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Argao is a first class municipality in the province of Cebu, Philippines. According to the 2010 census, it has a population of 69,503 residents.

Argao is located in the southeastern part of this provincial island and is approximately 68 kilometers (or 42 miles) from Cebu City, the capital city.

The town is situated in between Cebu City and Santander Municipality in the southern tip of the island.

Argao is bounded in the west by Badian, Alcantara, Ronda, and Dumanjug; in the north by Sibonga, in the east by Bohol Strait, and by Dalaguete Municipality in the South.

Useful Descriptions

Argao is being subdivided into forty-five barangays…

Alambijud, Anajao, Apo, Bala-as, Balisong, Binlod, Bogo, Butong, Bug-ot, Bulasa, Calagasan, Canbantug, Canbanua, Cansuje, Capio-an, Casay, Catang, Colawin, Conalum, Guiwanon, Gutlang, Jampang, Jomgao, Lamacan, Langtad, Langub, Lapay, Lengigon, Linut-od, Mabasa, Mandilikit, Mompeller, Panadtaran, Poblacion, Sua, Sumaguan, Tabayag, Talaga, Talaytay, Talo-ot, Tiguib, Tulang, Tulic, Ubaub, Usmad

Annual Income: 13,583,336.34 (based on the 1993 report)
Total Land Area: 21,044.72 hectares

The land resource of Argao is being classified into the following areas based on the classification of 1994 report.

   Arable Area: 5,776.25 hectares
   Residential: 2,245.00 hectares
   Commercial: 134.00 hectares
   Industrial: 35.00 hectares
   Certified Alienable /Disposable Land: 15,403.00 hectares
   Classified Forest/Reservation/Timberland: 5,350.00 hectares
   National Parks/Playgrounds: 12.50 hectares

Argao’s Topography

The municipality is generally a huge flatland and plains, especially those located along the main roads and urban areas. However, some parts of the central area are mountainous and rugged while some areas have steep and rough features.


Local and foreign visitor flock to Argao to have adventures in its mountains, caves, rivers and other challenging terrains for active travelers and explorers.

However, the most and widely popular part of Argao Municipality is its nice beaches and the resorts established along the coastal areas.

The beach resorts usually promote the area as leisure destinations and provide various vacation and relaxation services to various sorts of guests both local and international.

Argao resorts offer accommodations with various price ranges, beach facilities (such as cottages and games facilities, etc.), swimming pools; social events and corporate or business activities.

Among the water activities being offered by the resorts include: scuba diving, snorkeling, island hopping, island tours, and tours by boats to the neighboring provinces (such as Bohol, Negro, Dumaguete, etc.).
Source: Wikipedia

resorts in argao municipality

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