West35 Eco Resort Update

West35 Eco Resort Update

Writer: Air Bourne
28 November 2016


West35 Eco Resort Update

Thirty five kilometres west from the City of Cebu, on top of a hill in Gaas, Balamban, stands a heavenly get-away, an eco-mountain resort, the WEST35.
This is a good location to unwind your mind, relax your body and slow down your spirit from the demands of doing official duties and responsibilities at work.

According to my friend, she enjoys more the scenery of this eco-mountain resort than the beach she and her husband went prior to this escapade. For her, being there was a genuine moment to commune with nature as if she was undergoing a sort of retreat. Well, that also depends on the present need of the individual’s wellness. Some find relaxation in the beach while some find it in the stillness of the woods and the trees.


After seeing the photos taken by a good friend, without a doubt, I have craved to go and visit the cool, energizing resort of the West35.  The photos and the experience of my friend made me fall in love with the view.  I got to see this place soon!

Updated Accommodation Rates

There you go...

  • Group Package of 6 persons : P4,500.00
  • Deluxe Room for 2              : P4,500.00
  • Suite Room for 2                 : P6,000.00

For extra person, P500 per head.

Come to think of it, when you come in a group, the price becomes cheaper because you only have to pay for only P750.00 per person.

Deluxe Room Amenities
For a reasonable price of a room good for two, lovers, couples or bestfriends will surely have a good night sleep because of its soft linens, huggable pillows and comfortable blankets to warm the bodies.  Above them all, the mountaintop view will make the couples feel closer to heaven because of the so-near-yet-so-far clouds at the balcony of the room.


Comfort[able] Room
What an awesome view! Let’s just hope no one has binoculars from across the other side of the mountain. Or else, he will have more enjoyable view to watch. LOL!

For your bathing needs, it gives you the comfort that you need while in that room. Imagine, while you are responding to the call of nature, you get to see the Mother Nature as well.

This resort obviously offers each guest the most natural way of things.  Seemingly, it teaches us how to take pleasure from Mother Nature.


Best Choices of Delicious Foods
To complete your stay at West35 Eco Resort from a restful night to a morning’s delight of good foods, here is a list of its food choices available at its Haven Cafe:


A Glass of Drinks


A Bar of Wine


Adrenaline Amenities
For an entrance fee of P50.00 per person, you can feel the excitement of the rounds of its Trekking, the ropes and heights of its Zipline and the grounds for play by kids. This resort just offers the best amusement activities in the locality. 

Updated West35 Eco Resort Price List (as of November 27, 2016)
According to the text update from the resort’s staff, the entrance fee of P50 is consumable at the restaurant during Monday to Thursday. On weekends and holidays, it’s non-consumable.

Folks, here is a list of prices for the use of its amenities.

  • TREKKING (for 5 persons) in a duration between 45 minutes to 1 hour, prior reservation is needed (5 days before the scheduled trekking) – P750.00
  • ZIPLINE (for one person) for a distance of 570 meters back and forth – P150.00

Function Rooms

Here are the updates for the rates of function rooms...

  • Non-aircon Room - suitable for school, private and corporate conferences and can accommodate as many as 30 persons:  P1,500 for 5 hours
  • Air-conditioned Room - same capacity as the first: P3,000 for 5 hours

Some reminders:

  • No bringing of foods and beverages
  • Prices are subject to change without prior notice

How to get there!

Sources say that the way to the place is a long and winding road and may be prone to accident. Better yet to visit the site on summer time.  Here are options on how to get there:

  1. Take a V-hire bound for Balamban in any of these places which accommodate the V-HIRE operators to use its terminals—the Cebu South Bus Terminal, Ayala Mall, or SM City.  Tell the driver to drop you off at West 35, for a fee of P130-P150
  2. Take a Bus (for a fare of P100) and get down at Balamban proper, hire a habal-habal for a fee of P60-100
  3. Hire a Taxi on a “pakyaw” scheme (pay the back-and-forth fare)
  4. Hire a Car for Rent
  5. Use your own Car

FOR IMMEDIATE REPLY TO YOUR QUERIES, just as I did experience, TEXT this no. 09231590721. For your bookings, call these numbers 5202633 and 5143262.

Once in a while, our physical body needs to re-energize, relax and just let things go and let it be.  Try to experience the calmness of this eco-adventure resort in the wonderful and amazing place of the WEST35 Eco Resort and notice the renewed energy radiating from within in the way you feel, think and do the ordinary ways.

Still searching for more eco resorts, you may find them here...and have fun!

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