Andis Talisay Bar & Coffee Shop

andi-talisay-bar-coffee-shopAndis Talisay Bar

Andis Talisay Bar & Coffee Shop

Andis Talisay Bar and Coffee Shop

Andis Talisay Bar and Coffee Shop is a great and cozy place that nestles along Panagsama Beach in Moalboal Town, Cebu.

It is a bar that serves drinks by the beach while you enjoy telling stories sitting on bean bags under the shades of native-style-grass-roofed parasols.

Yes, the sunset is amazingly beautiful in this area, which is a common knowledge for those who are familiar about Moalboal.

Andi’s also serves food and other side dishes that perfectly go with your favorite and chosen drinks.

And while you are enjoying every sip of your drink, coffee, tea… you can also enjoy the music – live performance. In fact, Andi’s offers chances to guests to perform using some available musical instruments in the bar – guitar, ukulele, etc.

Andis Talisay Bar in Panagsama (or Basdiot) Resort in Moalboal, Cebu, PhilippinesGuests enjoying the sun & sand

Facilities & Services

Andi’s Bar is not an ordinary bar. It is not like the ones you know that are crowded, noisy, suffocating and have dizzying atmosphere.

This one is located on a beach with fresh breeze and great views of the blue sea of Moalboal.
It offers simple tropical chairs and tables. In addition, this bar offers comfy and relaxing bean bags where you can lie on under the circular shades during day time.

Okay, without further chatters, let’s check out deeper Andi’s available offers in this part of the resort…

Drinks For All
This bar and coffee shop offers various drinks – from soft to hard drinks. Such drinks can be local, popular ones, international and world-famous drinks.

The drinks include all sorts of alcohols, popular coffee and espresso types, soft drinks, hot chocolates, teas and more.

Food and Side dishes
Andi’s serves local as well as international food and side dishes that would fit for your drinks and craving desire to quench your thirst and satisfy your hunger.

The bar can serve homemade burger, paella, sea foods, potato fries, sizzling crocodile sisig, cheesecakes, and more. I’m sure you can order any dish you want as long as the ingredients are available on site.

Don’t miss the sea food because you will certainly get the fresh ones in this area since you are where you can have the freshest catch from local fisher folks.

Moalboal Sunset View. At Andis Talisay Bar in Panagsama Beach, Moalboal, Cebu

Hookah / Shisha
This is a new arrival and service at Andi’s. For those who do not know what a hookah is, here is a short description. A hookah is a single or multiple- stemmed instrument that produces vapor and smoke using flavored tobacco called ‘shisha’. The vapor and smoke passes through a glass-based water container (or basin) before inhaling the vapor.

Yes, I hope that’s understandable enough, but you would surely know when you see one. This smoking instrument has just arrive and is now available – for adults only use!

Guitars & Stage
Anybody can share or show off his/her singing talent or ability to play guitar and other musical instruments.

The guitar, ukulele and other musical instruments are available for those who are willing to perform and entertain other guests.

The bar has a complete sound system, microphones and other paraphernalia you might need to perform. And there is a small stage or space, if you prefer where you can perform your piece. Go, go, go!

Free diving sessions
Since Andi’s Bar and Coffee Shop is on the beach, the management offers some tips and special sessions on how to enjoy the beach and sea.

In fact, they offer freediving sessions on a regular basis. Everyone is invited to join!

andis-talisay-bar-coffee-shopComfortable bean bags & gorgeous sunset at Andi's Talisay Bar

WiFi Accesibility
Yes, if you want to work while enjoying the beach and bar, you can access online to check emails or other business activity you might do. This is also a newly set up service to help guests enjoy and have fruitful time in this place.

Andi’s Bar offers various sorts of drinks – including coffees, hard drinks, teas, chocolates, and some combinations of this and that ingredients. Here they are…

  • Coffees: espressos, cappuccino, hot or iced coffee, etc.
  • Frappuccinos: Andi’s White Sant, Mocha, banana split frappe, mint frappe, etc.
  • Chocolate Drinks
  • Hot & Iced Teas: lemon, green, brisk, etc.
  • Alcohol Coffees: White Russian, Black Russian, etc.
  • Absinthe Shots
  • Soy Milk, etc.

Just name your drink and let the barista do his/her work and show off her/his skills.

More Resources in Moalboal

This section lets you learn more a little about Moalboal’s resources as a travel and vacation destination.

In Moalboal, you can find various sorts of facilities and establishments related to any water and beach activities. Moalboal is one of the most popular places for water activities including: scuba diving, island hopping, swimming, snorkeling, and other activities and adventures.

Second, you can get various accommodation and hotel rooms with various rates and facilities. You can have a budget room especially when you plan on staying for a longer period. And you can also get upscale accommodation which are either within the busy town or close to a beach.

Some resorts only offer rooms and other facilities and services. While other establishments offer diving lessons (e.g. PADI), diving trips, island hopping activity, and other interesting and fun activities.

You can ask Andi’s advice for anything you want to indulge with during your stay in this amazing portion of Cebu Province.

Finding Andis Talisay Bar and Coffee Shop

If you find this bar and coffee shop interesting and worth spending your time with, please use the following contact details for your inquiry or anything.

Location:    Pacita’s Beach Resort, Basdiot, Moalboal, Cebu, Philippines
Phone:       +63 32 474 3017
Facebook: ANDIs-Talisay

In case, you need some guidance to find Moalboal Town, you may use our page that offers you a guide map.

Click Getting to Moalboal to open another page with descriptions of transports, schedules and other tips on the hows to arrive at Moalboal Town.

Booking A Room Online
You can easily book an accommodation or resort room in Moalboal or other places in Cebu through our partner company.

Agoda Smarter Booking Service offers you quick and easy booking for your room. Agoda Company is a world popular online hotel booking service provider that offers easy, fast and safe transaction. Of course, you can use your favorite provider if you prefer.

Thanks for reading to the end this page. Hopefully, you will visit Andis Talisay Bar or any place you want to explore on the island.

Please, have a safe and enjoyable travels.

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