Kawayan Marine Resort & Dive Shop

Dao Fall in Malabuyoc, Cebu, the Philippines. It is one of the popular attractions when you visit Malabuyoc area.

Dao Waterfalls in Malabuyoc (photo: www.kawayanmarine.wordpress.com)


Kawayan Marine Resort & Dive Shop is a nice place for rest and activity for both weekend break and long holidays.

It is located on the southern coast of Malabuyoc, 126 kilometers southwest of Cebu City, Philippines.

Kawayan (means ‘bamboo’ in Cebuano or Bisayan language) is a family-owned and managed establishment with native style cottages (nipa huts) and bamboo structures.

Aside from being set by the beach, Kawayan Marine Resort also offers fun and interesting activities, such as swimming, snorkeling and diving.

In this southwestern part of Cebu Province, you can also visit and enjoy historical and natural sites and structures. For example, you can still see the old churches built during the Spanish period (from the 16th century), watch towers, waterfalls, rivers, caves, among other interesting places.

Let’s check out more of these…


At Kawayan Resort, you’ll surely wouldn’t miss active and fun things to do. Here are some of the interesting, and maybe more challenging to some, activities…

Dolphin-watching, kayaking, snorkeling, diving (scuba, free diving)…
Discovering giant clams, corals, colored fishes, shrimps, blue-ringed octopus…
Cave-exploring, hiking, waterfalls trekking…
Water sports, etc.

Canoes, kayaks, snorkels with masks and life vests are available for rent. If you are interested to know the rent rates, here are some of them (note: rates could vary depending on the season or management changes and upgrades)…

Canoe (PhP100/2hrs.)
Kayak (PhP200/hr)
Mask/snorkel (PhP100/day)
Life Vest (PhP25/day)

Now, if you want to know the rates of the other interesting activities or lessons, here are some recent rates.

Dolphin-Watching (PhP6000)
You need to ride on a Cool Banana Pumpboat that’s why the rate is higher. This boat has its crew and an expert dolphin spotter or guide. Sounds very fun!

Dolphin-Watching w/ stop-over at Bais White Sandbar (PhP6,500)
The same as above, you ride the Cool Banana Pumpboat (outrigger boat) with its crew and guide and then you drop by at Bais’ White Sandbar for a picnic, lunch, swim, snorkel, sunbathing, and beach games. That rate is for a maximum of 20 guests excluding the crew & guide.

Scuba Diving
Malabuyoc, where Kawayan Resort is nicely set, has great and diverse marine life which is ideal for scuba divers and other macro life enthusiasts. Being tropical sea water, Malabuyoc’s underwater world can show off to you its colorful hard and soft corals, fishes, turtles, sea snakes, manta rays, among others.


Beach Dive / Fun Dive
This is only for licensed divers who crave to enjoy the sea and its living things underwater. This offer is for 2 (two) dives per person including dive equipment and a certified dive guide. It costs PhP3000.

Beginner/Discover Scuba Diving
Yes, this is for the interested guests who yearn for their first lessons in the sea to discover the beauty of marine life. There are two divers per person that includes equipment and dive instructor. This actual diving lesson costs PhP3500.

PADI Open Water Course (Php 15000/person): 3 days training with license after completion

PADI Advanced Open Water Course (Php 15000/person): 2-3 days training with license after completion

More Interesting Tours & Details
If you are interested to really see more about the environs of Malabuyoc town and its surroundings, you can request to arrange your tour. The management of Kawayan Marine Resort will be glad to offer you a guided tour (for about Php300/day excluding transport and meals).


In case you missed some facilities or services being offered, here is the summary…
* Dive Shop
* Water Sports
* Local Tours
* Dolphin-watching
* Mountain Bike rental (Php400/day)
* Mountain Trekking with guide (Php200)
* Promos & Package Tours for family, friends, groups, etc.

Now, if you really want to visit and stay at this place, you might need to check out first the rates and reserve your accommodation/room.


We can only provide you a little bit of details here regarding Kawayan’s room rates. For further details please use the info right after this sub-section. Here are some rates…

Above the Sea Rooms: Php 1000, fan rooms (for 2-3 guests)

Regular Rooms: Php 1000, fan rooms for 2-3 persons

Airconditioned Room: Php 1,500 (only 1 room, so far, is available for 3-4 guests)
* Rates are subject to change without prior notice

Three meals are offered starting from PhP600.

Well, that’s all for now. Updates of this page will be posted in the near future for better services. If you found problems or new development regarding this page info, please let us know.


Telephone Numbers:
Cebu, Philippines: (032) 516-1484; (032) 495-1353
Australia: 0732746661

Mobile Numbers:
Cebu, Philippines: +63917-5466686 (Fred Ponce); +639287102680 (Connie)
Australia: 0411335570
Emails: yawyan15@yahoo.com; conniecebu@hotmail.com; kawayanmarine@yahoo.com

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Have an amazing holiday and keep safe.

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