Sibonga Municipality

Sibonga Municipality

simala-shrine-churchSimala Church, Sibonga

Sibonga Municipality

Sibonga Municipality is located just over 50 kilometers south of Cebu City, the provincial capital, the Philippines.

On the north, Sibonga is bounded by Carcar Municipality; by Argao Municipality on the south; by Dumanjug and Ronda Municipalities on the West, and by Bohol Strait on the East.

Sibonga Municipality has almost 50 thousand residents based on the 2015 census result. Also, the 2016 electoral roll had over 27 thousand qualified voters, which is over half of the total population.

topographical features

Sibonga has a colorful and mixed topographical feature. You will find on the eastern side the flatlands and plains where the urban settlement is located. On the southern side, you will find the mountainous parts, while the northern and central areas are quite thick and steep.

These mix features offer great possibilities and attractive opportunities for various kinds of travelers willing to explore and enjoy nature’s offers.

So, you will have ample space to explore the total land area of over 11 thousand hectares land size of Sibonga.

The climate is said to fall under the third type of climatic condition, which is characterized to be having no pronounced dry and rainy seasons. Aside, from that feature, you do not need to worry about experiencing tropical storms or cyclone in the area. Ergo, explore the place anytime of the year with your backpack!

the barangays of sibonga

The municipality has 25 barangays under its jurisdiction.

Abugon, Bae, Bagacay, Bahay, Banlot, Basak, Bato, Cagay, Can-aga, Candaguit, Cantolaroy, Dugoan, Guimbangco-an, Lamacan, Libo, Lindogon, Magcagong, Manatad, Mangyan, Papan, Poblacion, Sabang, Sayao, Simala, Tubod

You might have already heard some of these names which are famous for outdoor activities including resorts, mountain hiking, trekking, and other relaxing and exciting activities.

Sibonga has started developing the town to become more industrial while preserving its natural bounty. Sibonga is abundant in root crops, rice, corn, coconuts amongst others. The general public market is held each Saturday in the Poblacion. Of course, you can always find stores that sell miscellaneous products that you can use for your travel support.

Currently, Sibonga has Sibonga Community College that provides 4-year classes to its own inhabitants.

The city fiesta is being held on 10 August. Sibonga has two patron saints: Saint Philomena and Our Lady of the Pillar.

famous pastores de sibonga

Pastores de Sibonga is a brief Christmas drama which narrates the birth of the baby Jesus. It is only played in Barangay Magcagong. The show depicts the shepherds' adoration of the child Jesus. The play is being performed by locals dating back to the 1920s.

The stage play is done by at least four dancers. The man dancer wears a red shirt paired with black trousers. Accessories include a round hat decorated with cut-outs of the sun, moon and stars in yellow, crimson, green, and other brightly colored papers together with a yellow sash placed across the body. It is performed using red fans and white handkerchiefs. An oval-shaped native fan is held and utilized by the ideal hand throughout the play. The white square handkerchief is held with the left hand tucked into a triangular form.

On the other hand, the female dancer also wears a red blouse or shirt and paired with long white skirt.

For this special event, the is an accompaniment music – an ensemble (basically composed with guitar, bandurria, and banjo) is played. The lyrics of the play narrates the story of the whole nativity event. Fundamentally, the lyrics express joy, worship, and praises offered to the baby Jesus, Mother Mary, and Joseph.

Sources of Livelihood, Trade, and Industry

Being a developing town, Sibonga produces various sorts of products being sold to local markets and even to the neighboring cities including Cebu City.

Some of these products include corn, fruit trees, phosphates, papan stone, coconut, rice, coal, bamboos, vegetables, clay, limestone, among many others.

Aside from professional skills and human resource capacities, Sibonga people do masonry, carrageenan processing, pottery, carpentry, and more.

popular travel destinations

Sibonga Municipality, aside from its farm and other natural resources and products, it is also famous for its travel destinations for both vacations or active outdoor activities.

Some of these sites and places are the following.

Certainly, the above are not the only ones interesting and exciting for your visit or travels. Just ask around or explore deeper and you will discover fantastic sites and activities you want to engage in.

getting to sibonga

You can easily reach Sibonga Municipality through various public vehicles.

Given that you are in Cebu City, just head to South Bus Terminal and take any bus (or Ceres Bus) that goes to Sibonga. It takes around 2 hours and a half to get to the town. Moreover, when you are planning to visit the Simala Church, you will hear the driver or ‘konduktor’ informing that you are coming closer or already in the spot.

So, now pack and go and explore the fascinating Sibonga Municipality.
Thanks for reading.

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