Getting to Barili Municipality

Getting to barili municipality

south-bus-terminal-schedulesBus Schedules (photo credit:

getting to barili municipality

Barili Municipality is nicely located in the southwestern part of Cebu Province. It is approximately 60 kilometers from Cebu City.

Getting to Barili Municipality and finding where you want to go is quite easy. If you are already in Cebu City, just head for Cebu South Bus Terminal. Many bus lines await you there offering various rates depending on your choice.

South Bus Terminal is located in N. Bacalso Avenue, Cebu City.

You can get there by any means of transport. Take a jeepney (depending on your location), motorbike (habal-habal), private car, or taxi (could be the quickest way to get there).

Take the Bato via Barili route. You should not miss that route because there is another one that goes to the opposite side of the province – the Bato via Oslob route. Get it?

It takes around 2 hours to get to Barili but could be an entertaining ride if you enjoy watching some scenic views – mountains, green plants, towns and old churches, markets, local lifestyles, among others.
The fare is about 80 pesos (always going up) but could be less if you hop on a non-aircon bus.

Bus Lines
The most popular bus company is Ceres Liner, while the other companies include Sunrays, Chan Transit, etc. But Ceres Liner is the most common one that goes that direction.

phone numbers

Cebu South Bus Terminal Phone Numbers
In case you want to ask further questions, please use the following numbers. If these do not work, please update me. Thanks.

253-3830; 253-4119

Now, if you are going there to see the majestic Mantayupan Falls, you should get off at a bus stop called Shamrock Station. Yes, this is your stop then take a motorbike to get to the falls.
Buses and Schedules

If you want to escape the traffic congestion along the way, you had better ride the early one – that is if you are an early bird!

The government of Cebu is kind enough to put up the bus schedules at Cebu South Bus Terminal. Here is the link: Cebu South Bus Terminal Bus Departure Schedules

Cebu South Bus Schedules
Through that link, you will not only find schedules but bus companies, air-con and non-aircon availability, the number of the trip per day, the number of buses available, sitting capacity, and most of all their respective destinations as well.

Taking this opportunity, I would also to include some of the popular travel destinations in this municipality. In case you want to check them out, they are in the following sub-topic.

travel destinations & attractions

If you are interested, you can research more about the following items…

accommodation & rooms

I think that the legitimate accommodation you can find is in Sayaw Beach resort. However, there should be some small business people that offer room rentals in the municipality if you ask around.

If you want to, try searching from the search box below from my affiliate official online sources.

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Have a great and safe travel!

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