jacks beach resort

jacks-beach-resortPool and resort view at Jack's Beach Resort

jacks beach resort

Jacks Beach Resort is a facility in Compostela, Cebu that offers services to beach lovers. It is an affordable resort for families, friends, and couples who prefer to enjoy relaxing time and break from daily life.

Jacks Beach Resort offers rental facilities including beach-side cottages, swimming pool, kitchen facilities, rooms, and more. Of course, you can swim its beach’s cool sea water, snorkeling, do boating, and any fun water sports available.

On the left-hand side of the resort, you will find a sanctuary. While on its right-hand side, you will find a lagoon. Your options while at this resort!

Let’s find out some more details below…

facilities and services offers

Entrance Fees
The entrance fees allow you to enjoy its swimming pool. An adult has to pay 100 Pesos, and a child should pay half.

Beach Cottages
The resort has native hut cottages that provide cool shades under the tropical sun. Sure, you will be enjoying the cool breeze from the expansive sea.

Cottage Fees: Small 300; Large 800
Karaoke 100/hour

Swimming Pool
Jacks Beach Resort has a swimming pool with views of the sea. It has a slide basically for children to enjoy with. Not sure if adults can use it though.

jacks-beach-resort-swimming-poolA guest relaxing at Jack's Beach Resort (photo: jack's beach resort)

Parking Area
Yes, it has a parking space but only for a number of vehicles. The parking lot is strictly for guest’s use only (and for staff or family members).

Party Service
Jack’s Resort also loves to accommodate various social and family gatherings. Although not so huge, the resort can serve events such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and company events. Please, contact them for more details.

Private Room rates
While enjoying the place, you can also rent a room if you think you need to rest or spend more hours at the resort. The room rates vary depending on the facility, size, and the number of guests. See them below…

Few Hours Room Rentals
For 3 hours – 250 Pesos. The rooms is equipped with basic bedroom furnishing and an air-conditioning facility.
For 4 hours – 200 Pesos. The room does not have an air-conditioning facility.

Additional 110 Pesos fee will be collected if you bring in one more guest, and so on. Also, 50 Pesos will be raised each hour you extend your stay.

Standard Room with AC
For Airconditioned Rooms for two (2) guests:
12-hour stay: 500 Pesos
24-hour stay: 900 Pesos

For every extra guest, you need to pay 100 Pesos. Also, 50 Pesos will be collected for every hour of extension.

Aircon Rooms with Fan (for 2 guests)
12 hours of stay: 400 Pesos
24 hours of stay: 600 Pesos

Again, 100 Pesos will be collected for each extra guest. Moreover, 50 Pesos will also be collected per extra hours spent.

jacks-beach-resortSwimming pool and seaview (photo: jack's resort)

getting to jacks beach resort

The beach resort is located in Magay, Compostela, Cebu Province. You can get there via public transports from various points in the province. Yes, depending on your point of origin.

Compostela is between the city of Danao and Cebu City. Getting there via Jeepney is also possible but could be a bit time-consuming. Therefore, buses and Vans could be more practical.

When in the area, ask for the ‘The Flying V’ gasoline station and the Green Lagoon Beach Resort. It is located nearby these two establishments. Walk ahead passing by five or so private beach resorts; then you will find Jack’s Beach Resort.

contact details

For more information or if you are interested, you can contact them as below:

Address: Magay, Compostela, Cebu
Phone: 0977 832 7135; 0942 869 9594; 0999 409 2227

Now, plan your move and get ready to explore and enjoy the resort.
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