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lunhaw farm resort

lunhaw-farm-resort-poolSwimming pool at Lunhaw Resort (photo: Lunhaw Resort fb)

green lunhaw farm resort

Lunhaw Farm Resort is one of the exciting farm escapade sites in Cebu Province. it is specially situated and tucked on a hill overlooking the Bojo River in Aloguinsan Municipality.

If you are dreaming of a human-made paradise, this could be it! You should also know that Aloguinsan is famous for many things including adventure activities (such as Bojo River Cruise, waterfalls, hotsprings, nature walk, beaches, and more).

At Lunhaw Resort, you will find yourself surrounded by lush flowers in the garden, palm trees, and more verdant tropical plants. Besides, you will be praising the sunset over the Tañon Strait with the sun brandishing spectacular colors painting the late afternoon as darkness slowly covers the day.

And, the most important of all, you can indulge yourself with the resort’s exquisite native Filipino cuisine most of the ingredients freshly collected from organic farms.

native style features

One striking feeling you will get when catching your first sight of the resort is its aura of fineness and elegant architecture.

The building structure is not European or other charming accommodation architectural design – it is fundamentally local Filipino architecture. It is made of local materials including bamboo, hardwood, nipa leaves, shells, coconut by-products, among other environmental-friendly resources.

Indeed, the building is not just a product of a paid and commercialized builder, but it is a product of an artist with an exceptional vision that creates every detail an art.

lunhaw-farm-resort-bedroomVilla bedroom at Lunhaw Resort (photo: Lunhaw Resort fb)

accommodation & amenities

Lunhaw offers terrific and perfect facilities for your comfortable farm stay. It has…

  • three air-conditioned villas at your disposal,
  • a dining place that can function as an event hall,
  • has a kitchen with its utensils and all,
  • has an open bar and a pool,
  • and a parking area

Aside from the above three villas, you can also stay at any of its…

Two family size villas –

  • each one has an area of around 36squqre meters per night which is suitable for four guests.
  • The overnight stay includes a free breakfast.
  • The other one is about 25 square meters and has a spectacular view of Bojo River’s mouth. This is only for two guests.
  • Both villas have two king-size beds and private jacuzzis

artistic room details

Your villa will look like a Nipa Hut but more aesthetic and modern in style.

It has sliding glass doors and windows, and higher ceilings that can allow more cooling air and drive away the warmer one. This means that you are genuinely environmentally-friendly since you don’t need the gas emitting (global warming-causing) air-conditioning apparatus.

Now, the most exciting part of your stay in your room, which features the following…

  • hardwood floors
  • a working space
  • a private patio made of wood and bamboo
  • a cabinet (drawers),
  • a mini-refrigerator
  • a bathroom with toilet, etc.
  • a bathtub or Jacuzzis in family villas

Of course, there are more than those things mentioned above. Surprise yourself when you visit!

services, food, etc.

The resort has staff ready to serve you gladly. They are running the kitchen, the bar, restaurant and for your room service – they are mostly ladies!

The gentlemen are in-charge of securing the whole place, and they also get supplies for all visitors from the town and other suppliers.

You will be grateful for their hospitable and generous services.

getting to lunhaw farm resort

Assuming that you are coming from Cebu City, you need to head to Cebu South Bus Terminal. If you arrive from somewhere else at Mactan-Cebu International Airport, you can flag a taxi (around PHP350 at most) for the same terminal.

Then, find the bus that travels to Aloguinsan via Mantalongon Barili or Naga Uling Road.

Tell ahead the ‘conduktor’ that you will get off at Aloguinsan Public Market.

From Cebu to Aloguinsan takes over two hours for a fare of around PhP80 (and less than 100 after a few years).

From the public market, you can take a habal-habal ride (motorcycle) to Lunhaw Resort taking the street by Bojo River – it only takes around 5 minutes to get to the resort.

Aside from a bus, hiring a V-Hire (van) could be more practical, more comfortable and quicker than a bus ride, especially when you are a group (fare is approximately PHP3,000 more or less).

Now that you know a bit about Lunhaw Resort, it is up for you to inquire deeper and decide whether you want to enjoy the place or go somewhere else for your break.

Thanks for reading this page.

Have a safe and enjoyable travel always!

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