Haruhay Dream Resort

Haruhay Dream Resort, Mactan Island, Cebu, Philippines.

Haruhay Resort's Pool (Photo Source: haruhay-philippines.com)


Haruhay Resort was first started in 1986 with a little bungalow building on a hectare property. This was first built for friends and relatives who want to enjoy the surreal environment.

Now, the resort has been expanded and continues to swell with more bungalows and rooms for its guests.

Haruhay is not only entertaining and serving its visitors who come but also offers interesting tours to various places and sites in the province of Cebu.

Okay, let’s take a deeper look at its…


I guess this is the only place I know of so far that offers the most varied activities among the resorts. Here are the activities…

Island hopping, diving, snorkeling
You obviously know this by now that the beaches, islands, the sea and the underwater world of Cebu is fantastic and great for exploration via island hopping, diving, snorkeling and similar activities. Just inquire from the resort and expect the best experience you can have.

Visit Olango Island
Haruhay offers this activity which is popular among natural world conservationists, lovers of nature and some curious individuals. Olango Island is a conservation area and sanctuary of migratory birds. This is under the protection of the government--not only to protect its beauty but also the natural purpose of marine life in this area.

Fort San Pedro, Cebu City, Philippines. It is a Spanish fort build in the 16th century to protect the soldiers from invaders of the island.

Fun Cebu Tours
The management offers sightseeing tours in Cebu City for reasonable rates for a certain number of guests only.

The most popular places would be the Fort San Pedro and Magellan’s Cross. The Fort is a historic structure being that it is built during the Spanish occupation in the 16th century as bastion against invaders of Cebu. You can still see the fort intact and the canons still lying in wait to be fired up (not anymore, obviously)!

Magellan’s Cross is a special place where the explorer Ferdinand Magellan thought to have erected the first Christian cross on this island. Now, it has become a tourist spot and people come to pray and light their candles and hope for more blessing and miracles.

The Tops is another place where Haruhay would proudly bring you to. Located on top of a mountain, you’ll have a nice panoramic view of Cebu City and the surrounding areas and sea.

If you wish on doing something active and fun, Haruhay Dream Resort can certainly provide you that activity. Let’s check out some…

Zipline Adventure in Liloan
Archery Lessons close to the Taoist Temple
Yacht or Catamaran Sailing
Scooter or Motorbike Riding
Lawn Tennis
Swimming pool

Surely, there are ample of very active and less physically demanding but entertaining things you can enjoy with during your stay or vacation.

Of course, in addition to the fun activities you need some calories to burn up to enjoy more. So, let’s check out something delicious in this resort…

Restaurant & Bar
The restaurant offers hedonistic food which are mostly central European. For example, the restaurant has gulasch with bread dumpling, schnitzel, tenderloin, among other food which are familiar to some and unknown to some as well.

Special Haruhay Dream Resort Pizza
Pizzas being served here are delicious—thin crust and various toppings. The pizza is being baked over a stone oven and not just ordinary oven commonly used by most pizza houses.

Local and popular foods are also being serve, including Pancit Canton, Pancit Bihon, Filipino Beeksteak, etc.
Serves breakfast, lunch and dinner

The resort also accepts catering services for special events and celebrations. But you should know in advance that most of the dishes or menu only includes local and Central European ones. However, if you are an international person, you wouldn’t mind it at all!

They cater meal service for all sorts of celebrations, such as birthdays, children’s parties, weddings and anniversaries, reunions, and even the more formal business and private parties.

So, here is the menu that you have heard or never heard of before:

European Sausages: Ungarische Wurst, Frankfurter Bockwurst, Ein Paar Wienerle, etc.
Sandwiches: Aufschnitt / Kase Brot, Haruhay Special Sandwich, among other sandwiches
Pastas: Spaghetti mit Tomaten-Fleischsauce, Spaghetti in Sahne Sauce, etc.
Filipino Dishes: Pancit Canton, Sotanghon Guisado, pork steak, etc.

Free Wifi access in all rooms and in the restaurant.
Free use of Swimming Pool
Airport Pick up/drop
Massage service
Take-out Food Service
Tennis Court (from 10AM to 9PM)

The rooms of Haruhay Dream Resort offers clean and quality facilities and amenities. The room rates are also affordable by most visitors.
Here are the three types of accommodations and some descriptions…

Standard Room
It has a toilet and shower, cable tv, running water, etc. for 1600pesos.

Deluxe Room
Almost similar with the Standard Room but obviously it has a little bit more including the hot and cold shower. (1800pesos)

New Deluxe Room
Has similar facilities and amenities with the Deluxe above, but probably it is a little bit better, and it’s new (2000pesos).


Address: Marigondon Beach, 6015 Lapu-Lapu City, Philippines
Owner/Managers: Evelyn Pichler/ Wolfgang Pichler
Phone: +00 63 917 303 1954
TEL/FAX +63 32 340 9790
E-mail Address: contact@haruhay-philippines.com; Website: www.haruhay-philippines.com/
Alternate Mobile No.: +00 63 917 325 6016

Cebu Beach Resorts.

Additional Description to finding Haruhay Dream Resort

Head or take the Marigondon Road for Marigondon Beach. If you can spot Plantation Bay Resort (another popular and huge resort in the area) turn to its left hand side but about 500 meters before it.


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Hope you’ll come around again soon or more often.
Until then, have a wonderful day, or a great vacation if you found already one place to visit to.

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