Boloc-Boloc Sulphuric Hot Spring

boloc-boloc sulphuric hot spring

Boloc-Boloc-Hot-spring-resortHot Spring Swimming Pools in Boloc-Boloc, Barili (photo credit: Fred Umabong)

boloc-boloc sulphuric hot spring

Boloc-Boloc Sulphuric Hot Spring is a natural mineral spring swimming pool resort located in Barili Municipality. The spring resort is named after the name of its barangay – Barangay Boloc-Boloc.

When you travel to see the more famous Mantayupan Falls because of its majestic falling water (about 90 meters high), you might want to check out this humble but recently become a popular hot spring.

I suppose the water that goes into the pools would not be that boiling anymore as it travels or being channeled through pipes to feed the pools. However, still you can enjoy it ‘healing’ effect.

The news is spreading around that these spring-fed pools can probably heal some physical ailments due to the mineral contents in the water. Well, I should say that you can only prove that the claim is right or not when you soak in yourself. More about that later, right after this…

Facilities at Boloc-boloc sulphuric hot spring

The whole property provides simple services but satisfying enough if you only want to enjoy swimming in the hot spring water and spending quality time with family or friends. Let’s see the basic but necessary facilities…

Two swimming pools
Yes, these are two spacious swimming pools where you can enjoy the hot spring water flowing into them through the pipes channeled from the bowels of the spring’s source.

The two swimming pools are not constructed with fancy materials, however, good enough to make you relish the hot and therapeutic spring water.

Family size cottages
Of course, you can always find native style cottages in every resort in the Philippines including this small hot spring resort. You need to rent it, and most often you pay first then use. The rent is reasonable and affordable.

Huge umbrellas (or parasols) are also available for use for small groups. There are not many available as you may just make use of the shades of the tall green trees inside the resort.

Surrounding the two swimming pools are the green tropical vegetation - plants and flowers including the tall and endemic trees. The trees provide not only protection from the harsh direct sunlight, but they also provide you fresh oxygen and refreshing air while enjoying your swim.

Entrance Fee: PhP20


Therapeutic Spring?

People who have been there and done that thing, have been spreading the news that Boloc-Boloc hot spring swimming pool has that therapeutic effect. It might be true if we try to analyze why it is so.

In my understanding, like taking a hot bath, one will be relieved from stress and all that bad feelings due to the warm temperature. If you do not know, cultures that love hot baths do it because it is stress-relieving. Such cultures include the Japanese, Russians, Koreans and many other people around the world.

Secondly, just like what others have been saying, the hot spring water coming from the bowels of the Earth (mostly close to volcanic sites) contains mineral (including sulfur, boron, chloride, iron, magnesium, potassium and sodium) elements that are good for the body.

There are many studies and research that claim that hot spring waters have health benefits due to the mineral contents. According to such studies, hot springs like that of Boloc-Boloc can probably ease or relieve skin rashes, eczema, minimize the symptoms of psoriasis, dermatitis, dandruff, and even warts.

According to the Middle Earth website, sulfur can help protect your body against toxins, relieve arthritis, lower cholesterol and blood pressure, relieve the burning pain and itching caused by hemorrhoids.

Also, sulfur in hot spring waters can also alleviate digestive disorders, premenstrual issues, disorders of the female reproductive system and can also detoxify your liver.
Please, don’t take what I mentioned above literally. Boloc-Boloc Sulphuric Hot Spring can have health benefits, but you need to consult your physicians or visit the hospital if you need medical attention – just to be sure. Okay?

Getting to boloc-boloc sulphuric hot spring

It is not difficult to get there. In fact, you only need to take at most three transports - going to Cebu South Bus Terminal, taking a bus to Barili and then riding a motorbike - that's all!

By the way, for a more detailed descriptions about South Bus Terminal in Cebu, please go to this link here. And, click here to get to Barili.

Know that Boloc-Boloc Spring is only about a couple of kilometers from Mantayupan Falls, that is, if you are traveling to see that famous waterfall.

Thanks for reading through and I hope you found this interesting.
Have a great day!

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