Minglanilla Municipality

Minglanilla Municipality

Writer: Air Borne
Published: 9/20/2016

minglanilla-church-cebuImmaculate Heart of Mary Church (photo: lifeofindai.blogspot.com)

Minglanilla Municipality

Akin to the enlightened words spoken by ancient philosophers that there is no greater knowledge than the knowledge of one’s self is like saying know the place where you live. As I endeavor to gain knowledge of my new residence, I find it interesting to discover what this place has to offer me.  Little did I know that it is like finding a treasure in a 65.6 sq. Km or 6,596.69-hectare area of land.

Much has been published and featured about the famous resorts in the Queen City of the South, Cebu, like that of the Shangrila Mactan Resort, the Imperial Palace Cebu or the Crimson Resort and Spa Cebu which are all located in Lapu-Lapu City, but nothing has been written about what the southern part of Cebu can showcase to the foreign and local tourist aside from the well-renowned Whale Shark Watching in Oslob, Cebu and Osmena Peak in Mantalungon, Dalaguete.

Opting to explore southbound for adventure and chilling moments with your family in the Province of Cebu, particularly, in a laidback municipality, Minglanilla is a recommendable place to spend time with. Situated in the southeastern coast of Cebu lies the municipality of Minglanilla.  The municipality is bounded on the north by the municipality of Naga, on the west by the city of Toledo, on the south by the city of Talisay and on the east by Cebu Strait. For a clearer view of the place, you may click this website for your reference www.maps-streetview.com/Philippines/Minglanilla/.

Brief Background

The town was founded in 1858 by Fr. Fernando Sanchez, the first priest assigned in the place. The town was used to be called the Buat/Buad which refers to a place where early settlers dried their sea catches. 

“Buwad” is a Cebuano term which means to dry and is commonly associated with fish being laid on a plain land to get dry and so we get the dried fish as the product.  Formerly known as "Buat", Fr. Sanchez later changed the name to Minglanilla taken from his obscure place in Spain.

Minglanilla consists of 19 barangays: Cadulawan, Calajo-an, Camp 7, Camp 8, Cuanos, Guindaruhan, Linao-Lipata, Manduang, Pakigne, Poblacion Ward I, Poblacion Ward II, Poblacion Ward III, Poblacion Ward IV, Tubod, Tulay, Tunghaan, Tungkil, Tungkop, Vito.  The 2015 census revealed that the population has grown to 132,135(Wikipedia citing PSA; Census of Population (2015), "Region VII (CENTRAL VISAYAS)", Total Population by). 

Over the years, Minglanilla has grown from a laidback town to a promising and progressing municipality with the emergence of various real estate developers like Deca Homes, Villa Celina, Dona Feliza, Solana among others and the rising of commercial establishments like Gaisano Grand Mall, La Nueva Supermarket, Prince Warehouse Club and the newly opened convenience store, Seven Eleven (7/11).

Events & Attractions

Minglanilla is known for its religious festival called “Sugat Capital” of the South, a title which is defined in the celebration of the Sugat-Kabanhawan Festival.   It is a devotion to the celebration of Christ’s Resurrection held annually every Easter Sunday.  This occasion primarily focuses on “Sugat sa Minglanilla” – the reenactment of the meeting of the Risen Christ and the Sorrowful Mother – which is followed by a string of activities and events scheduled to take place throughout the day.

Culled from the website, the Sugat-Kabanhawan Festival takes a direct translation in celebrating Christ’s Resurrection, with street dancing, a wide assortment of day games, and entertainment features primed as an expression of true joy and happiness.

Cultural shows and fireworks displays have also been featured in previously held Sugat-Kabanhawan Festivals, truly immersing its visitors and guests in its festive and vibrant spirit.

There are places in Minglanilla which I did not know that existed until I started doing my research about this town. I am surprised to have learned that this once laidback town also has interesting spots to be explored like Camp 7 Reforestation, Gullas Peak, Ruvi Cave Resort, Tubod Flowing Water Resort, and White Caves among others.

Not only is Minglanilla famous for its religious festivity but its resorts designed for family and group bonding magnetize people to come and enjoy the cool waters  of the town especially during summertime.  One situated at Upper Pakigne, Tubod, Minglanilla is Tubod Flowing Water Resort, a secluded place in a mountainous area of Tubod.  Accessible via a private car or a single motor [habal-habal in dialect] from the main road or National highway, one can reach the friendly and child-like interior design of the Resort. Just gives the visitor the feeling of awe and wonder of a child, agog in plunging into the cool waters of the pool.

In your rounds in the area, you can find its unique attraction such as the Bird Sanctuary which is located right inside the resort compound. You may also enjoy the use of other facilities like the billiard hall, basketball court, laundry area and grilling area.  For reservation and booking services, you may call (032) 2728717.
Tubod Flowing Water Resort is a few meters before reaching the municipal proper of Minglanilla. 

You will certainly enjoy your travel to Minglanilla Municipality when you decide to do so. Try the attractions aforementioned or discover more everything that the Minglanilla has to offer to you.

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