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'Only' Yooneek Beach Resort

Yooneek Beach Resort Hotel, Bantayan Island, Cebu, Philippines

Yooneek Beach Resort

Yooneek Beach Resort is a beautifully established resort at the heart of Santa Fe, Bantayan Island.

If you have guessed already, the word “yooneek” comes from the English term ‘unique’.

The management of this establishment coined this name to describe the beauty of this place.

Yooneek Beach Resort is located in Santa Fe, Bantayan Island, Cebu Province, Philippines. It is established on a white beach of this tropical Bantayan island, a popular destination for holiday-makers both local and foreigners alike. It is best for island hopping, snorkeling, beach parties, swimming, sunbathing, among other water activities that every guests would enjoy in this tropical island.A white island and beach on Bantayan Island, photo: yooneekbeachresort.com

Yooneek resort is strategically established with other beach resorts of Santa Fe’s white beach.

Its very location offers great vantage point of the aquamarine and sparkling pristine waters of Bantayan.

In addition, you’ll experience the stunning sunrise and sunsets as well.
Of course, you can lots of other interesting and more…

Yooneek Beach Resort Beach Area, Bantayan island, Cebu, Philippines
At Yooneek Beach Resort you can rent various sorts of fun water activity facilities

Fun Beach & Water Activities

Being on the island could be a very exciting feeling but could also be overwhelming given that there are loads of things you can do. Therefore, to ease a little bit your burden in deciding which among the activities, the below items might serve as your activity guides.

Anyway, they are the basic and popular things you can do...

Sunbathing, swimming, beach games, etc.
Sunbathing is popular in this area because of the white sand that can tell you whether you got tanned enough or not yet. Just bring a sun cream with the right PF level. While tanning you can read or just lay lazy listening to the sound of the waves.

And, of course, you can play beach volleyball, and other interesting active beach games around this resort area.

This is one of the must do activities when having holidays in places such as this one. When island-hopping, you’ll visit smaller and secluded islands with amazing beaches where you’ll be provided with food and drinks, and more that Yooneek Resort’s management will provide.

Boat Rentals
You can rent a boat and travel around the islands with your friends and family. It would be an experience of great freedom and excitement seeing and visiting places you’ve never been before enveloped by the turquoise water.

Yooneek Beach Resort's Bar & Restaurant, Bantayan Island, Cebu, Philippines

Fantastic Services & Facilities

Aside from savoring the beauty and enjoying a rejuvenating time on the island, and at this resort, you can also available all sorts of services and facilities that Yooneek is offering...

Open Air Restaurant & Beach Bar
Yes, this is what I always love on a beach – fresh air, open space, delicious food… After your sumptuous dinner, you can proceed to Yooneek’s beach bar for some after meal drinks.

Theme Parties & Events
If you are thinking of holding special events, parties, or anything at all by the beach, Yooneek can uniquely arrange that for you. Surely, it would be a very enjoyable and memorable moment of your lifetime. E.g. Valentine's Day, Halloween, Christmas party...

Yooneek can also provide you comfortable facilities if you want a serious business on a beach, such as a seminar, business gathering, etc.

Other basic services & facilities:
Internet café
Gift shop
Laundry service
Free WiFi access

Having seen the interesting activities, services and facilities, let’s proceed to check out your possible room accommodations…

Yooneek Beach Resort Apartment Hotel, Bantayan Island, Cebu, Philippines
Yooneek Beach Resort Rooms, Bantayan Island, Cebu

Great Accommodations / Rooms

Depending on your preferences and needs, you’ll have the choices of beachfront hotel type air-conditioned rooms facing the Tanon Strait of Cebu, Visayas Region…

Standard Room *(PhP1,890 – 1,690): aircon, balcony, seaview
Vista Grande Room (PhP2,790 – 1,900): aircon, oceanview, refrigerator, hot/cold shower
VIP Suite (PhP4,900 – 2,900): aircon, oceanview, fridge, cable TV, internet
Fan Room (PhP1,390 – 1,090)

Please, check out Yooneek’s official site for further details.
*Note: The high and low rates inside the parentheses indicates high and low seasons respectively.

This beach resort offers great discounts for long staying guests, including:
•    overnight accommodation
•    daily continental breakfast for two
•    round trip transfer (Yooneek resort-Pier)


There is a more private abode established by Yooneek resort  just adjacent to the resort itself. At Yooneek Inn, you’ll have an experience of garden view rooms that offer cozy and relaxing atmosphere and surrounding. Another advantage is that it is just a few seconds walk to the seashore.

Room Rates: aircon (PhP1,290 – 1,490); fan room (PhP990 – 1,290)
•    overnight accommodation
•    daily continental breakfast for 2 at Yooneek resort
•    round trip transfer (Yooneek Inn-Santa Fe Pier)

You can easily get more details by…

Yooneek beach resort deluxe room

Finding Yooneek Beach Resort

If you are thinking of wanting to know more about this resort, or even dreaming to visit this place, you may use the following details...

Address:     Santa Fe, Poblacion, Bantayan Island, Cebu, Philippines
Telephone: +639436763303 (Precy)
Mobile:        09255555206 (Juan); 09255555256 (Emersan)
Email:          yooneekbeach@yahoo.com; yooneekbeachresort@yahoo.com
Website:      www.yooneekbeachresort.com

If you don't know or not sure of your way to Bantayan Island, you may use another page of this website to help guide you. Just click Getting to Bantayan Island page then you will find all possible ways to get there via choices of transports.

And, if you have not been to Cebu yet in your life and found this resort worth visiting, you might need a guide that can walk you through to get to Cebu Province. You may use the following page in this site for descriptions of international flights available for Cebu:

Getting to Cebu

Now, whatever step you will take and decision you'll make, please take care and have fun!

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Have fun and enjoy your holiday!

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