Carmen Municipality

carmen municipality

carmen-mangitngit-fallsMangitngit Falls in Carmen, Cebu

carmen municipality, cebu province

Carmen Municipality is home to famous Cebuanos, especially during the Spanish period. The town was founded by Facundo Buot in 1851 ( 2015).

The municipality is characterized by coastal flood plains, slightly rolling hills with interspersed flat lands and slopes.

Carmen is categorized as a third municipal income class municipality of Cebu Province, the Philippines. It has over 30 thousand registered voters (from 18 above) according to the 2016 electoral roll, among the over 50 thousand residents.

brief political background

The first elected municipal president of Carmen was in 1899 when the Americans came and conducted a local election. He was succeeded by Protasio Suico in 1906 and got elected again in 1908.

Apolonio Osmeña became the town chief executive in 1925 and other succeeding leaders. The longest serving mayor was Elpidio de Dios who served from 1941 up to the 1960s ( 2015).

Carmen Municipality is also the birthplace of Jose Maria Cuenco, the eldest among the children of Mariano Albao Cuenco and Remedios Diosomito. Mariano was the patriarch of the Cuenco clan, and Remedios is known to be the nation’s first woman acting as printing chief executive.

Jose Maria Cuenco became the first Archbishop of Jaro, Iloilo (born on May 19, 1885). His brother, Mariano Jesus Cuenco became the governor of Cebu Province and Senate president. All Cuenco brothers became lawyers.

Archbishop Cuenco was the founder and editor of the Cebu Catholic Newspaper called “El Boletin Catolico. He passed away in Iloilo in 1972.

barangays of carmen

Carmen Municipality has 21 barangays under its supervision and authority.

These are:

Baring, Cantipay, Cantukong, Cantumog, Caurasan, Cogon East, Cogon West, Corte, Dawis Norte, Dawis Sur, Hagnaya, Ipil, Lanipga, Liboron, Lower Natimao-an, Luyang, Poblacion, Puente, Sac-on, Triumfo, Upper Natimao-an.

business establishments

As a growing municipality, Carmen is becoming popular and has an increasing number of population.

Domestic and some foreign visitors travel the municipality to enjoy its destinations including resorts, forest areas, and natural environment for relaxation and active events.

When visiting the town proper, you can find many small shops (called ‘sari-sari’ stores) that sell miscellaneous products.

Carmen have some famous delicacies and special dishes at their restaurants and cafeterias.

Other available small business establishments include fresh fish and meat retailers, general merchandise, service and repair shops, tailoring and clothes shops, pharmacies, hardware store, lumber shops, gas stations, bakeries, hairdressers, and parlors, among others.

travel destinations & attractions

Carmen is one of the famous municipalities in the province for some reasons. It offers the popular places for nature exploration and natural resorts due to its lush green environment and natural water resources including falls, streams, and rivers.

Some of the destinations include:

Durano Eco Farm Resort, Titip Cave, Kabyawan Cave, Mangrove Pocket Forest, Villamor Tree Farm, Cantumog River, Magtakup Cliffs, Batong Diyut Fish Sanctuary, Steffie’s Beach Resort, BPC Beach Resort, Virgin Beach Resort, Benedictine Monastery, Uragay Spring, Mago Peak, and Sinamay Falls.

You can find out more about Carmen through its Facebook page.

carmen-cebu-swimming-poolCool swimming pool in Carmen, Cebu

getting to carmen municipality

Assuming that you depart from Cebu City, just head for Cebu North Bus Terminal and hop on the bus that travels to Carmen.

You can also take a V-Hire (Van) if you want to get there much faster but for a higher price than the bigger buses.

Hope you will visit the place and enjoy its nature and attractions.
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