Cambais Falls in Alegria

cambais-fallsTurquoise pool at Cambais Falls (photo credit: chasing potatoes)

cambais falls

Majestic Cambais Falls

Cambais Falls in Alegria Municipality is an exciting place to visit at the same time quite intricate to find. One needs to pass through rough roads and cross over streams dotted with rocks of various sizes and shapes, through the woods amidst forest trails.

This famous natural waterfall attracts active trekkers and curious inexperienced travelers who love nature and water. It is the uniqueness and exquisite beauty of this natural gem that captures visitors to see her majestic and endless falling water.

If you are taking your own ride (car or motorbike), study the place in advance so that you will not make wrong turns that can lengthen and spoil your travel time. Of course, be sure to ask directions from locals or along the way if you start doubting your imagination of your route.

The Sign

While looking for the right destination, you should watch for the sign that mentions Cambais Falls’ specific road turn. One indication that you are nearing the area is the number of motorbikes in a parking lot. Near the sign and lot, Cambais is just a kilometer from it… so head for your destination.

Within that distance, you can enjoy the views of smalls farms and wider plantations bedecked with sweet potatoes, corn, coconuts, bananas, and vegetable plants.

As you get closer to the falls, you will see the river running downstream from the falls above it somewhere. You will see kids playing around, swimming and have the best moments of their free and stress-less youthhood. They can be shy but friendly and playful – they might ask you to take their photos!

Near Cambais, you will see a registration area (a small table and a chair, and a watcher) where you need to register and hand in your entrance fee (about PHP20/person).


Activity & Views

Aside from the Falls itself, you will see that there are many smaller falls or drops. Yes, each drop is unique and not a repeat of beauty from the others. You can take photos for your Instagram, Facebook or any social media for a blog, website or business site.

A famous ‘drop’ 2 is called the ‘massage bed’ by locals. That is because it is a great place or spot where you can recline on the rock and let the flowing water massage you gently. Maybe you can doze off for a while. Right below the ‘massage bed,' you can also relax in the refreshing cool ‘kawa’. A kawa is a cauldron in the English language – a literal description of the shape of the rock that encapsulates the cool water.

While enjoying the views of the ‘drops,' you will walk over wooden steps and basic bridges that will comfortably link you from one rock to another.

To sum up, your experience at this natural area is more on hiking over farmlands, crossing streams, walking under the canopy of verdant trees, hopping over rocks of interesting shapes, wading in the water, getting a gentle water massage, dipping in the cool and revitalizing water, and simply adoring the mesmerizing water of Cambais Falls.

I know that words can never paint the whole picture of the site nor cannot suffice to describe its beauty. You need to be there to see for yourself and relish its being so that you may believe.

Getting there is not difficult...

First, you need to get to Alegria Town and start you real journey to Cambais Falls. When you are in Cebu City, head for Cebu South Bus Terminal and take a bus (preferably Ceres line) that travels to Santander via Barili. Let the conductor know that you are getting off at Alegria town centre in advance.

Please, let us know should you need further details.

Thanks for reading to the end. Please, share below if you have already been there!

Have great travels in life!

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