Riverstone Castle Resort

the riverstone castle resort

argao-attractionsGarden View (photo: Riverstone Castle)

riverstone castle resort

Riverstone Castle Resort is a popular fairytale attraction site located in Argao Municipality, Cebu Province. This place gives you a glimpse of how it looks like in the past history in Europe, such as in England, Scotland, Denmark and other nations ruled by royals in the medieval period.

It is a resort that has captured the interest of numerous guests to this southern Cebu town. While a large portion of these guests goes to Argao to look at the legacy destinations and neighborhood rarities of the town, the Riverstone Castle never misses catching their attention and curiosity.

Riverstone Castle Resort is established in a vital area far from the busy street and lofty zones of Argao to guarantee any visitor a great sense of oneness with nature. The resort was initiated in April year 2002 by the Galegos Brothers, Edgar, and Edsel in memory of Jesus Galegos, one of the famous craftsmen in town.

The Castle was first created as a family children's playground, however, the family consented to have it turned into an ecotourism industry. At present, it is now considered as Argao’s luxurious tropical castle-like resort.

The Riverstone Castle is a tropical resort designed by Raphael Lemmens, a Belgian national. It is not the usual standard resort because you will find that on the outside it has a drawbridge, escarpments, towers, and a little canal. You may even discover a crocodile or two in the channel.

cebu-resortsSwimming pool at Riverstone (photo: Riverstone Castle Facebook)

what you can find

The Riverstone Castle Resort includes a smaller than expected zoo and swimming pool where you can take a plunge to rest your fatigued muscles after your tedious roaming around the town. What's more, you can likewise investigate the smaller than usual parks of the palace or test how great your skill is at their shooting range.

The place additionally has a function room that resembles the main lobby of a genuine palace. Of course, it has facilities and services for overnight requests.

Riverstone Castle is a place for diversion. Inside you can do touring of the inside of the palace and watch distinctive creatures like monkeys, crocodiles, rabbits, and an assortment of winged creatures. They likewise have a pool for those who love to swim yet it isn't so much that enormous.

You can also stay overnight if you want to explore and need time to enjoy and look around the place. More, there are spaces for gatherings to accommodate any sort of event you plan to hold in this palace.

argao-resortsA facade of Riverstone Palace (photo: Riverstone facebook)

more details

The following details of the resort is a quotation from its Facebook account:
A castle built at great expense—Riverstone Castle Resort is a man-made castle built entirely of rocks from Argao River and wood (Tugas & Balayong).” nestled at a secluded place of Brgy. Jomgao, 3kms from Poblacion, Argao.

Offers a place where you can stay overnight either for leisure or family outings or just drop by and highlight your visit on a pictorial with their medieval — inspired place with a number of caged animals, a playground, restaurant, swimming pool, a videoke machine to entertain you and other facilities that a castle has.

Other features at Riverstone are Swimming pool, Underground Aquarium, Wall Walks, Castle antique bakery, Restaurant, Castle Zoo, Castle Cottage, Royal Hall, Castle Shooting Range, Monkey Forest, Smokery, Zipline, Philippine wild bird and animal collection, Rabbit playground.

Room rates are as follows:
Double (2 pax) : P1,200
Family (4 pax) : P2,000
Royal (8-10 pax) : P3,500

getting to riverstone castle resort

Assuming that you visit Riverstone from Cebu City (or nearby) as your point of departure, you can head to Cebu South Bus Terminal. Take the bus with a signage “Bato Oslob” direction. This bus will bring you right to Argao Municipality, but you need to tell the ‘conductor’ or driver to drop you off at the Poblacion or town proper.

From the town, take a tricycle and tell the operator to bring you to Riverstone Castle Resort which is not far – around 10 to 15 minutes or so.

Certainly, a private vehicle is more comfortable, and the road is good enough for your travel

From Mactan-Cebu International Airport or Lapu Lapu City
If you are visiting Riverstone from Mactan Island (where Lapu Lapu City is), you might need to take a taxi cab to Cebu South Bus Terminal. That is because it would be time-consuming to take a jeepney and make some transfer.

Alternately, you can hire a motorbike (habal-habal) for the terminal. Then, take the bus with the “Bato-Oslob” signage. At Argao Town, get off in Dr. TS Kintanar Street, and then look for a tricycle that will bring you to the resort.

Contact Details:
For more details, reservations or additional information regarding the facilities, please use the following contact information:
Phone: 09326139033 or 367-7641; +63 32 273 1570
Email: Riverstone.castle@yahoo.com

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Thanks for dropping by. Enjoy your day!

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