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cartagena beachwalk resort

Cartagena Beachwalk Resort is nicely situated by the seaside in Alcoy in southern Cebu, Philippines. The resort is where the sparkling white sandy beaches can be found in the area.

Cartagena Resort is close to the famous Antig Tingko Beach – an area with a panoramic view of the sea and white domiciles lined up by the shores visible in the distance. Tingko Beach is also known for the boulders which have cottages on top of them (by Voda Krasna Resort).

If you head south taking a bus or private vehicle, getting to this beautiful resort is very easy. From Cebu City and any point of origin, you can take a bus that passes through that route.

colorful descriptions

First of all, Cartagena Beachwalk Resort is a property and business being ran by a family. One particular and unique feature of the resort is the attractive colors of their cottages and room exteriors. The red and yellow colors will really catch your attention and make you more curious about the property.

The colorful cottages are built on the rocks but made sure that they are safe and comfortable for all their guests. There are railings and concrete pathways from where you can stand and view the panorama of the blue or emerald waters of South Cebu.

The owners are known to be very friendly and welcoming proprietors. You will be welcomed as if you’ve known each other for some time.

cartagena-beachwalk-resort-cottagesColored Cottages

facilities & services

The colorful cottages are for Daytime Use. You have a fantastic view of the sea, the sandy white shores of Tingko Beach area aligned with coconut trees, and the distant pointed edge of the mainland which levels with the sea.

Yes, you can swim the sparkling and clean waters of Alcoy’s sea. Since the resort cannot provide the necessary facilities for beach or water activities, please bring your own – such as life jackets, swim wears, snorkels, goggles, flippers, and anything you wish to use.

They do not have a designated cook. Therefore, you can bring your own supplies and cook in their kitchen (‘smoking’ or ‘dirty’ kitchen as we call it). You can bring your ingredients from the market nearby. The seafood is fresh and cheap! So, you can indulge with seafood in this place to your heart’s content!

By the way, you can lend their kitchen utensils if you do not have them.

If you decide to eat out, take a tricycle to the market area and enjoy your dinner.

Cartagena Beachwalk Resort, although they do not sell food, they sell drinks including water, soft drinks, hard drinks, and other beverages. All for a reasonable price offers.

cartagena-beachwalk-resort-beach-areaBeach area of Cartagena (Photo: fb page)

Other Facilities & Service Offers

Accepts Holding Events
Cartagena BeachWalk receives events inside the property. Various celebrations and events include weddings, congratulatory, birthdays, camping, and such larger group rentals.

Arrangements should be made ahead. Please, contact the management for further details through the numbers mentioned above.

No Entrance Fee
No Parking Fee
Free WiFi

Accommodation & Rates

Cartagena Resort has several room options. They are all well-maintained, neat and clean. They come with bath towels, soap, and washroom toiletries. Above all, the rooms are basically comfortable.

Among the rooms available, check out the following rates and options…

Fan Room: 1,200 Pesos, good for 4 guests; 2,000 Pesos for 6 guests
AC Room: 1,500 Pesos, good for 4 guests; 4,000 Pesos for 10 guests

Contact Details:
If you decide to book or inquire, you may use the following contact information

  • Address: Barangay Guiwang, Alcoy, Cebu, Philippines
  • Landline: (032) 483-9057  (Ask to speak with Ma'am Sandy)
  • Mobile: 09193191781
  • Facebook:

It would be quicker to contact the proprietors through landline phone indicated above.


More Resorts Nearby

Among other resorts around the area where Cartagena is located, the following great resorts also offer their best facilities and services…

Bodos Bamboo Bar Resort
Larville Pool Garden Resort
Meili Beach Resort
Villa Rosa Resort
Voda Krasna Beach Resort
Tingko Beach Resort

Getting to Cartagena Beachwalk Resort

From Cebu City, you may take a bus from Cebu South Bus Terminal and get off at the national road near Tingko Beach. From the road, it could take around ten minutes on foot to reach the resort.

Time travel from Cebu should not be more than 3 hours.

Hopefully, this is helpful for your search. Please, share with friends if you find this useful and interesting.

Enjoy your life’s journey!

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