Tubod Flowing Water Resort

Tubod Flowing Water Resort

Written by: Air Borne 9/21/2016

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When I used to live in Cebu City sometime in year 2000, one of the resorts that I first heard that is situated in the southern part of Cebu province is the Tubod Flowing Water Resort in Minglanilla.  The name itself gave an excitement for a “pleisure” trip (a word combination for pleasure and leisure) especially to workers who are working on a shifting scheme. It is a resort not too far from the City because it is only a 15-km distance away.

How to get to Tubod Flowing Water Resort

Taking a break from work and the frenzies of the city life, a friend and I took a ride on a public utility vehicle bound for Minglanilla and got off at Upper Pakigne when we saw a sign board “Tubod Flowing Water Resort 1.5km this way.”  From the main road, drivers of single motors or locally known as “habal-habal” queue in line to wait for passengers to take them to the interiors of Tubod.  

As soon as we alighted from the jeepney, drivers would ask if we were going to the resort so that there was no room for fear of getting lost our way because there were habal-habal drivers who are most willing and hospitable to take us to the resort for a fee of P10 per person only.  The willingness and hospitality are not for anything else but a compelling motivation to earn for their survival. That is one option to get there. Another is via a tricycle which can accommodate six persons for a fee of P10 each. But, I suggest that you take the habal-habal to get you there, faaast.

“Tubod” is a Cebuano term which means flowing.  Story has it that the waters in their pools come from the flowing spring waters of the mountains that even during the El Nino phenomenon that struck the province, the waters never run dry. 

tubod-flowing-water-resort-poolSwimming pool facility at Tubod Flowing Water Resort

Amazing & Fun Facilities

It was a “wow” when I first entered the vicinity. Cleanliness is next to Godliness. That is my impression on the place.  It’s a clean place and has well-maintained facilities. Just gives you the feeling of relaxation in the coolness of the pool, sense of quietness from the noise of horns and freshness of airbreeze owing to the seclusion of the place in the mountainous area of Tubod.  For an entrance fee of P160/adult and P80/kid, you can get to enjoy the use of its amenities and the like.

Cool Swimming Pools   

We enjoyed seeing the 4 large pools for adults and children. Two are located at the front of the resort while the other two are kids’ pool, located at the back of it. The resort made it a point that a lifeguard is stationed in every pool to avoid any untoward incident that may happen to their guests.

Cottages, karaoke, etc.

The resort is also suitable for holding Christmas party or any office bonding activities which may require a conference hall to accommodate 300 persons and also cottages to hold the event.  There are other amenities found in this resort like a karaoke booth for music lovers for a fee of P5.00 per song; a basketball court for sport enthusiasts; outdoor billiards; cave with flowing spring; butterfly sanctuary, grilling area and laundry area.


For overnight stays, they have airconditioned rooms in various sizes.  A standard single room, good for two is priced at P1,400, while a standard family room, good for four, is P2,000. A deluxe single room with refrigerator and is good for two is P1,900 while a good for 3 is P2,100. A deluxe family room for 4 is P2,600, for 6 is P3,500 and for 8 is P4,000. The fee for an excess person in a room is P350. An air-conditioned dormitory type room which is good for 10 is priced at P3,500 while a non-air-conditioned is P2,500. The Tulip Function Room which can accommodate up to 300 persons is P4,000 while the Aster Function Room with a maximum capacity of 150 is at P2,500.

If, indeed, you plan to stay overnight, I suggest that you bring your own provisions because, as you know, prices are doubled in resorts.  Anyway, there are supermarkets available nearby like the La Nueva Supermarket, Prince Warehouse Club and Gaisano Grand Mall. Before going to the resort, you may drop by the supermarkets and buy your food stuffs.  

Hot Service

If you prefer to eat a newly cooked meal, say a breakfast in bed and want the meal serve hot to you, you may ask the kitchen in-charge to cook the food for you but, of course, for a fee of P150 depending on the quantity of the food you want cooked. Nothing is free in this world anymore, anyway. 

But, if you prefer to just relax and willing to pay for the price of relaxation, that is, doing away with the hassle of buying your own provisions and carrying them, a menu of meals is also available at your service in the resort for a price between P150-200. 

Tubod Flowing Water Resort is one good place to bring a friend or friends for fun, your family especially the kids for bonding moments and office outing for camaraderie building.  If you want to experience the coolness of spring water as you plunge, try this resort.  I am positive you get the “pleisure” you need at the moment.

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