Hidden Beach Resort, Aloguinsan

hidden-beach-resortBeatiful and nature white beach called Hidden Beach Resort in Aloguinsan, Cebu

Nicely Hidden Beach Resort

hidden-beach-aloguinsanThe pristine white beach in Aloguinsan - Hidden Beach

The Hidden Beach Resort is one of the most natural beaches in Cebu Province.

Being hidden means that it’s untouched by resort development projects and all that sort of money-making expensive resorts.

Being so natural, you can find lots of marine animals around – crabs, hermit crabs, shells, starfish, even sea urchins.

The sand is whitish and natural – by natural it means it’s not transported from other white beach or anything like that.

Since the beach is hidden, you have to find it by passing through some thickets of trees and coconut palms. You’ll realize that you are getting closer when you see the coral rocks the covers the sea in a distance.

As you catch a glimpse of the beach, you’ll be amazed to see clean beach water and shoreline hemmed with coconut trees.

Without further chattering, let's check out some of Hidden Beach Resort's natural hidden treasure.

Basic Facilities at Hidden Beach

The facilities for a non-commercial beach such as this, you know, are just basic and simple. Usually, you may need to bring your own personal provisions and other necessities for the beach.

Basically, Hidden Beach has…

Tables (costs 150 pesos)
These are simple tables made with wood and bamboo materials and simple long benches on both their sides. You can rent one if you don’t want a FREE picnic on the grass or sand.

Hut cottages (250 pesos)
These cottages are also basic, made of wood, bamboo and roofs with cogon or nipa leaves. This is cool actually – I mean the temperature because of their natural materials. Cottages are more private – surrounded with bamboo fences. Of course, they have long tables and extended sits on three sides, wherein you can take a nap on.

Grills for meat, fish, etc.
Yes, they have a place for preparing your dishes, such as grilling your prepared meat, squid, and other sea food or anything. It would be great maybe if you prepared rice (or bread, potatoes, or anything) in advance.

Cooking Request
You can request the management (a staff) to prepare the food for you. You can either hand in your uncooked recipe or ask tell them you dish and prepare everything for you. Of course, you have to pay for that price – you know what I mean.

Accommodation Facility

Overnight stay is allowed and simple rooms are available for rent. You can have a simple hut with power supply for lighting & for your gadgets, and a bed(s).

It will cost you between PhP500 and 1,000, as of this writing, which is a great budget rate in this nice beach. Let them know in advance if you want to reserve one.

Please, note that the above mentioned rates can change and vary depending on season and passage of time.

Finding Hidden Beach Resort

hidden-beachHidden Beach Resort of Aloguinsan, Cebu

Here is your guide on how to contact and find this hidden resort in Aloguinsan.

Phone: 0922 5577 390 (“Baby”)
Entrance Fee: about PhP10

Only a few bus trips from Cebu South Bus Terminal that is bound for Aloguinsan, which you can find out right at the terminal.

Some alternatives to find the place if a little bit tricky but can fit to your desired plans. Here are some…

Take a bus from Cebu South Bus Terminal bound for Mantalongon, then take a motorcycle (bike with a sidecar, the locally called ‘habal-habal’) from there to Aloguinsan.

Second, take a bus from Cebu Bus Terminal bound for Toledo, then take a Jeepney from there for Aloguinsan.

Third, take a bus from Cebu bound for Pinamungahan, then take a Jeepney from there for Aloguinsan.

Upon arrival in Aloguinsan, you can take (ride) a motorcycle or tricycle from the main road (where you can find the signage (billboard) of Hidden Beach Resort, which is only a few minutes from the beach.

Bus, Jeepney, transport fares:

Cebu South Bus Terminal to Toledo: PhP70 for non-aircon bus (V-hire is also available)
Cebu Citilink Terminal to Toledo: PhP100 for V-Hire  

From Toledo Land Transportation Terminal to Bojo River: PhP60 for Jeepney’s fare
From Hidden Beach resort to Toledo Transportation Terminal: PhP35 for Jeepney’s fare.

Note: Fares can change depending on season and period. So, the rate you are seeing here is only a guide not a fixed rate.

Now, if you are interested to find out more beaches and resorts in Aloguinsan area, please visit...

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Aloguinsan is a place where you can find more natural resorts and places untouched by 'development's in the province.

Some available and suggested places to visit include the following...

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