Candugay Beach Resort


Candugay is one of the townships (barangay) of Barili Municipality in Cebu Province, Philippines.

This barangay is roughly 61 kilometers from Metro Cebu, which is about more than an hour by bus or other public vehicles.

Candugay and Sayaw beach resorts are two of the best known beaches in the area.

The two boast their long stretches of white beach shorelines, aquamarine waters and perfectly relaxing environment.

Candugay (and Sayaw) Beach is a very affordable or budget resort since you only need to reach your pocket to pay for your day’s cottage rent.

Let’s take a look at some of its features…


Native-style Beach Cottages
Being distant from modern development and commercialization of resorts, Candugay is still pristine and natural. There are neither big structures nor hotels around the area yet and so you can only rent small cottages for you day’s picnic.

Skimboarding is one of the active water sports you can enjoy with in Candugay and in other Barili beaches. I think it is another version of surfing in a small scale.

As the term describes, skimboarding entails that you only have to skim the waves close to the shore, however, some real experts could also perform it like doing the surfing style.
Surely, it is fun for those are very fit and willing to learn new things out.

Well, surely this is a lot easier than skimboarding since you only need a snorkel mask (and flippers if you prefer) to enjoy this activity by observing the underwater life forms.
Some snorkeling enthusiasts prefer to have it in some smaller islands hiring boats for a day’s rent, and to enjoy picnic, barbecue, and all that.

Sunbathing & Swimming
Candugay beach resort is fantastic for swimming since the water is much cleaner compared to other beach resorts close to the cities with much cluttered commercial and business facilities.

Aside from beach resorts in Barili, a guest can also enjoy other natural sites and attractions surrounding the municipality.

Such places include cool freshwater springs, waterfalls, rivers, and mountains. One can easily discover these places by searching beforehand or by just inquiring from friends or people who know well the area. Or, you can easily search Google, Yahoo or Bing search engines!

Barili Municipality, where Candugay is blessfully situated, has more than forty (42 exactly) barangays in which some are partly urbanized while some remained rural and more natural, especially those in the outlying areas.

The barangays of Barili are as follow:
Azucena, Bagakay, Balao, Bolocboloc, Budbud, Bugtong Kawayan, Cabcaban, Cagay, Campangga, Dakit, Giloctog, Giwanon, Guibuangan, Gunting, Hilasgasan, Japitan, Kalubihan, Kangdampas, Luhod, Lupo, Luyo, Maghanoy, Maigang, Malolos, Mantalongon, Mantayupan, Mayana, Minolos, Nabunturan, Nasipit, Pancil, Pangpang, Paril, Patupat, Poblacion, San Rafael, Santa Ana, Sayaw, Tal-ot, Tubod, and Vito

Boloc Coloc Spring,
Cebu Barili Golf Course,
Mantapuyan Waterfalls
Paradise Valley Mountain Resort
Paril Mountain Resort
Sayaw Beach Resort

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