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getting to barili

Mantayupan Falls, Barili, Cebu

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All roads lead to Barili. That is when you are already in Cebu City or anywhere on this provincial island.

Supposing you are already in Cebu City, either arriving by flying in or taking a slow ship, head to Cebu South Bus Terminal. Find any bus that travels to Bato via Barili (Please, know that there is another route – Oslob via Barili – but a longer trip to get there). 

Yes, many bus lines travel that way, and the most famous company is Ceres Liner. 

Departure Schedule. Usually, Ceres Bus, in particular, leaves every hour from as early as 4 AM up until 5 PM. If you are in a hurry to get to Barili, better that the early schedule, that is if you are an early bird. Moreover, if you miss the earliest Ceres schedule, then decide to take another bus line to compensate your lost time.

Travel time to Barili, standard time is bearing in account all factors, is about 1 hour and 45 minutes to be exact. Your destination is actually only about 60 kilometers from Cebu City.

Logically speaking, if you let me, it is supposed to take only less than an hour to get to Barili, that is because bigger buses can run at top speed of over a hundred kilometers per hour. Therefore, 60 kilometers is supposed to be only less than an hour to take. Yes, you are right, traffic congestion and narrower road are the culprits of that longer travel time.

So, if you want to spare yourself from a traffic congestion,  better take the earlier trip and continue napping inside the bus on your way. 

The fare is about 80 pesos – and it will go up. If you are going to see Mantayupan Waterfalls, get off at Shamrock Bus Terminal (but you can also get off at Seven Eleven in Barili), where you can hire a habal-habal (single motorbike) for between 30 to 50 pesos depending on your arrangments. 

Bus fare differs depending on the two options: air-con and non-aircon buses. For this kind of trip, you might want to pick the air-con bus especially when you travel when the sun is up. Besides, it is more comfortable to take the air-conditioned one, plus you can watch an action (mostly older ones) if you do not want to take a nap while on your way.

Hire a habal-habal to the site for P30 (one-way) or P50 (round trip). Better hire the habal-habal for a round trip ride unless you intend to stay long in the falls. Travel time to the falls is 10 minutes or 4 kilometers.

what is barili famous for?

Barili Municipality is favorite for active travelers, especially the younger generation who wants to travel and see the real world outside a busy and stressful city life. Among the many travel destinations and attraction in Barili, let me introduce you some of them, as follow

Mantayupan Falls

It is an astonishing falls located just around 10 minutes by motorbike from a bus stop in Barili. The main waterfall is about 90 meters high and offers not only a great view but also cool and refreshing fresh water. Want to know more about the falls? See it here through the link above.

Sayaw Beach

Barili is also great for beach resources. Sayaw Beach is its representative beach resort. Get there and get tanned with your family, friends or alone for an adventure.

more barili travel resources

In addition to the two mentioned above, you may further explore Barili's interesting travel resources. Some of them are available as below...

  • Boloc-Boloc Natural Spring Pools
  • AC Tilapia Fun Fishing
  • San Rafael Hill
  • Ancestral Homes
  • Restaurants – Gustosso Pizza and Pasta, Fun Grill, Kiosk Food Stalls
  • Molave Milk Station

Don't be shy to ask people around, or better yet, do your homework before heading South.

Accommodation, Resorts, hotels nearby

The closest place with plenty of choices of accommodation is in Moalboal, about 14 kilometers from Barili. You may find any accommodation nearby by typing in in the Search Box below.

Thank you for reading this page, and hopefully, it helps your search.

Have a great day and safe travel!

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