Huna Huna Cliff Resort

Reminisce Huna Huna Cliff Resort

This is a top view of Huna Huna Cliff Resort in Catmon Town, Cebu

Side-view of Huna-Huna Cliff Resort (Photo: huna-huna facebook)

Huna Huna Cliff Resort, Catmon Town

Huna Huna Cliff Resort is a nice establishment right on a cliff by the sea of Cebu Province.

It is a Spanish-Mediterranean style resort with private verandas.

Huna Huna (transliteration for ‘thinking’ or ‘to think’ in Cebuano language) is located at the coast of Catmon Town in the northern part of Cebu Province, Philippines.

This resort by the cliff is about 45 kilometers from Cebu City, the provincial capital of this Visayan island. It simply means that you don't have to spend that much time to reach and enjoy this fantastic resort by the sea.

It is also very accessible by any vehicle since it is very close to the national highway.

Rooftop view of Huna Huna Cliff Resort's rooftop restaurant overlooking the great blue sea of Catmon, Cebu

Huna Huna Cliff Resort's Facilities & Services

Well, let’s start describing the most important part of this establishment…

Huna Huna’s Restaurant
The restaurant is set at the rooftop of the main building for the guests to have great and panoramic views of the marvelous blue ocean.

It basically serves various traditional Filipino dishes and international cuisine as well. They are known to have the superb pizza in town.

In fact, many people drop by the restaurant jus to have their meal and continue on with their journey. Their food is not only tasty but also affordable enough.

Weddings & Special Events
For one thing, Huna Huna Resort is also known for holding special events, such as wedding ceremonies and celebrations. If you intend to have your wedding (or anybody’s), the resort’s management will arrange everything for you.

For example, they can provide the following you will need:

• DJ/Band/Other Entertainment
• Ceremony Musician(s)
• Reception Site
• Catering Services
• Photographer
• Videographer
• Florist and Floural Arrangements
• Baker
• Tuxedos
• Bridal Gown & Dresses
• Clergyman/Judge
• Rehearsal Site
• Rehearsal Dinner Site
• Make-Up Artist
• Hair Stylist

Huna Huna Cliff Resort's building facing the sea in Catmon, Cebu

And anything you request to have or to happen.

After the wedding and celebrations, you might want to stay longer by availing their rooms with sea views and relaxing environment.

So, let’s check out their…

Cliffside Accommodation & Sea-view Rooms

Huna Huna Cliff Resort has 12 (twelve) fantastic rooms available to its guests. Among the 12, there are six rooms that are installed with air-conditioning facilities and are located adjacent to the shore in one building.

While the remaining non-aircon rooms are sitting on top of the cliff overlooking the smaller ‘payag’ (small huts with thatched roofs built as resting place while you drink or enjoy your meal), the other rooms, and the vast ocean below them. I’m pretty sure you won’t need an air-con since the sea breeze would be cool enough to chill you, especially when you sleep without a blanket (my experience anyway at night by the beaches).

Okay, if you are interested to have an idea about room rates, here they are…

Air Conditioned Rooms is Php 2,000 (could change without prior notice). This is inclusive of breakfast for 2 guests. Actually, this rate applies to a single or double occupant. So, better bring your loved one or a friend to take advantage of this offer.

And, if you bring one more person as a tag along, you may have to pay for an extra bed that costs Php500 (sorry but this does not include free breakfast!)
Now, for the other rooms available…

Fan Rooms will cost you Php 1,000 to Php 1,500. This rate is exclusive of breakfast, that is probably the reason why it’s cheaper than the aircon ones. Also, the rate is applicable for both single and double occupant(s). An extra bed would cost you P500.

Day use of rooms is available for a maximum of 3 (three) hours only.

Entrance Fee
For those of you who are interested in using their cottage (nipa hut), you need to pay an entrance charge (PhP75). What would you do when in? Actually, they don’t have a nice beach (a bit rough and rocky) but you still can dip in the water. Most visitors would just come to enjoy the view, the sea, food, and chat.

However, you can still enjoy swimming the sea in front of the resort with its man-made wall to create a sort of pool at the same time breaks strong waves.

Now, if you are really interested to know more about this resort establishment, you can use the following info.

A bedroom at Huna Huna Cliff Resort in Catmon Town, Cebu Province, Philippines

Finding Huna Huna Cliff Resort

As I mentioned already, this beautiful resort is that easy to find since it is located right close by the main road.

So, if you got interested and wishes to find out more about this place you may use the following contact details...

Address: Buyo, Binungkalan, Catmon, 6006 Cebu, Philippines
Telephone: +63 917 371 9741

That’s it but not all about the resort since they have more to offer if you want or request something.

To sum up, Huna Huna Cliff Resort offers accommodations, meals and sea activities.

Second, it offers its facilities for those who wish to stay for a day only to enjoy and relax.

Last and not the least, Huna Huna Cliff Resort offers great services including celebrations and weddings.

Vacationers take outrigger boat for their island hopping activities in Catmon, Cebu, Philippines

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Thank you for scanning this page. I hope this gives you some interesting idea and descriptions about this place.

Hope you’ll visit us again or more often to discover more interesting resorts and travel destinations in Cebu Province.

Have a wonderful and memorable break, vacation, holiday,honeymoon, or whatever you may call it.

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