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argao-skimboardingLawis, Argao Skimboarding (photo: argao skimboarding association)

skimboarding in argao

Skimboarding is a particular favorite water sport in many parts of Cebu province. One of the best places to slide through waves is in Argao. Moreover, the wind blows pushing you to your limit.

Argao Municipality is an old town in the southern part of Cebu. It is about 68 kilometers from Cebu City, the province’s capital city and center of culture, education, and entertainment.

Particularly, Lawis is the best place to ride your board over the waves. The beach has an extended stretch beach area extending towards the far end of Argao itself. It is famous not only for this specific sport but also for any beach activities, including beach volleyball, sunbathing, picnicking, among others. In Lawis, you will get good waves either from the North or South.

argao-beachPhoto: Aerial view of Mahayahal Beach in Argao by Argao Skimboarding Association

what's skimboarding?

Skimboarding is one of the adrenaline-pumping and most exhilarating water sports. It is almost similar to surfing but only using a smaller board and without fins. The board is used to glide across the surface of the water to meet the incoming waves and ride back to shore.

Skimming (Wikipedia), as it is also called, the wave-riding skimboarders show skills on the water surface and air maneuvers. For example, they do the “wraps,” big spins,” “360 shove-its,” and “180s.”. I believe they can also somersault if they want to!

Skimboarders starts on the beach by dropping their boards and jump onto them. They usually use their balance to skim out the breaking waves which are also similar to surfing. It is because the skimboard has no skeg – fins used for controlling its direction – you can do much acrobatics that you cannot do on a surfboard.

If you want to learn skimboarding, which is a bit easier than surfing, we will provide you bits of instructions below.

argao-skimboarding-associationPhoto by Argao Skimboarding Association
skimboardingSkimboarder in action by Argao Skimboarding Association

How to skimboard – Skimming 101

If you really want to learn the basic, you may try the following instructions. However, please, ask the expert skimboarders aside from and in addition to theories...

First, you need to observe and pick the right wave for you. Go to a flat part of the beach, just like in Lawis area. Start running for your wave right after the wave breaks. You do that by running with your board on hand and then throw it down once you reach the water of the wet part of sand and then jump into it.

Remember, you need patience and persistence to learn it as a starter.

Second, once you are on the board, you need to balance carefully so that you will not fall off! Learn to keep your weight at the center of the board. Probably, you need to practice this while on dry land and imagine when on the water. Since the water is very ‘liquid,’ it is natural that you will lose control easily.

Therefore you must not run too fast when starting.  The skimmer should put his weight on the back foot to keep the nose of the board above the water and keep gliding over the wave.

Third, if you have already ‘mastered’ the basics above, you will now be able to ride a wave. Depending now on your skill in riding the wave, you can do various maneuvers or acrobatic moves while on your wave back to the shore. As a skimboard is very mobile, you can do multiple spins and other possibilities you can do.

Now that you have some basic 101 instructions, you can start practicing it with great patience and persistence. You better stop reading now and start planning to get to Argao.

cebu-surfing-sportsSome people come to Lawis, Argao to surf aside from skimming (photo: Argao Skimboarding Association)

Getting to Argao Municipality

Depending on your point of departure, you can get to Argao quite easily by taking public transports of your choice.

Assuming that you will be coming from Cebu City, you can head to Cebu South Bus Terminal and take the one that goes toward that direction – check out that link. Take a bus or a Van from there.

Of course, you can take a taxi, which can be faster, no hassle and more comfortable. Alternatively, bring your private vehicle and do as you please.

Ideas for expenses:
South Bus Terminal Fare – 60-80 pesos (2-hour ride)
Stop at Argao and ride a trike going to Mahayahay – P6-10 per person
Skimboard Rent – 100 per day (or more over time)
Cottage Rent – P200 (standard fee)

Hope you enjoyed and found this article helpful in your search for skimboarding in Argao. Have safe travels!

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