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Top cebu white sand beaches

The Cebu white sand beaches are getting more popular nowadays not only among locals but also foreign visitors who want  to explore and enjoy the Visayan waters.

cebu white sand beaches

Walk the more than 3 thousand known white beaches of Cebu. If you haven't visited or heard any of them yet, this is your page!

WHY most people love the beach, especially white sand... Because it can heal YOU...

Thousands of visitors travel to Cebu white sand beaches every month just to see long stretch of white sand and relax.

Some just stay in a beachfront hotel and enjoy, some swim the crystal waters, while others do water sports or even indulge in various adventurous activities. Keep reading or scanning this page to FIND what you're looking for...


Special selections of such places for your convenience follows. They are known for their great services, safety, high-quality food & beverage...



Located in Mactan Island, this nice resort offers you...

  • All services: 24-hour room service, airline reservation, baby-sitting, laundry, mail & parcel, safety deposit box, transport & tour service
  • Nice Rooms: Deluxe Rooms, Courtyard Rooms, Mabuhay Rooms, Semi-Suite
  • Great Facilities: 2 outdoor swimming pools with Jacuzzis; Boardroom and function rooms, Business Center, free wireless internet, game room & gift shop
  • Anahata Spa: Massages - Swedish-inspired Anahata massage, Natural facial care, Foot baths, Foot reflexology, Healing bath rituals, Body treatments...
  • Exciting Aqua Sports/Activities: island-hopping, scuba diving, jet skiing, parasailing, paddle boating, snorkeling & fishing
  • Resort environment: mini forest, ponds with Japanese koi (carp)
  • Catering Events: Weddings, Debuts, Parties, Seminars, etc.
  • For further details, you can visit their official website: http://www.whitesands.com.ph/

Just a glimpse of White Sands Beach...


DURHAM WHITE BEACH RESORT, cebu white sand beaches

That might be a little pricey, but it's worth it... Now, let's check out this budget white beach, obviously named...

Visit this simple tropical white beach with cheaper rates, yet, without sacrificing their quality of services and offers...

  • Location: 90 kms from the Northwestern part of Cebu
  • Accommodations: airconditioned rooms, non-airconditioned rooms, tents, cottages
  • Facilities: gas stove, refrigerator, electric fan, toilet & bathrooms
  • Amenities: Van for rent, accepts catering, WiFi access, hot & cold showers
  • Sports & activities: Boating, Biking, Karaoke, Billiards, Volleyball, Basketball, Table Tennis, Massage, and more...
  • Find more details for a budget vacation through their site: http://durhanwhitebeach.com/.

Legendary, interesting and funny beach names abound in Cebu, like this one...

BAREFOOT WHITE BEACH RESORT, cebu white sand beaches

It's located about 2-hour drive from Cebu City... BUT! in a very famous and interesting place - Moalboal Muncipality...

The couple owners, foreigner & Filipino, happily run this place with services, such as...

  • exceptional vacation atmosphere & safety
  • Winter in a tropical beach: 50% discount from regular price for long stay - cheaper
  • Accommodation: Super Deluxe Rooms (European standard), Super Deluxe with Kitchen, Honeymoon Suite, Barefoot Villa
  • Perfect Family Gathering: Two-story Barefoot Villa with bathrooms & 3 bedrooms
  • Activities: Snorkeling, Scuba Diving (Moalboal has 10 professional dive centers), Free diving (developed art in Moalboal), Mountain Biking, Motorbiking
  • Services: Airport pick up (one way: PhP 2800), Short orders, Laundry...
  • Special Events Catering: Conference, Outdoor Weddings, Holiday activities, and others.

More details are found in their official website:http://www.barefoot.ph/index.html.

Now, for a much more high quality and class accommodation, delicious food, perfect atmosphere, exciting activities, and white coral beach, check out...

basdaku-white-beachBasdaku ("White Beach") Beach, Moalboal

ALEGRE BEACH RESORT & SPA, cebu white sand beaches

Interesting name: "alegre" means happy or fun... in Bisayan language. I believe you would experience the same when you visit this white resort with...

  • a Helicopter's Pad
  • 3 private coves with white sand beaches
  • Gazebo for romantic dinners & other private functions
  • 47-meter swimming pool & 2 kiddie pools
  • Scuba diving & lessons, snorkeling, fish feeding, reef walking...
  • Water Activities: Wave running, banana boating, kayaking, island-hopping, cruising, etc.
  • Land Tours/Activities: Tour of the vicinity, Mountain biking, Tennis, Golf practice, Basketball, Badminton, Volleyball, and more
  • More Facilities: Free WiFi service, Gift Shop, Business Center...
  • Health Service: Spa & Massage, Gym...
  • Dining: International Cuisine, Seafood & Bar...

