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Esoy Hot Spring in Catmon, CebuEsoy Hot Spring in Catmon Town, Cebu

Esoy Hot Spring in Catmon, Cebu

Esoy Hot Spring is an interesting resort and one of the most popular destinations in Catmon Municipality in Cebu Province, Philippines.

From Cebu City, the capital of the province, Esoy Spring is about 57 kilometers away and around 5 kilometers from the town of Catmon, where this nice spring resort is situated.

The name “Esoy” is the resort proprietor’s nickname who is himself a town councilor (Councilor Celso Bustamante).

The resort offers therapeutic effects especially for those who have some physical ailments.

However, this resort is also very much available to all guests who are fond of dipping in hot natural water. It is both a place for healing and relaxation in this part of the province.

"No Booking, No Entry" Policy

Places like this are not common, or unlike a wide beach, and so many people would want to rush in to get the benefits or just enjoy its natural giftedness.

So, the management made it a policy that guests should come with prior reservation so as to prevent overcrowding and other possible unforeseeable issues.

Preferably, you need to book a day or two, or much earlier, if you want to get in and dip in into the healing hot water from a hot spring in the vicinity.

In order to get inside the hot spring, one has to climb down a 150-step stairs leading into the hot spring. Due to the limited space inside, the management declared a “no booking, no entry” policy so that users could fully enjoy the place.

Source and Benefits
It is said that the hot spring water (40-60 degrees centigrade) originates from Catmon’s highest mountain called Mount Tabayag. While others say that it is naturally coming from the underground’s natural heat producing the hot spring water.

Either way, we can understand this phenomenon by saying that the heat of the Earth (such as volcanic activity) is one of the explanations that make the place as it is.

Ancient medicine and present findings and practice on hot water therapy are common everywhere. Early Roman bathtubs and the present hot bathhouses prove these places as being so—relaxing and rejuvenating.

However, specifically, it is being said that Esoy spring offers greater health benefits for those who dip in or do regularly use the facility. Some say that this hot water can strengthen hot muscles just like when one does exercise.

Anyway, here are the possible benefits when using this hot spring waters:

  • Promotes blood circulation and remove body toxins;
  • Heals joint pain or reduces obesity;
  • Cures back pain, arthritis, diabetes, stress, and other heart problems;
  • Cures insomnia and other sleeping habit problems, etc.

Well, to make sure or prove that it works, you need to visit the place and try its services. Surely, there are medical explanations to all the things mentioned and I think it would not be difficult since we are dealing with tangible and material issues in this respect.

If you are interested (I am very interested, NO! I don’t have any ailments yet!), you should check out some details…

Esoy Hot Spring Resort of Catmon, Cebu, PhilippinesEsoy Hot Spring Resort has various sizes of hot pools

Entrance fees & more services

For a local, I think this is for Filipinos only (maybe excluding foreign nationals living in the country), you need to pay PhP100.oo.

For a foreign guest, I think visitors who are fresh from other country, should pay Php300.00. Why is it so, I don’t know why! But, certainly, you get what you paid for at this nice resort.

If you want to use a cottage, you can rent one for Php500.00 per cottage for a day’s use.

Aside from the hot spring, you can also enjoy...

  • river trekking
  • rock formations viewing/climbing
  • fish feeding
  • small hanging bridge crossing, etc.

Certainly, there are other activities and services you can avail while at the resort. You can make such arrangement in advance as you contact and confirm and visit the place.

Finding Esoy Hot Spring

Here are some details to visit or discover Esoy Spring in Cebu Province.

As aforementioned, Catmon Town is around 57 kilometers from Cebu City, and it is around 5 kilometers from the town proper.

Location: Duyan, Catmon, Cebu, Philippines
Phone: (+63) 09218133296 or (+63) (032) 4309250

To get to Cebu, you will find a detailed guide by clicking here for another page. The page describes transports for both domestic and international flights, for example.

And, when you are in Cebu City, you have to go to the North Bus Terminal where you can get a bus (or mini-bus) for Catmon Town.

Depending on the bus you will take, the cost is more or less than Php100.

From Catmon Town, you can take a motorbike service ("habal-habal") for Php25 (in this writing but could increase anytime) for Esoy Spring.

If you got your own private ride (or hire), you may visit Esoy Hot Spring's facebook page to find landmarks as your guide.

Nice Esoy Hot Spring poolsBigger Esoy Hot Spring Pool

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