Hagnaya Beach Resort, San Remigio


Hagnaya Resort is one of the beach resorts that is located on the famous San Remigio Town, Cebu, Philippines

It is situated in the Northern side of the provincial island of Cebu, Central Visayas, Philippines.

Hagnaya does not only have nice beach but it also boasts its huge swimming pool (probably the biggest one in the whole province).

The pool itself is being surrounded by all sorts of facilities you would need to totally enjoy your pool experience.

One could say that Hagnaya Resort is an upscale facility in this part of the province.


Swimming Pool
If you prefer not to dip in into salt water, you would probably spend your time with in this huge pool. It has two slides, smaller pool within the pool (shallow). There is also a Jacuzzi with a hexagon-shaped shade over it. The whole ambiance surrounding the pool will make you feel like you’re in a Mediterranean environment.

Beach Shorelines
Yes, you can spend your whole vacation or break by just walkng and enjoying the sand and shorelines of San Remigio where Hagnaya resort is rightly located.

More Activities
You can certainly enjoy anything you need for your holidays if you ask for it. Arrange your preferences at the front desk or management of the resort. Or best, you can send your request of activities beforehand.

Here are the usual sea adventures and activities you can do…
Island Hopping
Scuba Diving
Boat rides
Area/town tours, etc.
In the waters of San Remigio, you can discover these interesting marine life: rays (guitarfish), white tip reef sharks, bamboo sharks, nurse sharks, barracuda, whale sharks, turtles, manta rays, among the bigger fishes.

Okay, let’s check out some of their top facilities and services. You can find out more if you actually visit and see the place yourself. Here are some…

Park & Recreation Center
Josephia’s Restaurant
This great restaurant offers all sorts of food, including Asian, Western, Mediterranean cuisine, etc.

Island Hopping
You can surely explore the amazing island near or surrounding the area. This is one of the activities you shouldn’t miss when on this area. You’ll have this experience, most often, with a group and share the cost with them (about Php5,500).

Whole Body Massage
This is for those who need physical and mental relaxation therapy. They offer great service for an hour’s basis.
Specific Services & Rates:

Package Deals
This package will cost you Php1,500/head for a minimum of 4 persons. This includes room accommodation, meals, snacks, resort facilities, and use of conference room for within 3 hours. The conference use is limited up to 50 guests only.

Day Tour Package
This special package deal can be an enjoyable experience for those who love to join a much bigger crowd. Or this could be not so entertaining for those who prefer a smaller group. Whatever you choice is, make sure you contact and deal first directly with the management. So, here’s the deal…

It includes a lunch buffet, snacks (could be heavy in Filipino style), island hopping, videoke, among the major inclusions. It will cost 850 pesos per person and the minimum is 30 guests for this package.


Hagnaya Beach Resort offers fantastic accommodations to its guests. The whole accommodation provides you the basic facilities and amenities…

Cable TV, air conditioning facility, internet access, minibar, non-smoking area, showers, etc.

Now, if you are interested to check out their rooms’ choices, here they are:

Standard Room: Php1,800 good for 2 guests
Deluxe Suite Room: Php2,800 for a maximum of 4 guests
Family Room: Php3200 for a maximum of 6 guests
Family Suite Room: Php3600 max of 6
Dormitory Room: Php7500 max of 16 guests
Please, make sure you contact them directly for your updated rates.


Address: Cebu North Hagnaya Wharf Rd, San Remigio 6011, Philippines
Phone: 032-4068387 / +639176230377
Email: hagnayabeachresort_restaurant@yahoo.com

Getting There
Take a bus from North Bus Terminal in Cebu City bound for Hagnaya that will take around 3 hours (about 120 pesos).

Bus for Bogo City. You can take this bus then take a jeepney for San Remigio.
Another choice is to ask the resort to arrange a pick up service from wherever you’ll be coming from in the province.

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Please, enjoy your travels and be safe always.

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