AC Tilapia Fun Fishing Village

ac-tilapia-fun-fishingCottages over the pond (photo credit: ac tilapia fun fishing)

AC tilapia fun fishing village & restaurant

AC Tilapia Fishing Village and Restaurant is an excellent place for activities that are not so strenuous and physically challenging. It is a serene and relaxing property that offers mind and body healing space and services.

It is located just some meters away from the famous Mantayupan Falls of Barili Municipality. In fact, the water that feeds the pond of this resort is flowing generously from that Falls. That is a brilliant and innovative idea in promoting livelihood and environmental tourism at the same time.

If you haven't heard of Barili (especially if you are not a Cebuano or haven't been to that province, yet) Municipality, you will know that it is quite famous for many travel destinations, including the aforementioned majestic Mantayupan Falls, Sayaw Beach, ancient ancestral homes, mountains and other destinations.

Now, without further adieu, let us check out AC Tilapia Fun Fishing Village's offers

Best Activities & Facilities

Interesting, you will learn that although the title of the resort obviously means ‘fishing,' you will realize that it is much wider than what you first thought about the place. Anyhow, let's see…

Fun Fishing

Fishing is one of my most memorable experiences in my childhood. I remember using the basic bamboo stick with a nylon line and attached with a hook and sinker. You can relate with me if you have those golden days in your life! ^^

Yes, by the way, AC Tilapia literally has fishes including tilapia fish. You can enjoy fishing tilapia, and you will be provided with those fishing gears. It is certainly fun and could be very exciting especially when your bait is being swallowed by your would-be-food catch. Highly recommend it if you haven't done so yet!


Of course, you can also have fun riding on the back of this animal in this property. No worries, because the horses are gentle and intelligent – they know how to treat humans well! Besides, they have staff who will provide your proper instructions on how to ride and enjoy the activity.

Swimming Pool

Yes, AC Tilapia Fun Fishing Resort has a swimming pool which is huge enough for your to practice your skills, or maybe learn how to swim for the first time in your life. The water is crisp and refreshing since it is coming from the spring of the mountain nearby. 

Entrance Fee is PhP30 and you also have to pay 20 pesos if you decide to swim and soak in the refreshing pool water. On corkage, yes you need to pay if you bring in food with you. That is because the resort itself has its restaurant that sells fried Tilapia among other menus they offer.

Karaoke Singing

You can also enjoy singing your recent songs, oldies or ballads. Aside from jeepneys and habal-habals (passenger motorbike), I think karaokes are also omnipresent in the Philippines. You can hear them everywhere!


AC Tilapia Fun Fishing offers accommodation if you want to stay overnight, and certainly if you wish to stay longer and enjoy the place.

ac-tilapia-fun-fishing-poolAC Tilapia Swimming Pool area

Finding AC Tilapia Fun Fishing

You might not need to find the exact street address or number as everyone knows where it is. But what you will need are the following:

Phone Numbers: 032-4066-005; 0917-3059287 (Augusto Causin)

It is quite easy to get there from anywhere in Cebu Province. However, if you are coming from Cebu City, it might take almost two hours to reach the place, but it is worth your time and resources. Head for Cebu South Bus Terminal in Cebu City and take the Bato via Barili Ceres Bus. For further details, see the link to the bus terminal here.

ac-tilapia-fun-fishing-backgroundFish Pond Area

More Travel Destinations in Barili

Aside from this popular resort, you can keep enjoying your trip in Barili by trying other destinations and activities. For example, you may check out some of the resources below:

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