If that sounds good to you, it's wonderful for me... Don't wait, check out their website.

OK, let's see and check out this following resort which is named after its location...

BADIAN ISLAND RESORT & SPA, cebu white sand beaches

"Luxurious 8-hectare island resort that has it all!"

Here are the basic features:

  • Helicopter service or car & boat - to get there!
  • Romantic dinner on an anchored outrigger boat - with harp or guiter music
  • Superb Water Activities: Scuba Diving, Hobby Cat, Jet Blast, Aqua Cyble, Banana Boat, Free Sports: Windsurfing, Paddleboats, Table Tennis, Volleyball, etc.
  • Sumptuous Food & Drinks: Wines - California Chablis, Bordeoux, etc.; Filipino cuisines, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Asians, International cuisines; Shell Beach Bar cocktails
  • Awesome Excursions: Kawasan Waterfalls Tour, Orchid Garden Tour, Picnics, Glass-bottom boat, Coral Reefs Tour, Sunset Cruising, Island-Hopping, Dolphins & Whale Watching, etc.
  • Rejuvenationg Spas & Saunas: Bubble Baths, Wading Pools, Massages, Health & Beauty Baths, etc.
  • Unforgettable Events: Parties, Weddings, Honeymoons, and more...

Can you imagine such description? You may check out badianhotel.com here for more details and inquiries.

Let's go a little further from the main island to find other Cebu white sand beaches. The following 'unique' resort is located in famous island of the province, which I may call a "white island". There, we can find...


YOONEEK BEACH RESORT on bantayan island

This resort, or the whole island has a...

  • "Perfect sunrise and sunset..."
  • Offers BIG discounts for long-staying guests
  • The Great Santa Fe: Home of the island's bars, restaurants & resorts
  • Irresistible Beachfront resort: 7-unit hotel type air-conditioned rooms; patio overlooking the electric blue ocean of Tanon Strait
  • Services & Facilities: Island-hopping & boat rentals, internet cafe, seminar venue, theme parties, beach bar, gift shop, open air restaurant, laundry, standby power generator...
  • Charitable Community Service: they helped typhoon victims...

Don't miss this! Visit this site to see WHY it's 'unique'... Here is unique beach resort

cebu-white-beach-resortsBeach at White Beach Bungalows

WHITE BEACH BUNGALOWS, cebu white sand beaches

This island's white sand resort offers you gratifying...

  • Affordable accommodations...!
  • Lots of Discounts for advance booking or payments
  • Tropical white sand and palm beach, private compound, free WiFi zone
  • Security facilities: standby power generator, night security guard, potable waterlines
  • Breathtaking ocean-views & direct beach access from all Bungalows & Apartments have huge terrace...
  • Great Services: Boating Tour, Snorkeling Tour, Shuttle Service, Motorbike Rental, Wellness Package, Honeymoon package, Getaway package

Why wait... Check out their official website: http://www.white-beach-bungalows.com/

Now, let's go back to Cebu, Mactan island, if you prefer. Close to the airport is the popular white sand beach...

A beach view of Tambuli West Wing Beach Resort on Lapu-Lapu City, Mactan Island, Cebu, Philippines.Beach view at Tambuli Beach Club

TAMBULI BEACH CLUB (east wing), cebu white sand beaches

"Its crystalline blue waters abound with diverse marine life forms of all colors, shapes and sizes. Its vast, uninterrupted strip of sparkling white coral sand..."

  • Exciting Water Activities: Beach & Swimming Pool, Beach Volleyball, Canoeing, Kayaking, Jetskiing, parasailing, banana boating, snorkeling, diving etc.
  • Gun Club: Firing Range
  • Watch the Sunset & the Dawn from YOUR Room: 35 Standard Rooms & 22 Superior Rooms with perfect beach view, with the setting sun and breaking dawn...
  • Great Services: Room Service, Massage, Business Center (internet, photocopying, etc.), laundry services, clinic/doctor on call, airline ticket, tour bookings, etc.
  • Afforbable Facilities: Weddings, Debuts, Baptismal Celebration, Graduation parties, Beach parties, Concerts, Theme Parties, Incentives, Team Building, and more...

Tambuli West Wing can also be found at the following address.http://www.tambuli.com/Tambuli.htm.

Am I not glad to see you here! Please, enjoy your holidays.

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