Cambusay Cave

flowing cambusay cave

cebu-caveA majestic chamber and an opening inside Cambusay (photo: Lee Ricketts)

cambusay cave in alegria

Cambusay Cave is an exciting cave located in Alegria Municipality, Cebu Province. It takes over two hours to get there by bus from Metro Cebu, the capital of the province.

Cambusay is just becoming known to spelunking enthusiasts in the province especially the younger groups and individuals. Compared to other famous caves in the province, Cambusay is on its way to becoming a renowned travel destination among curious outdoor active explorers.

One interesting feature about this cave is its wide entrance – an opening through which light comes in and presents its hidden beauty inside – stalactites and stalagmites. This is an essential aspect for neophyte cave visitors and spelunkers since it is safer in various ways.

Cambusay has a vast chamber with stalactites shaped like flowing waterfalls but is obviously fossilized. Its flowing feature most probably earns its name ‘Busay,' which is in Cebuano language, literally means a ‘waterfall.' This ‘fossilized waterfall’ feature is only known in this cave and cannot be found in other Cebu caves so far, although this is not uncommon in the some of the Philippines’ caves.

Many celebrities have already visited this site but still, I reckoned, lacking publicity about the area and its travel resources are some of the reasons in not attracting throngs of travelers.

Some observers noticed that some stalactites and stalagmites stopped growing due to some sad reasons. One of such reasons is that some spelunkers are not quite responsible enough in keeping nature safe from human interventions. Some observers say that if stalactites and stalagmites human sweat (including personal effects – such as lotion, perfume, etc.) can kill them.

Interestingly, there is another cave directly linked with Cambusay. When you climb over the debris of Cambusay’s large chamber, an opening will lead you to another chamber which also leads to another cave called Salay Cave. Yes, it is like hitting two birds with one stone.

alegria-heritage-parkAlegria Town Park

finding cambusay cave

Getting to Alegria Municipality is not as challenging as in doing spelunking or mountain climbing. All roads in the Province will lead you to Alegria, and this municipality has smooth paved roads.

If you are coming from Cebu City, all you need to do is head to Cebu South Bus Terminal where you can take a bus (preferably Ceres line). Travel time is over two hours from the terminal down to Alegria town where you should get off.

From the public market area in Alegria, you can easily find Habal-habal operators with their single motorbikes reading to roll. They usually offer you higher rates than what they are supposed to be getting. So, learn how to bargain but keep your calm and be gentle.

You can arrange your trip to three destinations – Cambusay Cave, Salay Cave, and Cambais Falls. You can also arrange to see other falls along the way or nearby. A rate of PHP70.00 (one way) should be fair to you and your motorcycle operator.

Now, the only way to learn and enjoy the cave better is to plan your trip and just do it!

Thanks for reading and hope you have exciting travel. Have a great day!

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