Tingko Beach Resort in Alcoy
Fun & Beautiful Southern Beach

tingko-beach-resortTingko Beach Resort

Tingko Beach Resort, Alcoy

Popular Tingko Beach Resort

Tingko Beach is about more than a mile long beach with pinkish and crystal clear turquoise water lined with coconut palm trees and limestone cliffs.

It is located south of Cebu City. Specifically, Tingko Beach nestles in Barangay Daan Lungsod, Alcoy Town, Cebu Province, Visayas, the Philippines.

Tingko is great for families or group guests because of its extensive beach and shallow waters that offer relaxing environment and fun activities to do.

The Beach

There are four things that are FREE in this beach…

Sand, sun, sea water, and entrance (not anymore... 10pesos will be collected per guest, sorry to hear this, and this has probably been changed already!).

Yes, this is a public beach. But if you want to spend some amount to spend more time enjoying the place, you can avail any of the beach houses, huts, bungalows, or any facilities available with reasonable and affordable rates.

Tingko Beach is situated on a small but deep lagoon just across a coral island (called Mabad-on Reef, disappears during high tide)

The beach has an extensive stretch of arching shoreline, roughly a mile long of white sand. Just a few meters from the shore is a gradually sloping but shallow sea floor. This is fantastic for wading, searching shells, and for snorkeling as well.

The beach is quite jammed up during weekends and holidays with locals, visitors and some foreign guests. So, it is highly suggested to come not during those seasons. However, if you love the crowd, then join the party!

Bantayan sa Hari
It is a Spanish-built watch tower on a promontory located just beyong the northern reach of the beach. It is a historic site where you can relish the memory of this people's struggles for safety.

However, this tower could be a very romantic place to be.

Sing-songs & Music
Filipinos love listening, singing and dancing (which sometimes causes complaints from neighbors). And, one of the most recent Filipino cultural features is having the - videoke machine. You can find videokes at some stores and cottages by the beach, which are available for you if you want to rock or be romantic!

tingko-beach-resortWhite sand and blue sea at Tingko Beach Resort

Tingko beach accommodations / rooms

Around the vicinity and nearby the beach you can find some vacation houses built by folks for holidays for a minimal fee.

You can easily find bungalows, native huts, and resorts that are available for a day, week, month, or long staying facilities.

Can you do camping? Yes, camping is possible on the beach if you want to pitch a tent for fun experience and budget purposes.

Just to mention some, here are the locally operated accommodations…

Barangay Beach House – a duplex cottage with veranda facing the sea (contact: Ricky Gonzales: 09182874023). It is also a beach house for rent with cheaper price (Php600)

Antig Tingko Beach Cottages. It is a barangay beach house for rent (about PhP900 to PhP1000 per cottage for 6 guests). You can call these phones: #483-9298 (Globe), 516-2958 (PLDT)

Please, let us know if the phone number has changed to help others find this place.

voda-krasna-resortVoda Krasna Beach Resort overlooking the white beach

Guiwang Mini Apartment, a walking distance but not far from the beach. There’s an internet café, bakery, and a sari-sari store (small convenience store but not 24-hour service) inside the apartment’s compound.

Please, note that this website is not affiliated with any of the resorts featured here, so please inquire from them directly if you wish to find out more about their accommodation details. Also, note that the rates mentioned above are only quoted at the time of this writing, so the rate could change over time or without any prior notice.

Interesting & Fun Activities

Surely, you can enjoy lots of activities on this beach. Most of those who have been here and are doing their pilgrimage every year spoke of their great and unforgettable memories with family, friends, co-workers or just group members.

You can bring your own snorkeling gears, beach volleyball, Frisbee, skim board, etc.

It is a great and fantastic beach for budget and cheap family picnic. You can pack your homemade food and drinks for a day’s party. Bring your spreads, towels, parasol, tent, folding light table, or anything you can easily carry.

And if you are really planning to snorkel to watch and swim with the fishes you might need to bring some gears.

Boating and island-hopping could be your another activity of the day. You may hire operators that would bring you (and your group, family, or friends) to other beautiful and secluded beaches or islands.

Certainly, there are no laws that would prevent you from doing something or fun activity as long as you do not disturb others or hurt nature and environment, right?

Enjoy your day and let your worries go away even for just a day!

tingko-beach-resortSandy beach area of Tingko Beach

Finding Tingko Beach Resort

Reaching this popular public beach resort is not a problem. It is as easy as pointing where the sun is--that's because everybody knows where this fantastic beach is. Now, here are my broad and rough way of guiding you to this place...

If you are coming from Cebu City, you have to go to the South Cebu Bus Terminal then take the bus (coach) bound for Oslob, then get off at Tingko Beach in Alcoy. You won't miss it since many visitors get off in this area to enjoy the beach. But, if you are worried and in doubt, just let the 'konduktor' know that you have to get off at 'Tingko Beach' in Alcoy.

If you come from Santander, take a bus bound for Cebu and get off at Tingko Beach, which is just right at South National Road. You won’t miss it because you will notice this inviting beach scenery from the bus window.

Booking Your Tingko Beach Resort's Room

There are lots of accommodation available close to the beach while some are walking distance from it. You can book your room or resort freely from any online booking provider you know.

But, this website recommends that you book or reserve your resort room through our trust-worthy online booking service provider - for easy and quick result.

Click Agoda Smarter Online Booking service provide and just type in your hotel or resort's name. Agoda's website is easy to navigate and you can quickly transact with safety and fast confirmation of room availability. Good luck and enjoy booking your resort!

More beaches in Alcoy, Cebu

Alcoy is in the Southern part of Cebu Province, which is also known for its beautiful and natural beaches. Most of their resorts are not so 'developed' compared to the ones in Mactan Island and other places located near the capital.

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Voda Krasna Beach Resort
Tingko Beach Resort (This page ^^)

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