Caohagan Island Marine Sanctuary

Amazing Caohagan Island Marine Sanctuary


Caohagan Island Marine Sanctuary

Caohagan Island Marine Sanctuary is a nice marine reservation area stretching approximately 3 kilometers along the coastline of its barangay.

The island's water is clear and crystal that you can see everything underneath. It is certainly great for swimming and snorkeling especially during high time.

The more than a couple of hundreds of inhabitants live in a very simple and basic lifestyle without much influence from the modern world.

The islanders of Caohagan form a community that is composed of local officials and some structures including small stores, houses, community hall, chapel, daycare center, and other facilities.

To help protect the area, the community organized a coastal patrolmen who watch over their island and its waters from scrupulous fishers who might do illegal harvest and disrespect the sanctuary by using dynamite and such dangerous fishing techniques.


The making of Caohagan Island Marine Sanctuary

Actually, the sanctuary is being constructed upon the request for assistance from Barangay Caohagan itself led by their Chairperson Heregio Abayan and their benefactor Mr. Sakiyama (Lapu Lapu Times: Environment).

The construction of Caohagan Marine Sanctuary is due to the joint efforts by OceanCare Advocates Inc, ScubaStar Dive Services, Amores Charities Inc, Lapu-Lapu City Government and the CFARMC (City Fishery Aquatic Resource Management Council).

You might wonder why the construction just to make the place a sanctuary. I have just learned (you probably know this already!) that the first phase in establishing a marine sanctuary is by planning and GPS mapping. This could take time (as long as six months) if you don't have the proper and modern equipment.

Now, the second phase in establishing a marine sanctuary is by putting markers using concrete blocks that would serve as anchors of buoys delineating areas in the water. I'm sure there are more to this explanation and I'll leave that to experts, or to you if you are one of them!

caohangan-island-marine-sanctuary-rest-houseThatched-roofed rest house
Two-storey-thatched-roofed-building-caohagan-island-cebuA two-storey thatched-roofed building

Fun activities on Caohagan Island Marine Sanctuary

First of all, to be on the island is already a great and relaxing experience, which is fun! Feeling and breathing the refreshing breeze all around you. Okay, let me say something...

Swimming and sunbathing

You can swim anywhere around the island. But there is one area that is best for swimming where there is a sandbar being dotted by a number of environmentally-friendly materials, such as bamboo, cogon grass and other bio-degrable resources.

You can have a nice beach swimming especially during high tide since the water is quite shallow close to the island itself. Surely, you can go further but that needs other facility like a boat or anything like that.

The beach is actually located on the opposite side, where you dock your outrigger boat, of the island. It is only about a 15-minute walk from the middle island where the community lives. The beach is on a small lagoon of the island.

As much as they can, the community tries to maintain the natural beauty by letting trees, flowers and other plants to thrive.

quilt-house-caohagan-islandA quilt house

Eating seafood

Yes, this is one of the need to do on the island. Taste the freshly caught crabs, fish, shrimps, shells, and everything edible sea foods. Visitors are allowed to bring their own supplies including lechon, water and drinks. However, you need to rent some places, such as cottages, tables, and other basic facilities you will need while enjoying on the island.


The simple snorkel mask (and flippers) can magnify your experience when you swim and observe the colorful fish and everything the move and live underwater. Of course, you are allowed to take photos and films while enjoying the wonders of the natural marine world of Caohagan Island marine sanctuary.

Relaxing & playing games

You can surely play all sorts of games including volleyball, basketball, badminton, board games and anything at all on the island. Or you can just stroll around meet some locals, enjoy the scenery, feel the breeze, enjoy the atmosphere and rustic environment.

meeting-hall-caohagan-islandMeeting Hall
caohagan-island-souvenirsHandmade local souvenir products

Getting to Caohagan Island

Getting to is quite easy and no hassle at all once you are already on the island.

You can hire a boat from any tourism providers, especially those located on Maribago, Mactan Island. Or, you can also rent a 'pumpboat' that can give you a tour not only to this island but also to others.

Why Maribago and Mactan Island? That's because Caohagan is situated just right across Mactan that main island.

The Cebu-Mactan International Airport Terminal 1 (domestic) (Terminal 2 for international) is exactly where it is located making it so accessible to flyers.

On Mactan Island you can find resorts and water sports clubs that provide all sorts of activities including scuba diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, jet-skiing, para-sailing, island hopping and other adventures and exciting offers.

If you don't know how to go to Mactan Island or Cebu Province, you might need a guide page that can give you some basic roadmaps. Just click the link Getting to Cebu and find out how.

Thanks so much for visiting and reading through this page. Hope this is helpful to your search. Have a great day then!

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