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Friendly Bojo River Cruise

Bojo River Cruise in Aloguinsan is one of the best ecotourism projects in Cebu. Image Credit:

Bojo River Cruise

Bojo River Cruise & Eco-Cultural Tour is one of the most popular attractions in the Municipality of Aloguinsan in Cebu, the Philippines.

This eco-cultural tour at Bojo River provides you not only fun time and ride on an outrigger boat but also an environmentally enlightening experience.

Along the river, you will see various species of mangroves, among other flora and fauna, being protected and propagated by local authorities and inhabitants.

It is a great place for nature lovers and environment-minded people to enjoy a boat ride by the river that is linked to the open blue sea.

Okay… let’s start the tour…

The Ecological Tourism

When you take the river cruise, the package includes some lectures (or I should say ‘introduction’ lessons) on mangrove trees and their place in the environmental world.

Bojo River CruiseYoung coconuts are waiting for the guests in Alonguisan for Bojo River Cruise

The community of fisher folks and their families are running this interesting and educational tour for both environmental protection and sustainable livelihood.

And more, the package tour includes bird, wildlife, handicraft lectures and demo. More importantly, a buffet lunch and some snacks will be provided as you embark on this river cruise and adventure. You can also attend the educational lecture about the birds in the area.

The proceeds of the Bojo River Cruise will be used to fund local community programmes and projects. This entails that the whole undertaking aims to provide a source of income or alternative approach in providing ecological livelihood to the local families.

The association is called BAETAS (for Bojo Aloguinsan Ecotourism Association), which is a local people's organization in Aloguinsan. This organization started in 2009 that is being supported by the local authorities and the Tourism Department.

For me, it is a cause worth supporting in addition to the fun and environmental input you can gain from the cruise. Try it!

The River Cruise

It will take around 3 hours to complete the Bojo River Cruise package service and environmental lessons. (Actually, it is not a lecture per se but only introducing you, basically, to the names of trees and mangrove species). And of course, they provide your some guidance on how to take care of our nature and Mother Earth.

The cruise is a daily schedule and depends on the tide. That’s because the river itself is linked to the sea water. As you might have guessed already, a cruise is done only during high tides, so that the boats would easily glide over the river’s waters.

In this river, the locals have identified around twenty (exactly 22) various species of mangroves. The concern for mangroves have been highlighted by environmentalists and enshrined in the Philippine environmental laws and policies due to these plants special place in protecting the marine environment, among their other significant roles in ecology.

And, if you love birds—not hunting them—you will also enjoy the cruise since there are over 61 bird species that have been identified in the area. Of course, you might only see a few of them but it is great to know they are there and in great number.

If you wish to see more of these bird species, you should do it as another activity you can enjoy with at this place. Just bring with you binoculars and other equipment you might need. This hobby is only for the patient individuals—you know what I mean!

Bojo River Cruise tv commercial shootingOne way to promote a sustainable environmental protection is through tourism (photo courtesy: Alonguisan Eco-tour fb)

And, more fun activities

After the river cruise in Bojo River, you can continue your day’s adventure by doing hiking and sightseeing at the hills and landscapes of Aloguinsan.

For example, you can walk the 400-meter long bamboo bridge (in existence when this was written) along the river and enjoy the river’s sight and surrounding creation.

Of course, you can also swim, snorkel, etc.

Then, as you continue walking you can proceed to the hilltop where you can find a native style gazebo waiting to give you rest. You can spend some time there enjoying the place, the summer breeze and the tranquil environment.

Now, going back to the river cruise, let us give you some ideas about the rates they offer…

Suggested Bojo River Cruise Rates

The cruise is usually provided as a group service tour. This is very practical, economical, and environmental approach I’m sure. Here they are…

For 5 guests:               Php800.00/head
For 6 to 10 guests:     Php550.00/head
For 11 to 15 guests:  Php530.00/head
For 16 to 20 guests:  Php500.00/head
For 20 to 30:               Php480.00/head
And for 30-50 guests:  Php450.00/head

It means “the more the merrier” and all the cheaper. I know you can do the math well. Please, make sure that you get the most recent and updated rate by using the suggested contact info below…

Contacting Bojo Aloguinsan Ecotourism Association

If you are interested to know more and inquire, or better yet want to reserve a cruise to see and experience the place, you may use the contact details as follows:


Address:      Barangay Bojo, Aloguinsan, Cebu, Philippines
Telephone: +63 32 583-6797
Mobile:       (Rudney Carcuevas) via TM/Globe: 0905-9133-055 Sun:  0922-4798-822
                     Jomalyn: +63 926 490 6670

It is recommended that you contact the operators so that you come at the right time when the water tide is high. Your decision to take this expert suggestion would fundamentally affect your experience especially if you want (and your gang) to enjoy sliding over the waters of Bojo River via 'sakayan' cruise. Have fun!

More nice places in Aloguinsan

The below sites and attractions will help promote the area and improve the livelihood of the communities in various places. More pages with descriptions of the enumerated items will come up sometime soon.

  • Bantayan Beach
  • Hidden Beach Resort
  • Kantabogon Beach
  • Ulbohan Underground River
  • Kantabogon Legendary
  • Tap-anan Beach
  • Batalyon Hill
  • Nahulgag Pinuti Lagoon
  • Bulwarte
  • Municipal Park
  • Baluarte Park
  • Sayaw Cascade

Thanks a lot for reading through this page.

Please, continue supporting Cebu especially for having experienced Yolanda by visiting this site again or often for further travel guide information.

Have a wonderful vacation!

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