Recuerdo Beach Resort

Recuerdo Beach Resort is located in Catmon Town in the Province of Cebu, PhilippinesBeachview of Recuerdo Resort (Photo: Recuerdo Resort facebook)

Recuerdo Beach Resort, Catmon

Recuerdo Beach Resort is a nice resort property in Catmon Town, Cebu Province, Philippines. It is situated in the southernmost tip of Cebu where great beaches can also be found.

The place where it is nicely established is described as having clean shoreline and crystal clear water but turquoise in the deeper part.

This private resort is owned and managed by a former local official of this Catmon Municipality.

It is a great place for any guests to enjoy with, and also for families to spend a weekend or a day with growing up children.

Recuerdo of Catmon is around 50 kilometers from Cebu City, the provincial capital in this Visayan region.

Cool Accommodation / Cottages

Recuerdo offers very affordable and satisfying facilities and services in this area. You can rent open cottages, overnight stay cottages, and other facilities available.

For guests who wish to avail the facilities for rent, you can start using them from 6 AM to 6 PM only. And if you decide to stay overnight then you need for arrange for specific rates.

Day Use Rates:
Entrance Fee: Php5/guest
Half Cottage: Php200
Whole Cottage: PhP400

Overnight Rates (from 6PM to 6AM)
Entrance Fee: Php10/guest
Half Cottage: PhP250
Whole Cottage: Php500

Other Rates
Entrance Fee without Cottage: Php20/guest
Parking Fee: Php20/car; Php10/motorcycle

Native style cottages by the beach in Catmon at Recuerdo Beach Resort, Cebu Province.Garden at Recuerdo Resort

Services & Facilities for Larger Groups

Recuerdo Beach Resort also offers services to bigger groups of families, friends, company staff, and other groups.

Meeting and Gathering Venue
If you think of organizing a big meeting or family gathering, you might have to inquire Recuerdo’s services regarding this matter. It should be a great place to meet relatives or friends and classmates in this resort.

Catering Services
So, you don’t need to worry about feeding with delicious food your guests or friends when you plan on holding any event or gathering in this resort since they provide your this service. Just make sure proper lines of communication are open and things are prepared ahead of time.

Wedding Package
Yes, this sounds exciting and dreamlike event especially among couples who wish to tie their knot in this resort---on a beach venue. A package deal for wedding ceremony would be an answer to your plan for this memorable moment.

Certainly, there are more services that Recuerdo offers to their valued guests with various personal and group tastes.

You may find out more information and details using the contact details below…

The beachside of Recuerdo Beach Resort which is located in Catmon Municipality, Cebu Province, the Philippines. Catmon is located in the southernmost tip of the island.

Finding Recuerdo Beach Property

Here is how you may contact Recuerdo Resort for any inquiry or booking you wish to make.

Address: Barangay Catmon-Daan, Catmon, Cebu Province, Philippines
Reservation & Contact Number: (+63) (0)32-430-9033

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