment not only for holiday makers but also for those seeking a romantic place for a wedding, a memorable venue for parties, anniversaries, barkada outings, and even business meetings.

Just to mention again, here are some facilities and environment you can enjoy with…

  • Beach Garden environment
  • Breezy seaside hotel
  • Swimming Pool
  • Sea and beach
  • Spa service
tauhai-garden-beach-resortSwimming pool at Tauhai Garden Resort

And, if you want an event and plans to invite some friends and guests, Tauhai Garden management is willing to offer their catering service. You may check out some of its details as follows…

Catering Service
Packages: from Php195-220 per guest
Menu: fish/seafood, vegetalables, noodles, chicken, pork, beef, salad
Inclusions: waiters, tables/chairs, buffet tables

Other charges: sound system, lights, videoke, drinks, venue, rooms, other resort facilities

In addition to the facilities and services for the activities inside the facility, the resort also offers some interesting guided tours in the area and neighboring places. Here are some of them…

Tours Offers:

Try one of them, it would be interesting if you want to see and know the area a little bit more.

campalabo-isletCampalabo Islet by Deskgram


Tauhai Resort has the following rooms available for you to choose from:
Family Suites
Family Rooms
Barkada Rooms

contact details

You may use the following contact information should you need further details about the resort...

  • Telephone: +63 32 468 8040
  • E-mail: tauhai.cebu@gmail.com
  • Address: Bulubugan, Tajao, Pinamungajan, Island of Cebu, Philippines
  • Website: www.wix.com/jncavada/tauhaigardenbeachresort

Please, kindly update us if there are changes in the above information. Would be very grateful for your generousity.

getting to tauhai garden beach resort

From Mactan-Cebu International Airport (Terminal 1 - Domestic, Terminal 2 - International) it takes around 2 hours via concrete road (South Reclamation Project).

You will be passing through Naga City and then Toledo City where Tauhai Beach Resort is situated.

more resorts in pinamungajan

In this area, you can easily discover resorts and recreation facilities and properties that can fit to your needs. Some of them are the following...

  • Park Place Beach Resort
  • Hidden Valley Mountain Resort
  • Tajao Seaside Haven Beach Resort
  • Louie Beach Resort
  • Tauhai Garden Beach Resort & Spa
  • The Ranch Resort

Thanks a lot for reading through this page. Hope this helps you find your destination.

Please, visit again or more often to check out more of Cebu's travel destinations and vacation places.

Enjoy and have an amazing beach or resort experience!

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