The Baluarte Sa Fuente

ancient baluarte sa fuente

baluarte-in-cebuBaluarte Sa Fuente (photo: modest viajero)

Baluarte sa Fuente

Baluarte Sa Fuente is a two-storey coral stone watchtower built in Boljoon Municipality, South Cebu. This baluarte is once part of the defense system built to protect locals from the invading pirates. Baluartes were built mostly in the Southern part and coastal areas and there were over seventy of them, but only a few remain, including Baluarte Sa Fuente.

The famous monk-priest, Father Julian Bermejo, was the mastermind of this truly effective and useful defense system during his time. Most probably, he built this baluarte when he was the parish priest at Boljoon Church or Patrocinio de Maria Church in Boljoon Town.

You should also know that Boljoon Church has its own baluartes located at the strategic corners of its rectangular walls. One of the church’s baluartes, situated at its complex area, is the ‘El Gran Baluarte’ - the biggest among all baluartes built in Cebu Province.

el-gran-baluarteEl Gran Baluarte (watchtower)

To continue, Baluarte Sa Fuente is also thought to be set up by Bermejo in the 1880s, during the height of pirates invasions, looting and kidnapping of local Cebuanos to be solved as slaves.

Fuente is just located close to Boljoon Church itself. Yes, it is also built near the coastal area, by the riverside that used to flow to the sea of South Cebu.

Baluarte Sa Fuente is part of the defense system in the South which extended from Tanong (known today as Santander Municipality) up to Sibonga and Carcar City areas.

Another watchtower in Boljoon is located on top of Ili Rock, the highest point close to the sea in Boljoon. Recently, the mountain where Ili Rock is sitting on is under development process probably to make it more accessible to visitors. The baluarte at Ili is also octagonal in shape.

Although I have not been to the fourth baluarte, it is said that there is one at Kayaongon Point.

boljoon-church-cebuBoljoon Church (Patrocinio de Maria Church)

when traveling boljoon

Do not waste time when you are in Boljoon area. Make sure that you visit first the Boljoon Church (Patrocinio de Maria Church) and explore everything inside its complex area. At the church you will find ancient religious symbols and images, old cemetery inside the church outside wall, El Gran Baluarte, old catechism school) Escuela Catolica, the Rectory (‘Kumbento’) and the museum just the ground floor of the rectory.

You will already have seen a lot in Boljoon if you visit Boljoon Church first. Then, from here you can explore further and hike a bit until you find the Baluarte Sa Fuente.

In Boljoon, you can take passing by jeepneys or buses for Oslob. Alternately, you can also hire a habal-habal (single motorbike) to bring you to places you wish to explore in the area.

Thanks for reading through this page. Have safe travels!

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