Mantayupan Falls in Barili

Mantayupan falls in barili

mantayupan-fallsA majestic Mantayupan Falls' view

Majestic Mantayupan Falls

Mantayupan Falls is a famous natural waterfalls resort located in Barili Municipality, Cebu Province, Philippines. The Falls is about two hours’ drive from Cebu City via public or private transports.

The paved highway leading to Barili Municipality passing through the towns of Minglanilla, Naga, San Fernando and Carcar is quite comfortable and easy for motorists.

Mantayupan Waterfall, one of the top tourist attractions in this municipality, is approximately 200 feet high from its top to bottom waterfall basin level.

The water of this waterfall irrigates the rice paddies down below of Barangay Campanga. So, it is really fully utilizing its giftedness as both nature’s beauty and life-support for the residents.

cebu-attractionsEntrance gate for Mantayupan Waterfall
cebu-waterfallsBridge at Mantayupan Falls in Barili

Waterfall Features & Fun Things To Do

You can do lots of exciting outdoor activities in and around this waterfalls. That is if you are both adventurous and a nature-lover.

Wildlife Sanctuary
Before you get into the part where the falls is located you have to pass through a canopy of its surrounding forest and experience the crisp and refreshing atmosphere.

The whole area where Mantayupan is located in an environmentally protected area. It means that the forest and wildlife in it are under the watch of the local government. Meaning, you can enjoy experiencing and observing wildlife, including birds or monkeys, in the surrounding.

Bamboo Raft Riding
Just like in the Horseshoe Falls in Canada (and USA), people would get excited to get close to the bottom of the falls. It is also the same here at Mantayupan only that you do not take a boat but a simple bamboo raft.

Right below the falling water could be a different and exciting experience for those have not had the chance yet.

Picnic & Grilling Nearby the Falls
It is permitted to prepare your own food within the vicinity of the resort provided you clean up thoroughly after your meal. You can bring your food supplies including fish or meat if you plan on grilling or cooking anything. You need to pay for the grilling facility (about Php20).

Campeo Eco Top Grill
If you do not want to bother bringing (or have forgotten to bring your lunch box) your food supply for the day you only need some cash to enjoy this restaurant with deliciously grilled dishes.

Karaoke machine
Aside from eating at Campeo Eco Top Grill, you can also sing at their karaoke bar. The restaurant is affordable and serves delicious grilled dishes and other simple local delicacies.

Trekking the Waterfalls Falls
This Falls has two levels, one of which is about 14 meters high while the other one is about 98 meters high.

You could reach the first falls in a minute or two, but you might need excellent hiking or aqua shoes to climb the second falls because there are several steps and a bridge you need to jump up first.

While in the resort, you can also find rock formations, most of them are sharp and rough, which is all the more reason for you to wear a good pair of shoes.

mantayupan-fallsKriza's exciting travel

Mantayupan Falls Facilities

The rates of renting the facilities in this resort are very much affordable to all guests. The facilities available include:

There are cottages available for an overnight stay for those who wish to stay longer or came later during the day. As of this writing the rent a night is Php500 for two guests and for a maximum of 4.

Umbrella with chairs
These are available surrounding or close to the waterfall (Php150)
Table and Chairs (Php140)

Raft Rentals
You can rent this raft for an hourly fee of Php150.
Entrance Fee: 10 pesos for adults and 5 pesos for kids aged 5 or below

Please, take note that the rental rates mentioned above are only temporary and could change anytime.

travel-cebuA friend enjoying the view of Mantayupan

More Resorts & Beaches in Barili

If you do not know much about Barili Municipality and everything surrounding the area, you should be open to other travel destinations and attractions available. Some of them are the following:

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