Getting To Danao City

How to get to Danao city


getting to danao city

From Cebu City (or Mactan City)
There are myriads of ways and transports that will lead you to Danao City. You also have choices of fare rates – from the cheapest to the premium one. All right, let's take you there through any of the transports below.

buses & minibuses

Go to Cebu North Bus Terminal for your choices of bus companies available there. The fare varies depending on the size of the bus. Usually, the larger buses (such as Ceres Liner and Road Runner) the charge more than the mini-buses (from around 40 to 50 pesos).

The rationale behind the fare differences is that larger buses are more convenient and even faster (especially the air-conditioned ones since they make only a few stops along the way).
Buses leave for Danao City at every 15 – 30 minutes. Pick the ones that travel to Carmen or Sogod directions.

Taking a bus to Danao could be the cheapest and most convenient mode of transport.


V-Hire (short for Van for Hire)

Yes, they used to be (and still are) transports for hire (or ‘pakyaw’) for bigger groups or a family who want to travel as a group conveniently and quickly. They are fast, and that is why many would choose them. They are fast because they can easily pass through heavy traffic due to their size, and they only drop off a passenger in limited areas.

Take V-Hires at Cebu North Bus Terminal in Cebu City or SM City Cebu. Vans are all air-conditioned but usually not sufficient to cool down the temperature inside not only because of the tropical heat but because of the number of people they accommodate (often overloaded – passengers get squeezed!).

Anyhow, many riders would take this transport for the main reasons above – being fast and they depart as soon as the seats are full. It takes around an hour and a half to reach Danao City. The front seats are the most comfortable place if you do not know yet!

cebu-jeepneyA colorful Jeepney in Cebu

Jeepney (Public Utility Jeepney – PUJ)

Yes, this could be the cheapest transport, if you prefer. They are not only plentiful but also budget-friendly. It is great if you have enough time or want to observe and experience the local lifestyle.


Taxis are also available from Cebu to Danao or vice versa. It might take some minutes or so since you have to bargain with the taxi driver first before departing. However, since nowadays the meter machine are available in most Cebu taxis, you may just have to make the driver agree using that device. Usually, the rate from Cebu City to Danao City is from PhP600 to not more than PhP1000 – one way.

Taking a taxi is the most comfortable and quickest way to get to Danao City.

danao city transports

If you are going to specific places or resorts in Danao, you need to take smaller vehicles including tricycles, motorbikes, and pedicabs. They often flock where the terminals are or where bigger buses make their regular stops or in the drop off points.

From Danao City to Other Places/Islands
From Danao City, you can always take buses that will bring you to the northern areas of Cebu Province. You can take buses at Danao Terminal.

Danao City Port (sea port)
Danao Port is one of your alternatives if you take boats or ferries to Camotes Islands (another great travel destination). The boats can load up cars and even the heavy trucks loaded with products bound for Camotes Islands. If you are renting a car, you can easily travel around Camotes.

Please, click the following link to go the page Getting to Camotes Island and find more details including rates and schedules.

danao resorts & hotels

There are many resorts and hotels available in Danao City area. Although the beach area is not so attractive, the resorts are excellent and offer fantastic services, including accommodation, cottages, swimming pools and parking areas.

Check them out below.

Thanks for reading and hope this helps your travel.

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