Moalboal Municipality

moalboal municipal hallMunicipal Hall of Moalboal Town

Moalboal Municipality

Interesting Moalboal Municipality

Moalboal Municipality or the town of Moalboal is one of the fastest economically growing municipalities of Cebu Province. It is popularly known for its nice beaches and sea activities including island-hopping and scuba diving.

Some important details about Moalboal are the following:

Population: over 30 thousand (2015 census)

Distance: 89 kilometers from Cebu City

Travel time: about 2-3 hours from Cebu City

Location: between Alcantara and Badian towns


Agbalanga, Bala, Balabagon, Basdiot, Batadbatad, Bugho, Buguil, Busay, Lanao, Poblacion East, Poblacion West, Saavedra, Tomonoy, Tuble, Tunga (Wikipedia)

Moalboal ChurchOld church facade in Moalboal Town, Cebu

Resources of Moalboal

Being a peninsula, Moalboal Municipality is surrounded by body of water. Due to this geographical nature, majority of its residents do fishing as a source of living and income.

Those people living in the mountainous regions either do farming or raising livestocks as their source of livelihood. People plant coconut trees, corn, bananas, and other common crops that are considered as staple food among Cebuanos or Moalboalanons. 

Tourist Resources

Moalboal is fecund in terms of sea activities. It offers vast resources of activities especially to those who love the beach and sea. Here are some examples:

moalboal town streetMoalboal Town street

Beaches & Resorts

There are two popular places in Moalboal where both local and foreign visitors flock to. The first one is called Panagsama Beach. This is the area where you can find most resorts with various rates, restaurants and other forms of entertainments. Panagsama used to have expansive shore lines but were washed away to during a heavy typhoon in the 80s. 

However, one can still enjoy the remaining beaches in Panagsama. Although it is not famous anymore in terms of shore lines, it is popular for snorkeling and scuba diving.

moalboal-beach-resortPanagsama beach resort & bar

The second popular beach area is called the White Beach or Basdaku). It is famous for its 2-kilometer long stretch of shore lines. It is quite crowded during weekends and during summer season. Along the beach, you can easily find great accommodations and beach resorts, dive shops and restaurants.

moalboal-sunset-viewSunset at Moalboal, Cebu


Secluded islands with nice beaches are being visited by travelers who prefer to do island-hopping activity. This sort of activity usually offers a package service that includes meals, snorkeling gears, island picnics, among others.

Among the popular islands is Pescador Island, which is famous for its lighthouse and fecund marine life that offers fantastic underwater environment for snorkelers and divers alike. Various species of fishes, sea turtles, corals and other sea life are readily observable. 

Scuba Diving

Panagsama Beach and Basdaku have resorts and dive shops that offer scuba diving lessons and activities. In this part of the province, Moalboal Municipality offers one of the best places for scuba divers to explore the amazing marine life.

More Fun Activities

Aside from sea activities, some resorts and tourism shops offer adrenaline pumping activities, such as waterfalls climbing, caving, canyoneering and other sorts of activities. All of these sites are located with 20 kilometers of Moalboal. 

Thanks for reading this page. Hope you’ll have a fantastic and memorable travel in this part of the province.

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